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It's Time to Maximize Your Gold Gains!

Time to flex your stacks.

Despite literally being a video game which we created for the purpose of fun, World of Warcraft isn’t always an action-packed adventure when you’re married to it. It takes an incredible amount of patience and practice to obtain the achievements, mounts, transmogs, and other status symbols we’re all clamoring for. As is the way of the world in-game and irl, living the good life with all the best new toys and threads also takes money—and lots of it. But is earning tons of gold really as hard as it seems?

Now of course you could risk it all for nothing in the dangerous, scummy ways available to earn in-game currency through exploitation: there’s botting, real money transactions, and other shameful options that rightfully will get you permabanned and labeled a jerk that’s ruining the game for us all. But why take the cheating route when you’ve got a helpful guide to farming your very own, legally obtained gold right in front of you? Especially when some farming options aren’t really that much work at all!

I’m pleased to inform you that earning heaps of gold just got even easier, as I’ve done the research for you. So sit back and get ready to earn earn earn as we count the five easiest and most efficient gold farms to-date in Shadowlands.

5. Farming Old Raids


Old content can produce truckloads of gold if played right.

Some of the greatest opportunities to earn some extra coin prevail quietly in past-expansion’s content. Instances like the Throne of Thunder are chock-full of opportunities, as they drop numerous disenchantable epic items, and highly sought after battle pets that can be sold on the auction house. You can even carefully pick the, for lack of a better description, most annoying bosses, like Viscidus in Ahn’qiraj if you’re looking to make even more off of pets that most gold farmers will likely skip in favor of easier tasks. Less supply equals more demand, and if you’re the only one farming the Viscidus Globule, within reason, you get to name the price!

Other raids like Siege of Orgrimmar and Icecrown Citadel are player-favorites for farming pets, materials that can be crafted and then disenchanted, and raw gold. You can also take advantage of your alt characters and station them near the front of the instances you’re farming for quicker entry after each reset. It’s important to remember though that your runs are limited to ten runs per hour ACCOUNT-WIDE, so expect to do some waiting around if you’ve managed to perfect getting in and out of the instance with what you need quickly.

Here’s a helpful guide on farming gold through old raids:
5 Best Raid Gold Farms In WoW Shadowlands 

4. Daily World Content

There's mountains of gold to be claimed right under our noses.

This option may seem obvious, but it seems like a lot of players these days don’t realize just how much wealth they’re accumulating daily simply by doing the content that we’re expected to do each day in this xpac. World quests offer materials and gold that seem small, but will quickly add up as your week progresses. Covenant calling tables take very little effort, and reward players with resources like meat and herbs that are often in demand and can quickly be turned around on the auction house.

Speaking of covenant tables, try to look out for those battle pet focused missions as much as you can, as these will provide you with pet charms that can be used to purchase all sorts of rare pets from all over the game that players are trying to get their hands on. Daily content is a ‘work smarter, not harder’ option for sure, because you’re probably already doing it to some extent. With a little focus, you can easily tailor your daily activities and missions to make you large profits over time. You’ll be surprised now that your attention is on it!

Here’s a helpful guide on farming gold through daily world content:

Gold Making | A World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide | Shadowlands

3. Professions

Even in Azeroth, we can't escape the trade grind.

Sometimes good old-fashioned work is the key to making lots of gold in World of Warcraft: who knew! Despite being an indisputable way to make income, there are tons of options when it comes to professions, and making the most gold efficiently can get confusing very quickly. As is the reality for most of the game, some research may have to be done independently, as each realm has completely individual supply and demand aspects. But taking into account changes brought in with each patch, some professions will likely tower high over all others, no matter the realm.

Gathering professions like mining, herbalism, and skinning can be easy options for those looking for an on-the-go profession. What’s easier than picking stuff up off the ground randomly as you play? Of course as mentioned, demand will fluctuate, so be sure to keep an eye on your server’s auction house to best assess what your realm is lacking in. Once you find out what it is, fill that need.

Tailoring and leatherworking are (arguably) the best choices at this moment in time, as tailors make us our legendary capes, and leather workers are churning out Boneshatter and Umberhide gear. There’s also a good argument for Jewelcrafting, as everyone wants to get their hands on a Shadowghast ring. That all being said, make sure you pick a profession that you can see yourself enjoying, because making significant money off of it will require you to spend your gold and time on it.

Here’s a helpful guide on farming gold through professions:

BEST Shadowlands Professions in Patch 9.1 | Shadowland Goldmaking

2. Auction House Flipping

Not for the feint of heart-- but VERY for the player looking to line their pockets endlessly.

Easily the most risky option in gold farming, flipping items on the auction house is rarely a choice for beginners. You need to know your realm’s market very intimately, as the data you’ll be examining can change drastically by the day, and even by the hour.

That being said, there are different types of auction house flipping, and long-term flipping is the less risky of the two. While you may not see your profit for a long period of time, snatching up cheap trendy items like holiday mounts and toys can make you lots of profit in the long run. Watch for items that are currently plentiful, but will soon be unavailable. Once the item is gone, demand will sky-rocket, and you’ll easily be able to turn items over for much more than you’ve purchased them for. (Keep in mind that this type of flipping is a waiting game—high-priced items like mounts will move for big bucks, but usually very slowly).

On the other hand, the riskiest of all flipping options is also one of the most profitable gold farms available—material flipping. Again, it can’t be stressed enough that this is not a great option for new gold farmers, as it takes an incredible amount of practice to accurately and carefully choose the right actions needed to make the most profit. This farm is highly volatile, and can easily end in disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. But this warning isn’t to scare you away from it– any player can learn with enough research how to expertly flip materials on the auction house. Just don’t make this your choice unless you’re willing to commit to learning about your server’s marketplace in-depth.

Here’s a helpful guide on farming gold through auction house flipping:
Make 650k with Auction House Flipping | Tips & Tricks | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide

1. Selling Boosts

Help casual players out while earning extra gold for all your needs.

With one of the highest profits to gain of all farms, selling boosts to other players in-game is relatively easy if you know your stuff. This highly controversial option is completely legal, and can make you heaps of gold as long as you’re behaving according to Blizzard’s code of conduct. That means NO real money transactions! Gold only.

We’re all so incredibly busy in WoW, and it’s safe to say that most of us are even more busy irl. There’s nothing bad at all about players helping players achieve goals in return for gold, as many more casual players are looking to experience new content just as much as the elites, but simply don’t have the time or stamina to commit to intense runs through Mythic Pluses, Raids, and currently, Torghast.  

With a good IO, players labeled boosters can make as much as 500k a day or more running others through instances. I say good IO because this equals more money, but boosters are not made just elite players. Literally anyone can become a booster with the right help. In fact, some boosters work independently, offering just their own services for runs through content like Torghast.

Another option within boosting is the easier job of brokers, who spend time in trade-chats advertising for boosters. You may not make as much as the boosters, but brokers can make a decent chunk of change if you’re good at talking with others, making them feel confident in a boosting service, and organizing groups to get a job started. 

If you choose this gold farming path, it’s important to be cautiously aware that Blizzard has recently banned organized groups dedicated to boosting. You can still offer your services, but the days of the mighty carry guilds and discords are officially gone. 

I also cannot emphasize enough that this gold farm only works when you play by the rules– if you see someone offering a run that’s asking for irl money, don’t touch it! Real money transactions are an incredibly fast way to get all your hard work in Azeroth dumped in the trash. Instead, consider all the game-time tokens that could be yours with an extra few hundred-thousand jingling in your pocket!

Here’s a helpful guide on gold farming through selling boosts:
Make 5 Million Gold EACH Month with Boosting! | Q&A & Tutorial | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide

And that’s our countdown; be sure to check out the guides provided so that you pick the best gold farming strategy for you! 

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