15 Best Witcher 3 Mods and Why You Need Them

best witcher 3 mods
Beast heads are rewards for witchers

Try out these best Witcher 3 mods before you embark on a journey into dangerous lands.

Mod are small tweaks, which you apply to the game, to make it even more fun. Like if you don`t like the lightning in the game, you can use a mod to change it to your needs.  As is the case with most popular RPGs, Witcher 3 also has a plethora of mods. So many, that it can be quite overwhelming to choose a few which may cater to your needs.  That is where this post comes in. We will help you know some of the best and must have mods for the witcher 3.

How to Install witcher 3 mods:

15. Fast travel From Anywhere

Normally, in the witcher 3, if you want to fast travel to a certain location, you`ll first have to travel to a signpost, may it be billions of miles away.  But you can remove this restriction using the mod by JupiterTheGod unbold the names Done. By using this mod, you`ll be able to fast travel from anywhere in the world to your desired location, as long as you`re not in combat.

Caution : Do not use during quests, or the game will break.

Download the mod here

Video showing the mod in action :


14. Change the Weight Limit of Geralt

Geralt`s weight limit, by default, is pretty low. And you are cornered into throwing away stuff more often than not. But, a mod named Over 9000 by GeicuMan, can solve the problem. As the name suggests, the mod increases the weight limit to 9000 and allows you to carry all the stuff you like.

Download the mod here 

Video showing the mod in action :


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