Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Builds for Every Class

swbf2 best builds
Rain hell on 'em, boys!

So What Are The Best Builds for Every Class?

A pick perfect for every game? Impossible. That’s like wishing for the same PERFECT present for every birthday. Your wishes change. You might want a plastic toy when you are five and a video game when you are fifteen. 

It’s the SAME with builds. A build is only effective if you only use it in its proper role. There is no need to be creative here. 

The builds in this article are great for newcomers and experienced players alike, who want to achieve results FAST.

If you are trying to be CREATIVE, then create your own custom build that will help you deal with YOUR custom situation. 

(Once again, if you believe there are better picks, feel free to leave your choices in the comments. I will be happy to take a look.)

All I Care is Points (Assault Class)

“We are just clones, sir. We are meant to be expendable. - Sinker

When you play Assault, that’s the only thing you should really care about. Points. 

If you wanna play Vanquisher of Villains, knock yourself out. You will be the king of the battlefield until THAT player who has been playing the game since release date comes your way. Then it’s all over. 

What you SHOULD do is view the Assault as merely a means to an end. An end to get a Hero. Once you have 4,000 points, just discard him and pick Iden. (or any other hero for that matter.)

With 150 health points, this class isn’t going to last long. To make it last LONGER, equipping Toughen Up is a MUST. It will instantly regen your health and keep you covered for 10s. 

Another must is a Killstreak Vanguard in pair with the CR-2 automatic blaster. Spray bogeys with laser fire. Once they are close, activate the Vanguard. 

They ain’t getting away!

Excels in:

  • Getting a hero
  • Not wasting too much time goofing around


  • Star Card 1: Toughen Up 
  • Star Card 2: Bounty Hunter
  • Star Card 3: Killstreak Vanguard
  • Weapon: CR-2
    • Mod 1: Reduced Recoil
    • Mod 2: Ion Shot

Gatekeeper (Heavy Class)

Get going! I will hold them off as long as I can.

More of a ‘Control Point Keeper’. Just cause it sounds cooler, I dubbed it ‘Gatekeeper’. Eh, I shouldn’t have played so many fantasy games. 

Now I am mixing the genre with sci-fi. Gatekeeper of Ithro-Zhada? From Eragon? Anyone?

The main job of yours is to keep bogeys out of the Control Point on Capital Supremacy maps. LONG ENOUGH for friendlies to catch up to your troubles. 

How do you survive long enough? By taking as much damage as three other troopers taken together. Improved Combat Shield and Bodyguard Star Cards are a MUST. The first keeps your torso protected, and the latter safeguards your health points from grenades and toxins. 

The weapon of choice for gatekeeper is nothing but TL-50. Spray your enemies with laser fire until none can move. If one twitches, level the whole place with a concussion blast. 

Once the enemies are right next to you, blow your little FAREWELL gift. Detonite Charge.


Excels in:

  • Holding position until health arrives
  • Keeping a large number of enemies at bay


  • Star Card 1: Improved Combat Shield
  • Star Card 2: Detonite Charge
  • Star Card 3: Bodyguard
  • Weapon: TL-50
    • Mod 1: Improved Cooling
    • Mod 2: Secondary Fire

Lead the Charge (Officer Class)

Listen to me! If we don’t disable that turret, no one else will.

‘Officer’ players usually tend to stand back and wait for their teammates to do the dirty work. Please, don’t. The Best lead from Up Front.

That’s why I called this build ‘Lead the Charge’. 

Your goal is to LITERALLY be in the midst of action. Most Battlefront 2 users are not fond of going somewhere where they might die. Especially without proper support. 

So become THAT support. Provide players with 100 health by equipping Improved Battle Command Star Card. Officer’s Presence ain’t gonna hurt too. It shortens the time before the health of your allies begins to regen.
Combine all of it? You are popular, kid!

If you wanna excel with Officer, don’t forget to pick SE-44C as your primary weapon. Once you are surrounded by bogeys, activate the Disruptor Star Card. It will disable enemy weapons and leave them defenseless. 

Perfect time to spray ‘em with bullets!

Excels in:

  • Leading others
  • Taking out a large group of enemies at once
  • Inspiring allies to greatness


  • Star Card 1: Officer’s Presence
  • Star Card 2: Improved Battle Command
  • Star Card 3: Disruption
  • Weapon: SE-44C
    • Mod 1: Rapid Fire
    • Mod 2: Improved Cooling

Hunt on Snipers (Specialist Class) 

One shot is all it’ll take.

Hunt on Snipers or Sniper Hunter? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Call it however you want. What matters is that YOU are going on a VERY dangerous mission. 

Most Specialists in Battlefront 2 just find a good camping position and shoot once that brave guy snucks his head out. It is TOO easy for a person of your caliber.

Do you want your allies to be left defenseless on an open field like Hoth or Geonosis? I don’t. 

Equip Marksman Star Card. That’s a priority #1. It allows you to take 4 shots with NT-242. Twice as many. If you can have four shots against two, you gotta be a REALLY lousy shot to lose that duel.

Priority #2 is to equip a Personal Shield. Once you’ve been spotted and on the run, you are vulnerable. A well-placed shot to the back of your head is all it takes to end a good run. But if you are protected, it ain’t gonna happen.
It’s always better to waste the health of a shield than your beautiful face features.

Excels in:

  • Hunting Snipers
  • Taking out dangers to allies 
  • Retreating when overwhelmed


  • Star Card 1: Marksman
  • Star Card 2: Personal Shield
  • Star Card 3: Survivalist
  • Weapon: NT-242
    • Mod 1: Improved Cooling

I have said it many times and I will say it again. Even a PERFECT build, which doesn’t exist, won’t matter if you don’t train with it. 

You don’t have to automatically start with Galactic Assault or Supremacy. Pick something easier. Arcade mode, for example. 

Ground your skills until you no longer feel your hands. Once that happens, you are ready. To take on an adventure and ruin a few people’s dreams.

Just make sure not to hurt your eyes in the process. I sure did hurt mine.

May the force be with you!

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