Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Star Cards for Kylo Ren

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You are nothing.

So What Are the Best Star Cards for Kylo Ren?

Son of Han and Leia . True grandson of Anakin Skywalker. Yet a traitor to both the light AND the dark side. Having joined Snoke after being ALMOST murdered by Luke, he fails to eradicate the Resistance and eradicates Palpatine instead. 

What a nice ballad! For 501st year before Christ. That will really get them hyped. Modern viewers? Not so much.

An active hero-ish villain, Kylo is a great use for those who love to spam HEROIC abilities. The ones I have to mention are Frenzy and Force Pull. Frenzy attacks several enemies at once, while Force Pull brings bogeys closer for slaughter.

And, of course, Freeze. Who doesn’t like STATIONARY enemies?

5. Closing In 

I am coming closer and closer.

This Star Card increases the range where Kylo Ren can lock onto enemies with his ‘Frenzy’ ability. 40% more range when fully maxed out. 

While before you had to run in close to commit the massacre, you can now do it from AFAR.

Use Closing in if:

  • Surrounded by blaster heroes or troopers
  • Tired of running all the time

4. Bloodlust 


With this Star Card at hand, Kylo’s Frenzy attack deals 20 more damage per hit. Since enemies are dealt three hits, if a hero doesn’t stop it, then the total damage adds up to 60. It might not show much a difference against troopers, cause they already die from the default ability. But against Heroes and Reinforcements? 

It can make ALL the difference!

Use Bloodlust if:

  • Surrounded by Heroes or Reinforcements
  • There is a need to pass a great distance in a heartbeat

3. Harsh Pull

Where do you think YOU are going!

This Star Card adds 50 extra damage to Kylo’s Force Pull ability. On default, Force Pull does a ‘meager’ 10 damage. If 50 damage is dealt in addition, the health point decrease of enemies suddenly goes up to 60. Not perfect, but MUCH better!

Even at MAX, it might not kill a trooper. But it will leave them at your mercy to be slaughtered with ONE swing instead of two.

Use Harsh Pull if:

  • Not enough damage is being dealt by Force Pull ability
  • You don’t want to waste another swing once enemies are on the ground

2. Power Reach

Come back! I command you.

Before Kylo’s Force Pull ability was good. Now it’s great, since it’s range has been SIGNIFICANTLY increased. And all blame falls to Power Reach.

When fully maxed out, the range is increased up to 30%. It means many more enemies shall be flying your way. VERY SOON.

Use Power Reach if: 

  • Tired of running once again
  • Wanting to see far more bogeys flying your way to be slaughtered

1. Resilience


With this Star Card at hand, Kylo Ren takes LESS damage and deals MORE while lightsaber bad guys are nearby. Grievous, Vader, Papa Palpatine. Anyone.

It can be good in Galactic Assault and Supremacy. But it’s GREAT in Heroes vs. Villains. 

Because in HvV, any teammate you find will always turn out to be a bad guy.

Use Resilience if:

  • Playing Heroes vs. Villains
  • Teammates like to follow you or vice versa

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies of the First Order!

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