15 Best Secrets in The Witcher 3

best witcher 3 secrets you need to know
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You may have played The Witcher 3 to your heart’s content and completed the main storyline along with all the side quests and found many of the treasure chests, unique swords and armors. But you probably missed out on some of the best secrets in The Witcher 3 (they`re called secrets for a reason).

In this guide, I will reveal 15 of the biggest secrets in the game, which will reward epic loot and some of the coolest easter eggs.

So without further ado, let`s get started.

15. Witchers` Forge at Kaer Morhen

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Kaer Morhen is probably the most ignored place in the game. People used to overlook this place , completing only the main quest and rarely coming back.But what most people don`t realize is that, Kaer Morhen is home to some of the best secret quests in the game. I daresay secret, because most of them don`t even show a trace on the map.

The Book That Starts It All

Location : One of the secret quests in Kaer Morhen is the Witchers` Forge. To start this you`ll have to find a book in Kaer Morhen. And this isn`t just any book you`ll find lying around. There are spiral stairs just at the back of the kitchen in Kaer Morhen. Just ignore the stairs. Instead go from the opposite side of the entrance. There you will find the book, you seek, lying on a chest. As shown in the pic above.Once you pick the book up and start reading it, the quest will start.

Reward : The game doesn`t always give the same loot at the same place for different people. So what I`ve got may not necessarily be given to you. Anyhow, after you have successfully completed the quest you will find three armors of fairly high quality, not the best.

How to get the loot : After you`ve completed the quest, the loot doesn`t present itself. Instead, you`ll have to walk to the furnace, and remove the illusion there. Once the illusion is dealt with, a locker will be presented and in that locker the loot will be present.

Here is the link of the video showing the path:

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