10 Best RPG Game Trailers Ever Made

Trailers - the visit from Gandalf of games
Get your popcorn ready!

Trailers - the cheer before the game, the hype, the dragon demanding you rush in to slay it!

When a new game is approaching, a trailer is usually what games see first. That magical, short video showing us all the promises of glorious adventure, quests and high-definition graphics to be beheld. RPG games have some of the best out there for this very reason - they play off of that grand invitation for adventure!

Today, we're going to be counting down the ten best RPG trailers of all time!

10. Diablo 3

All Hell breaking loose (literally)

A young girl sits in the dark, scribbling in a mysterious tongue - Leah, the niece of the proverbial Deckard Cain, trying to sort out what her uncle's insanity translates too.

Then, whoops, the surly pits of the abyss rip open and she finds herself coated in gray ash and smog, glowing red eyes peering at her from the dark. A voice rumbles, taunting her. It promises that its armies will surge forth into her world and all will be lost.

And Diablo 3 opens its arms and dares players to come and get it. What possibly can be more awesome than being confronted by Azmodan, a dark, arachnid like monstrosity? At least, in terms of RPG trailers.

9. Fallout 3

Experiences may vary

The pleasant 1950s music starts up while a happy little robot hands out breakfast to a model family. The nice man tells them all the perks of reserving a fallout spot in their lovely vaults while nuclear detonations erupt in the background. Oh, it's all so lovely.

The band keeps right on swinging while the trailer pans to the wasteland we all know and love: explosions, rocket-launchers, terrifying mutants and giant robots. Fallout 3 really is just the place to be!

Tunnel Snakes rule!

8. The Elder Scrolls Online

Tamriel exploding - seems about right.

A grand battle between humans, elves, warriors, mages, rogues, etc - and then, amidst all the fun, come giant chains from Oblivion itself. With it some Dremoran goons, a mystic overlord and a massive fleshbeast ready to audition for the part of the Rancor.

The would-be enemies exchange a solemn nod and band together against these new foes. The fighting, the graphics, the Elven redhead throwing guys around like ragdolls - what more could get you pumped for such a massive game?

Maybe she was the Dragonborn and she just never knew it?

7. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware does love taunting its fans, no?

Unfitting music comes on - all of the world is asunder: mages and templars battle, demons are falling from the sky, and in the midst of it all - the Inquisitor and their team. Like true badasses, the whole crew comes together to wreck demons left and right without so much as a flinch.

The Inquisitor takes one look at a charging Ogre, an Ogre that got its own strut and lightning effects, and simply flexes his hand - done and done.

This trailer made so many people squeal when it first came out, my ears are still ringing.

6. Darksiders 2

Part 1


Part 2

You can't get much more badass than Grim Reaper style bone-wings.

Darksiders 2 wastes no time getting people hyped up. Death shows up in his skull-faced, awesome vengeance and is immediately taking out baddies with every power at his disposal.

Giant, mechanical golem? Pfft, no problem: death horse, death grip, bone wings and scythe - finish it off with a menacing stare at the camera and you have a set of seriously awesome trailers.

Death is fighting a giant robot - what more do you want?!

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

No time for Storm Trooper aim - we're under attack.

Aw yeah, Star Wars - already the blood is pumping! The scene opens up with narration from what sounds like Mass Effect's Captain Anderson, talking about all the damage the Empire has done.

The resistance readies themselves and leaps into action, gunning down baddies left and right, fighting for the hope of the Republic that is still left. A rogue Sith joins the fray, so badass that he gets his face burned (get it?) and just spits out a speck of his own burnt flesh nonchalantly.

If bouncing fireballs off your lightsaber doesn't get you hyped, then Alderon is getting destroyed again.

4. Warhammer Online

It oozes fantasy.

We get our usual narration across some lovingly knit murals, explaining the typical chaos that has riled both sides up. Then, our eyes are treated to war of epic and immense proportions. An entire army of ogres, goblins and creatures best not mentioned storm a castle and take on some amazing foes.

A dwarf with a shotgun, a master archerer and huntress, a fire-breathing wizard - it's all too much! The combat and stakes get higher and higher, all culminating in the horn being blown in the end. Our heroes look in confusion as the enemy leader emerges from the smoke - with a giant cockatrice.

Freaking awesome.

3. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trailer

Dragons! Explosions! Excitement!

Final Fantasy has never been on the shy side of trailers. In the case of Heavensward, we get all of the titilating goodness we've come to expect. Our expected hero rushes to save the day, opera music blooms in the background as drama unfolds in a beautiful castle. Suddenly, dragons! Our hero is on fire and there is a tiny creature with a mustache holding a man hostage while our hero is on fire.

The opera softens and the camera pans to reveal a world floating gorgeously in the sky, a world threatened by beasts and tiny mustaches.

Not even one Skyward Sword reference!

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Can get a gorgeous, immortal sorcerous - no luck with the bloodsuckers, though.

I don't think anyone is surprised here. The Witcher 3 is a game that has its praises sung from every single rooftop and the trailer shows why easily enough. The moody atmosphere, the soft music all pans to quite the encounter.

A nice chat with the girl next door ends in a battle where she takes her clothes off and attempts to suck your blood out. The animation, the realism on their faces and the music all culminate into this surreal experience while you watch the sun rise with them.

Oh and, uh, naughty bits warning.

1. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Can't have an RPG list without World of Warcraft!

Everyone knows it, but it doesn't matter. World of Warcraft sports another incredible trailer in its lineage with Warlords of Draenor. We open on Garrosh Hellscream (the baddest of badass names?) striking a deal with a seemingly innocuous old orc.

Well, not so much. The moment Garrosh and his men refuse to drink from the black chalice of nope, the old orc turns into an eighteen foot Hellspawn. Garrosh takes the opportunity to amp this trailer up by charging in and taking him head on. With the beast slain in an epic fire blast, the music amps up as the orcs declare their freedom - and their intent to be conquerors under the forged name of the Iron Horde.

So, it all ended well, right?

Are there any trailers that got you hyped up for a game? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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