[Top 5] The Witcher 3 Best Fast Attack Builds

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s combat system provides the player with a variety of options to approach enemies. However, you’re not going to get very far without your swords. To master the blade, a witcher must learn Addan Aenye; a fighting style that favours speed and agility. 

Fast Attack is a branch of the Combat Skills Tree. Although they don’t inflict significant damage, stringing together quick strikes leaves little room for retaliation. Plus, bleeding your opponent with nicks and shallow cuts stops fights from dragging out.

I’ve compiled a list of the deadliest fast attack builds so you can start wreaking havoc without worrying about the logistics. As Nissail wrote, 'The ideal Swordsman is a flame that can not be hurt and inflicts wounds each time it is touched.' 


 Recommended by the best of the best.

Most fast attack builds will have you wear light armour, boosting attack power but leaving you very vulnerable. Fortunately, Ottomangamez always comes prepared. A great build for anyone who wants to be able to take what they can dish out. 

What the Ottomangamez build excels in:

  • Tanking damage. Ursine gear provides better protection and a boost in maximum health. 
  • When a Quen shield shatters, you have a 20% chance to automatically cast a new one. 
  • Geralt can chug back decoctions without worrying about toxicity to boost attack power and vitality.

Build details:

  • Six combat skills (+135% attack power), seven alchemy skills (+900 vitality), two general skills, one sign skill. 
  • Four pieces of ursine armour.
  • Toussaint Knight’s steel sword and Aerondight silver sword. 


The body of a lion, the tail of a scorpian and the face of a man.

Entitled ‘the unstoppable manticore build’, Dpcrow’s brainchild embodies the spirit of a true witcher. Making you learn all three aspects of the witcher’s combat style; swords, signs and decoctions. For players who want a little bit of everything. 

What the Dpcrow build excels in:

  • Critical hit chance and critical hit damage applies to bombs.
  • The Euphoria mutagen increases sign intensity and damage dealt by swords even more.
  • Using oils on your blade may result in poisoned enemies.

Build details:

  • Six combat skills (+120% attack power), six alchemy skills (+900 vitality), two sign skills (+45% sign intensity), one general skill.
  • Four pieces of manticore gear.
  • Ekimmara, Ekhidna, Chort and Wyvern decoctions.

Gfaction Combat

Hack and slash

This build was designed solely for sword fighting. No signs, no alchemy and no nonsense. A perfect fit for those wanting to get their blades bloody. Experience first hand how brutal swords can be and learn why they were the weapon of choice for most mediaeval soldiers. 

What the Gfaction Combat build excels in:

  • Deals 25% more damage to humans immune to counter attacks and monsters.
  • Increased adrenaline point gain grants you many advantages on the battlefield, like extra damage and vitality regeneration.
  • Your special special abilities like Rend and Whirl, make you the greatest swordsman in Novigrad. Close combat is now a cakewalk.

Build details:

  • Twelve combat skills (+160% attack power).
  • Any armour of your preference.

Gfaction Hybrid

A master of all trades

Focus on signs allows the player to rely on Quen; feel free to take a breather after chaining combos to regain some stamina. Aard and Igni also pair really well with the fast attack playstyle. 

What the Gfaction Hybrid build excels in:

  • Magic sensibilities allow Sign critical hit chance and damage to scale with sign intensity. 
  • Ability points invested in Quen allow effective tanking and health regeneration.
  • Griffin school techniques give you sign intensity buffs as well as better stamina regeneration. Letting you sneak in a couple extra blows. 

Build details:

  • Six combat skills (+80% attack power), five sign skills (+50% sign intensity), three general skills.
  • Any medium armour of your preference. 


Dubbed 'The Finisher'

Saving the best for last, this toxic melee build turns you into the ultimate weapon. It forces you to roleplay as the witcher and dive deep into the world’s lore. Rewarding you for knowing your enemy and using the right oils, potions and decoctions. 

What the Ditronus build excels in:

  • The levity enchantment on the manticore gear turns it into light armour. When paired with cat school techniques you get a significant boost to attack damage. 
  • Blade oils never wear off. Everytime you pull out your sword, the buffs will appear on screen. 
  • Upon killing your opponent you get a 50% critical hit chance on your next enemy. Useful when up against larger crowds. 

Build details:

  • Seven combat skills (+1% attack power), seven alchemy skills (+900 vitality), two general skills. 
  • Belhaven steel sword and Aerondight silver sword.
  • Manticore chest piece and boots, Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets, New moon trousers. 


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