Top 15 Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods You Should Use

Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods
If Ewoks can help, why not a Mod?

If Ewoks can help defeat the Empire, then anything is possible to help you win Star Wars Battlefront II. Maybe it’s a hero or villain you want to play as, or modified weapons, or just a skin design that adds a little more oomph.

And while this list contains all mods that are compatible with multi-player, I also compiled the list so they’re good on any game, maps, and any server.

So any mods that are single player or only good for only one version, won’t be on this list. (Sorry Stormtrooper Batman mod, you couldn’t make the cut) There’s always the potential that there will be glitches and bugs that could come up.

However, I will leave the links to each specific mod where you’ll be able to download the mod files, and you’ll be able to see posts from other gamers for who can help you if any problems arise when you download the mod.

So here are the 15 Mods for Star Wars Battlefront II that are highly useful.

15. Caleb’s Ultimate Captain Rex

Captain Rex himself

You don't know what this trooper will do to protect The Republic....yet. 

This isn’t your ordinary Clone Trooper. You’ll play as one of the most highly effective Clone Trooper from the Clone Wars. Play as Captain Rex with this mod. You’ll replace Finn for him. The mod also gives you options on whether or not you would like him to go helmetless or not.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll play as one of the most highly effective Clone Troopers from the Clone Wars.
  • You’ll have power to command troops
  • You’ll be quick with a weapon.

You can find the mod here:

14. Aayla Secura

A Jedi Legend from the Clone Wars. 

Aayla Secura will always kick a droids robotic parts. 

This was one of my favorite heroes from the old Star Battlefront II game. You’ll get to replace Rey with the famous Jedi Master from the Clone Wars. Fast in mobility and quick with attacks, Aayla Secura is one of the best Jedi Knights for you to play with when you’re in the front lines.

Why it’s useful:

  • She’s one of the most powerful Jedi Knights from the Clone Wars.
  • She’s fast in mobility and strike attacks.

You can find the mod here:

13. Bloomfront II

Improved lighting. 

Let there be more light!

One thing I never liked was the lighting could be inconsistent on the maps. With this mod, it adds bloom to all the maps, making the light sources all consistent and easier on the eyes. It also includes more glow to lightsabers and blaster bolts.

Why it’s useful:

  • Lighting is consistent on all the maps.
  • More glow to lightsabers and blaster bolts.

You can find the mod here:

12. Lightsaber Scorch marks

Leaving your Scroch marks. 

Your scorch marks are visible and realistic!

Just to make the lightsabers even more realistic, scorch marks! A little oomph for your lightsaber. Make some scorch marks on walls, buildings, but most importantly, your enemies.

Why it’s useful:

  • Get to see the scorch marks on your enemies.
  • A little fun design to make your playing experience more realistic.

You can find the mod here:

11. Qui Gon Jinn

Master Qui Gon Jinn. 

If Darth Maul can come back so can Qui Gon Jinn!

Replace Luke Skywalker with this mod and become the Jedi Knight himself, Qui Gon Jinn. So change what happened in Episode I and play as one of the most powerful Jedi Knights.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll still be able to use all of the force sensitive powers.
  • Considered to be one of the most powerful Jedi Knights.

You can download the mod here

10. Jedi Leia

Leia with a lightsaber!

This Princess just got deadlier now that she's a Jedi.

This mod replaces Rey (Scavenger) character in the game. You’ll get rid of Leia’s blaster and get a lightsaber. You’ll also have force sensitive abilities with this mod as well.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll get a lightsaber instead of a blaster.
  • You’ll also be force sensitive, making quick and fast when attacking your enemies.

You can download the mod here:

9. Imperial Arc Trooper

Imperial Arc Trooper vs. Rebel scum. 

The Imperial Arc Trooper will get rid of the scum for you. 

If you want to replace the Imperial Officer than try the Imperial Arc Trooper. You’ll still have star cards of an Imperial Officer, but you’ll be a better fighter similar to the Assault class on the front lines.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll be stronger on the front lines like an Assault class.
  • You’ll still be able to use Star Cards of an Imperial Officer.

You can download the mod here:

8. Orthos Imperial Units

The Imperial Unit. 

You'll play as one of the deadliest units. 

These are the deadliest Storm Troopers you can have. Their armor and gear are in their best condition. Giving you better protection and weapons. So go into battle with these units, and bring those rebel scum to their feet.

Why it’s useful:

  • You get better gear and armor.
  • With this mod you’ll get reduced environmental weathering on all Imperial infantry and reinforcements.

You can download the mod here:

7. The Finest of the Coruscant Guards

The Coruscant Guards. 

You'll play as some of the finest warriors from the Clone Wars. 

These are some of the deadliest soldiers to fight in the Clone Wars. This group of guards includes Shock Troopers and Riot troopers.

Why it’s useful:

  • They’re some the deadliest soldiers you can play as.
  • Better armor and weapons.

You can download the mod here:

6. Minimalistic UI

Less is good. 

Even Anakin likes the minimalistic UI, but when you hate sand you don't like much. 

This mod will help get rid of the clutter and stick with the basics. You’ll have simplistic radar, gets rid of markers, current objective status, and much more. You’ll see a basic map, health bar, and your weapons.

Why it’s useful:

  • You get rid of unnecessary UI clutter.
  • You’ll have only the necessaries UI such as your health bar, map, and weapons.

You can download the mod here:

5. Multiplayer Compatible Cross Era Clones

The Clone Troopers

The Clone Army is at your dispense, no matter the map, level, or era. 

With this mod, you can replace the Rebels and the Resistance into Clone Troopers. It’ll work on all maps, and you’ll also have Clone Trooper weapons. Considered to be the best of the best and strongest army in the galaxy, you’ll be able to play these Troopers whenever you want.

Why it’s useful:

  • You can play as Clone Troopers on all maps.
  • You can replace them for either Rebels or Resistance.

You can download the mod here:

4. Rebel Commandos

The Commandos

These Rebels will help you in any deadly campaign. 

Use these Special Forces that’ll replace your Rebel Troopers for veteran Alliance commandos. With these commandos, you’ll have better equipment for all combat situations.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll have a Special Forces unit.
  • You’ll have better weapons and armor for the frontlines.

You can download the mod here:

3. Sith Troopers

The Sith Trooper.

Your enemies will gulp when they see these bad boys coming for them. 

These are the next level to the Imperial/First Order Stormtroopers. They have red-colored armor and wield a black and red blaster rifle. This mod replaces all First Order classes and reinforcements.

Why it’s useful:

  • The next evolution in Imperial/First Order Stormtroopers.
  • Look at them! You’ll have such a nice damn style.

You can download the mod here:

2. The Finest 501st Ultimate Edition

The 501st Trooper.

You'll never have a better regiment than these guys.

The 501st was and will always be the best regiment to fight in the Clone Wars. If you want the mission to succeed, then the 501st are the troopers you want to play as.

Why it’s useful:

  • You’ll play as some of your favorite 501st characters.
  • The best troopers you want for your missions.

You can download the mod here:

1. Bettersabers X

Lightsabers with style. 

You love lightsabers, I love lightsabers, we all love lightsabers!

The most popular Star Wars Battlefront mod of all time. The lightsabers have more consistency and are visually improved upon. With this mod your lightsaber won’t just look visually stunning, but your abilities will be improved upon as well.

Why it’s useful:

  • Gives your lightsaber more consistency.
  • Your lightsaber will be visually improved upon.

You can download the mod here:




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