Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Star Cards for Maul

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So What Are the Best Star Cards for Maul?

Not a fan of being thrown into a shaft by a half-taught newbie? And hearing ‘you’ve been replaced’ by your Master. Then DON’T fail. There is no excuse for FAILURE. When wielding such a character like Maul.

With immense speed, one would be lucky to catch up to Maul. Only to find himself facing him alone and the entire droid army. 

If a single blade isn’t enough to kill, a double blade should do the trick. The Jedi can block all they want, but a Spin Attack and you are behind them (plus they are also missing 150 hp now).

There is no escape! Especially if you have the RIGHT Star Cards.

5. Wrathful

Feel my WRATH!

Maul regens 20 hp per trooper kill and up to 100 hp per hero kill. Does it remind you of Anakin’s Reprisal? It sure does.

Incredibly useful while in the midst of action and health is REALLY draining. 

A true card for true AGGRESSIVE players.

Use Wrathful if:

  • You are planning to play aggressively
  • Tons of enemies that can be harvested for health points

4. Flow Motion

I am coming!

This Star Card provides another Spin Attack at the cost of a slower recharge. A good trade-off, eh? But then you REALLY have to manage your ability well. 

No point in getting trigger-happy.

Use Flow Motion if:

  • Needing an escape out of a room full of bogeys
  • If you are really good at managing your abilities

3. Lightsaber Defense

None of your laser bolts shall touch me!

With this Star Card equipped and fully maxed out, Maul receives 16% less damage from blaster fire. It’s good but it SOUNDS amazing. As amazing as it sounds, you still can’t jump into a corridor full of bogeys head strong.

You will get your Zabrak killed and precious 4,000 points wasted.

Use Lightsaber Defense:

  • If blaster heroes are being pesky flies
  • If troopers don’t let you concentrate on fighting with Kenobi. KENOBI!

2. Unrolled Grip

What did you say! I am not beautiful?!

Choke hold has an increased area of effect if this Star Card is equipped. Up to 30% when fully maxed out. Do you like to throw off characters off bridges and ridges? 

Then THIS card is for you! Just make sure not to throw her back into safety, when she has barely 50 hp remaining.

Use Unrolled Grip if:

  • Feeling like throwing someone off (a ridge or a bridge)
  • Bogeys are a bit too far away

1. Forceful Thrust

Bye, bye. See you never!

Choke Hold, now, throws enemies further away by up to twice the regular distance. Absolute MUST, when playing maps like Kamino or Hoth with no visible boundaries. There, you can throw people off and get instant kills.

And avenge your own FIRST death.

Use Forceful Thrust if:

  • Feeling like throwing someone off (a bridge or a ridge)
  • Who put the abyss SO FAR AWAY? It was much closer in Phantom Menace!

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies you’ve made MANY!

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