Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Star Cards for Bossk

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I smell prey.

So What Are the Best Star Cards for Bossk?

A Trandoshan bounty hunter and good ol’ partner and rival of Boba Fett in hunting elusive prey. The Millennium Falcon and many many more. 

The character having said barely five lines in the entire original trilogy, I was extremely surprised when DICE decided to include Bossk in Battlefront 2. Especially since so many IMPORTANT characters were missing. Qui-Gon, Cap’n Rex. Ahsoka! 

And they add Bossk. To each his own, I guess. 

He might not look like much with the lowest health in the game. Just 600hp. But HE is also the only character that can fully regen without having to achieve kills. Now that counts! 

His one ability worth mentioning is Predator Instinct. It transforms Bossk into a heat visor with a grenade launcher. LITERALLY. 

Heads up. A lot of the Star Cards are connected to this ability.

5. Ultimate Predator

My eyes are BIG. Don’t you dare disagree!

This Star Card is GREAT, because it extends the duration of the Predator Instinct by up to 30% per kill. It means, if rightly used, the ability could stay up TWICE AS LONG. Imagine having a heat visor for 20 seconds instead of 10.

You like it? I like it!

Use Ultimate Predator if:

  • Going into tight hallways packed with enemies
  • You want to blow stuff up for twice as long

4. Unrelenting Predator

The fire behind me? That’s where all your hopes are burning.

With this Star Card at hand, other abilities charge up to 14% faster while Predator Instinct is active. Mere 14% might not seem like much. But it will make sure all of your USED abilities are ready to be RE-USED once the grenade launcher spews out its last ka-boom.

Then you can go back to mine-laying.

Use Unrelenting Predator if:

  • Feeling like your abilities are not cooling down fast enough
  • You want to be back in action right after the ACTION

3. Predator Resilience

I shall PASS!

This Star Card gives 20% damage reduction every time you use the Predator Instinct. The same logic as the Bodyguard Star Card for the default classes. Protects, while you wreck havoc. 

DICE should really add another card: you protect, while the card wrecks havoc!

Use Predator Resilience if:

  • Too many blaster bolts and grenades are being shot and thrown at you

2. Name Your Poison

Don’t you like a deadly smell?

This Star Card makes sure that Bossk regens 30 hp per second while standing in the gas cloud HE HIMSELF CREATED with the Dioxis Grenade. I wish it worked in real life. You would puff a fart during a fight and it heals your wounds. 

I would never lose a fight IN MY LIFE!

Use Name Your Poison if:

  • Having trouble managing your health points
  • Laser bolts keep coming at you

1. Multi-Traps

Traps. Coming your way!

Now you throw 5 mines instead of 3. The Star Card gives you another 2. What’s a trade-off? None! Also, your mines start having a larger detonation radius. Up to 20%.

No more sneaking past them using the edges of the corridor. No more!

Use Multi-Traps if:

  • Enemies like to sneak past the grenades
  • Three grenades are not enough for you. Really, how many do you need?!

If you equip your Star Cards correctly, to match your playing style, it ain’t gonna end well for your enemies. And enemies of whoever you are working for!

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