Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Rey Star Cards

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I felt something.

What are the Best Star Cards for Rey?

Good ol’ Papa Palpatine’s granddaughter. Rey Skywalker. Disney should really get their last names straight. I REALLY don’t wanna be called after a guy whose only connection to me is a lightsaber he used to kill younglings. LITERALLY!

A powerful hero in Battlefront 2, she wields a couple of strong abilities. Dash Strike and Insight. Both have very low cooldowns, so you would miss out on a great deal if you decide to play without them.

Though her Star Cards significantly increase her resilience and power in battle, I don’t see myself playing Rey anytime soon. (not a sequel fan, sorry)

5. Focused Sight 

I can see further and further.

This card is great for Rey, because it makes her ‘Insight’ ability last 7 seconds longer when fully maxed out. Together with default 10 seconds, the ability could last 17 full seconds. 

With Insights short 10 second cooldown, it means that it could be active two third of the time the hero is alive.

Use Focused Sight if:

  • Don’t know where enemies are at
  • Enemies like to hide behind objects or buildings

4. Damaging Strike

So much destruction!

With this Star Card, Rey deals 30% more damage (when fully maxed out) with each hit while her Dash Strike ability is active. It brings the damage to a staggering 169 damage per hit. 

Heavy used to be a menace before. Now, two hits with a Dash Strike and he is NO MORE.

Use Damaging Strike if:

  • Facing off a Heavy class or a Reinforcement 
  • Need to clear an entire corridor of bogeys

3. Resilient Dash

Taste my RESILIENCE, brute!

This Star Card gives significant damage reduction to Rey while the Dash Strike is taking place and she is wreaking havoc with bogeys in a corridor. 40% less damage when fully maxed out. On their own, the Star Card above and this one are good. 

But together, they turn a good ability into a DEADLY one.

Use Resilient Dash if:

  • Already equipped Damaging Strike
  • Too many blaster villains are in the corridor

2. Balance

Feel the balance in the force.

Rey gains an additional ‘dodge’ to avoid being striked either by a blaster bolt or a lightsaber. But trades off some stamina to achieve it. If you can manage your stamina WELL, then one more dodge could get you out of a nasty situation. 

If NOT, then you better stick to other options.

Use Balance if:

  • Overwhelmed by enemies (either villains or troopers)
  • Need to get out fast under heavy fire
  • Need to dodge a lightsaber strike and hit the villain from behind

1. Opportunist 

I am not going to let such an opportunity pass by.

With this Star Card, Rey deals extra damage to immobilized enemies. Either from her own ability, Mind Trick. Or any other. Bogeys shocked by Arc Trooper’s trap get additional damage too. 

So become a really NASTY person and hit THEM hard at their worst time of distress.

Use Opportunist if:

  • You are feeling like a BAD person today
  • Need to take out a large group of immobilized enemies

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies of the Resistance!

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