[Top 25] Star Wars Best Fight Scenes Worth Watching Again

Top 25 Star Wars Best Fight Scenes Worth Watching Again
Things get hot between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker

Top 25 Star Wars fight scenes worth watching again


What are the best Star Wars fight scenes?

There have been dozens of incredible fight scenes in Star Wars over the decades. Just as the name of the franchise suggests, the galaxy is in a near-constant state of war.

This list brings you the absolute best fight scenes from across the Star Wars franchise. From the epic battles of The Old Republic, all the way up to the elaborate fights of the Sequel Trilogy.


25. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader (A New Hope - 1977)

Obi-Wan faces his former Padawan for the final time.

The first ever lightsaber fight is between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, two masters of the Force. They fought once before on each of their primes, and now come face to face to finish what was started nineteen years before.

In retrospect, this isn't exactly a good fight. The pair are slow-moving, bouncing their lightsabers off of one another as the true heroes of the movie escape. However, that's also part of the charm. I love action scenes, I'll spend hours watching the fluid movements and intense violence. But every now and then, nothing brings a smile to my face like the absurdity of the two greatest lightsaber wielders in the galaxy just slapping their blades together like a couple of kids playing with sticks.


24. Count Dooku vs Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda (Attack of The Clones - 2002)

Count Dooku faces three Jedi alone.

Following the deployment of the Clone army, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi confront the nefarious Count Dooku. Right off the bat, Dooku takes Anakin out of the fight with his Force Lightning before proving himself as a lightsaber master against Obi-Wan. Even after Anakin returns to the fight, both Jedi are defeated by the Sith Lord. All seems lost, until the arrival of Jedi Master Yoda.

This fight encapsulates a big problem with the prequels, an overreliance on CGI. Scenes that could easily have been filmed with real actors and props are instead inexplicably digital, and look much worse for it. That said, we still get to have a dramatic confrontation between two heroes that at first seemed invincible, now cut down by a superior foe. It's always good to rewatch these movies and appreciate just how far each character has come, be it in personality or skill.


23. Pre Vizsla vs Obi-Wan Kenobi (The Clone Wars - 2008-2020)

Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla duels Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Mandalore arc of Star Wars The Clone Wars is a controversial one, due to the retconning of established Mandalorian lore. However, it still delivered on gorgeous Mandalorian armor and a fight scene between Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla. In a dramatic twist, Pre Vizsla wields his own lightsaber, forged by a Mandalorian Jedi during the Old Republic. This weapon, the Darksaber, would soon become a staple of Mandalorian leaders in the Canon continuity,

While personally, I am not a fan of most of the things The Clone Wars did with Mandalore, this is still an excellent fight. Featuring a Jedi Master going toe to toe against an enemy using superior equipment will always make for an amazing match-up. We also get to see Obi-Wan’s prowess not just with his lightsaber, but his agility and reflexes. There is also the beautiful design of Pre Vizsla’s armor and the uniqueness of his chosen weapon. This is a fight every Star Wars fan should watch, regardless of how they feel about the retconning.


22. Count Dooku vs Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Revenge of The Sith - 2005)

Count Dooku once again faces Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Battle of Coruscant rages on as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi attempt to rescue Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who has been kidnapped by General Grievous and Count Dooku. Unlike last time, there is no one there to save them should they fail. Once again, Count Dooku is able to defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi. This time however, Anakin is able to turn the tables, literally disarming the Sith Lord just as Dooku had once done to him.

Starting Revenge of The Sith off with this fight is perfect. It instantly shows the audience just how far Anakin has come in only a few years, able to brutally defeat the antagonist that had once taken him down with ease. The scene is also the source of the beloved “Do it” meme, though is much more disturbing in context, with Palpatine urging Anakin to execute the defeated Count Dooku. In the Revenge of The Sith novelization, it is revealed that up to this moment everything Dooku had done in the fight was scripted so that he would be captured alive, and be celebrated as a hero after Order 66. Instead, his Master betrays him, and his last thoughts are disbelief and horror.


21. Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader (Empire Strikes Back - 1980)

Luke Skywalker foolishly attempts to fight Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker has abandoned his Jedi training and journeyed to Bespin to save his friends. This leads to Luke facing off against Darth Vader, delivering on what fans had wanted for the fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader back in A New Hope. The pair travel across the city in their fight, throwing objects with the Force and striking with all their power. Ultimately though, Luke is no match for a Sith Lord, and Vader is able to disarm him before delivering the plot twist we’ve all come to know and love.

This is one of the most iconic fights in all of Star Wars. Not only is it a blast to watch the battle, but it delivers multiple emotional impacts. Not only do we see our hero completely lose to the villain, but first-time viewers are also shocked to see that Darth Vader has been Anakin Skywalker all along. It is a testament to Luke’s character that rather than be turned to the Dark Side, he would throw himself into the unknown.


20. Yoda vs Darth Sidious (Revenge of The Sith - 2005)

The greatest Jedi Faces the greatest Sith.

Following the execution of Order 66, Yoda and Obi-Wan return to the Jedi Temple ito discover what has happened. After their terrifying discovery, Yoda heads to confront Darth Sidious on his own. It is nothing to the Jedi Master to defeat the Crimson Guard, but Sidious is unlike anything Yoda has ever faced before. Upon realizing that he cannot defeat the Sith, Yoda flees, leaving Sidious with full control of the galaxy.

This fight is ridiculous, in such a marvelous way. From the absurdity of Yoda and Palpatine’s lightsaber moves to the epicness of the moment. The fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the air, as one of the last Jedi fights to defeat the ultimate evil. Symbolizing the fall of democracy, Sidious literally throws the Senate at Yoda. However, Sidious throws the Senate at Yoda. The scene is inadvertently hilarious, and always worth a watch both for the action and a good laugh.


19. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul (Rebels - 2014-2018)

Darth Maul faces his old rival for the last time.

After gaining both a Jedi and Sith Holocron, Maul used them to answer the most important question in the galaxy. Where is Kenobi? He journeyed to Tatooine, intent on finally slaying the Jedi that had taken his legs from him so many years before. The battle between them is quick but epic, showing just how talented of a combatant Obi-Wan is even in his old age. In just a few moves, Obi-Wan finally ends Maul’s life.

This is a beautiful scene and serves as such a great finale to their rivalry. It is such a tragedy that Maul could have lived if he simply abandoned his hate. But it was his hate that had kept him alive for so long, all he had to live for was the hate. So Kenobi cut him down, offering him some last bit of peace before Maul passed away.


18. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs General Grievous (Revenge of The Sith - 2005)

The cyborg killing machine finally meets his match.

Obi-Wan Kenobi has tracked General Grievous to a fortified stronghold on Utapau, where he holds the planet hostage. Kenobi confronts the cyborg general, starting an epic lightsaber fight. Once Kenobi gains the upper hand, Grievous begins to flee, starting a ridiculous dinosaur-motorcycle chase scene. Eventually Obi-Wan is able to defeat Grievous, ironically by shooting him in his exposed lungs with General Grievous’ own blaster.

This fight is just plain ridiculous but in a good way. While Grievous has shifted dramatically from his Clone Wars (2003-2005) appearance, he is still an awesome villain and delivers an entertaining fight. The use of various weapons during the fight, such as Grievous’ blaster and the electro-staff make it more unique than the usual lightsaber vs lightsaber battle.


17. Qui Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul (The Phantom Menace - 1999)

Two Jedi face off against the first Sith Lord seen for a thousand years.

As the Battle for Naboo rages on, Darth Maul confronts Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Maul can keep both Jedi on their toes, a master of lightsaber combat. He even reveals that he possesses a double-bladed lightsaber, which he uses to keep either Jedi from gaining the advantage over him. The fight takes them from the hangar and into the palace’s shield generator complex, where Darth Maul is able to kill Qui Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan then defeats Maul by slicing him in half.

This is a great fight scene that delivers on my love for mobile fights. While stationary battles are still cool, there is nothing better than seeing the characters push each other into new areas. At one point we can see Qui Gon meditate to regain his strength, an excellent addition that not many movies would think to include. Fighting is tiring, and characters would need to take breaks for drawn-out engagements. While I think this scene is the highlight of The Phantom Menace, the impact is reduced with the reveal that Maul survived in Star Wars The Clone Wars.


16. ARC Troopers vs General Grievous (Clone Wars - 2003-2005)

The greatest Clone unit faces off against the greatest Separatist creation.

Following an ominous comm from a Jedi, Obi-Wan dispatched the ARC Troopers to rescue the Jedi that General Grievous had attacked. The Clones find Grievous' wall of B2 Super Battle Droids, breaking through the barrier before finding Grievous himself still fighting Kit-Adi-Mundi. So they open fire. Through peer overwhelming gunfire they manage to put Grievous on the run but are forced to retreat  to get the wounded Jedi to safety.

This scene kicks off the second volume of Clone wars, and it is such an explosive start. By this point, we had already seen the ARC Troopers, and their captain,  Fordo, tear through various Droids. But seeing them take on Grievous, who had already been proven to be seemingly unstoppable was incredible. That despite all of this, Grievous remained uninjured, is another testament to how incredibly powerful and deadly he was.


15. Alderaan vs Sith Army (The Old Republic - 2011-present)

Old Republic forces launch a guerilla attack on the Sith Army.

The Old Republic MMORPG had already seen an epic trailer featuring a charming smuggler, stoic Jedi, and awesome Republic Trooper fighting against the Sith army. This trailer takes place 14 years before then, as the Republic attempts to take the planet of Alderaan back from the Sith. We watch as Republic Troopers are cut down, Droids are blown to pieces, and Sith get sliced through by a lightsaber.

This is everything a Star Wars fan could have wanted from a new movie, in the form of a video game trailer. The battle is gorgeous, with your heart screeching as the Republic forces are torn apart by the superior enemy. However, just as the name of the trailer states, there is hope. We know that even though the evil of the Sith is powerful, good people working together can stop it. This trailer is one of the most perfect pieces of Star Wars media that exists.


14. Anakin Skywalker vs Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars - 2003-2005)

The Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress hunts Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

After facing off against a Separatist pilot whose abilities rival Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi Padawan chases the pilot to Yavin IV despite Obi-Wan ordering him not to. After arriving, a small ship of Clones arrives under Obi-Wan's orders to assist Anakin. One by one, they are all killed, until Anakin is left to face the Sith Assassin, Asajj Ventress. His battle with her is intense, taking them across the jungle and to the top of the abandoned Jedi temple. Finally, wielding one of Ventress' own lightsabers, he channels the Dark Side and begins to deliver heavy blows that shatter the stone beneath them. Ventress falls, seemingly to her death, while Anakin screams in anger and hate after her.

This is another amazing scene, interlaced with comedy. While the deaths of the Clone Troopers are slapstick and laughable, the following duel between Jedi and Sith is epic. While Ventress does survive the encounter, the audience at the time didn't know this. Instead, it seems that by giving in to his hate, Anakin killed yet another enemy that he had already beaten. The shift from comedic, to adventures, to ominous is fantastic and delivers an excellent rush of emotions. It's also worth noting just how cool lightsabers look in the rain.


13. Mace Windu vs Droid army (Clone Wars - 2003-2005)

Mace Windu easily disassembles dozens of B2 Battle Droids.

We find Mace Windu, separated from his lightsaber, and surrounded by B2 Super Battle Droids that are all prepared to gun him down. Then, Mace simply uses the Force to knock many of them down. He delivers powerful blows with his bare hands that shatter their chassis and break limbs before the Separatist machine causes another earthquake to kill the Clones under his command. Mace hurries towards the machine using the Force to enhance his speed and agility, before crushing the heads of several Droids at once. He shatters several more, before simply removing every screw from a Droid’s body and using them as shrapnel against its allies. Eventually, Mace is reunited with his lightsaber and uses it to destroy the war machine.

This fight is legendary and unlike anything seen in Star Wars movies. Mace Windu certainly seems like a strong Jedi in the films, but nothing compares to him tearing through the Droid army with relative ease. This is one of my favorite scenes, just for the pure creativity in the use of the Force. Even if you don’t like cartoons, it’s worth watching this scene to find out just how powerful Jedi can be.


12. Luke Skywalker vs Imperial Darktroopers (The Mandalorian - 2019-present)

Luke Skywalker steals the show from The Mandalorians.

All hope seems lost, as the cast of The Mandalorian face certain doom. They have managed to capture the villain, Moff Gideon, but a horde of Droid Stormtroopers are beating down the door. Then, an X-Wing arrives in the hangar, and a familiar figure moves through the ship. Luke easily slices through the Droids, using the Force to defeat some of them, never facing any challenge. Once finished, he greets the Mandalorian Din Djarin and his allies.

When I first saw this scene, I was in disbelief. I kept thinking that it was a fakeout, that this would actually be revealed to be a character from the comics or perhaps Cal Cestus. Even though the Jedi was an amazing fighter and master of the Force, it seemed impossible for it to be Luke Skywalker. After his face was revealed, I laughed. The show managed to make the CGI face significantly better than the faces in The Rise of Skywalker, which had such an enormous budget. However, in retrospect, I find the inclusion of Mark Hamill’s young CGI face weird and unnerving. It would have been better if they just kept a hood on the actor and had him introduce himself, or hired an actor resembling Hamill.


11. Kylo Ren vs Finn and Rey (The Force Awakens - 2015)

A temperamental man-child faces a trained soldier and a survivalist.

Following the infiltration of Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren attempts to stop former Stormtrooper Finn and soon-to-be-revealed Jedi Rey. Kylo Ren is by no means a master of lightsaber combat, and this is evident in the fight, but he is still more powerful than Finn. Kylo cuts the Rebel down before attempting to use the Force to take hold of Anakin’s lightsaber. Instead, the weapon is drawn to Rey, who proceeds to slice open Kylo’s face. Unfortunately, the two are separated before the fight can be properly finished.

The sequel trilogy is lacking in good fights, with one exception. I still watch this fight every now and then just to appreciate the beauty of the choreography. They move in a way reminiscent of ballet, dueling as though they were fencing. The snowy forest background also serves to enhance the scene, and Kylo’s blood falling into the snow goes to show just how violent Star Wars truly is.


10. Darth Malgus and Sith army vs Jedi Temple (The Old Republic - 2011-present)

The Jedi find themselves overwhelmed by their greatest enemy.

Far before Order 66, there was another attack on the Jedi Temple. Mandalorian Shae Vizsla infiltrates the temple and kills several people while the Jedi are left unaware. Darth Malgus and his lover, Eleena Daru, walk through the temple before being ambushed by several Jedi. All semblance of an advantage instantly fades away as a ship crashes into the temple, unleashing a horde of Sith. From there, the Jedi and Sith, accompanied by Republic Troopers and Mandalorian mercenaries, battle.

This is one of the most impressive large-scale fight scenes in Star Wars, despite how brief it is. The combat is brutal, with dozens being cut down, blown up, or even burned alive. The audience is left to stare in wonder at the impressive combat, shocked at first by the initial ship crash, then again as the trailer’s hero is impaled by Malgus. Then, the Sith Lord simply leaves, Coruscant burning as we discover this was merely one part of an entire invasion.


9. Darth Sidious vs Maul and Savage Opress (Clone Wars 2008-2020)

Darth Maul and his brother find themselves facing Maul's former master.

When Sidious arrives on Mandalore, he easily kills several Death Watch Mandalorians with the Force. Maul attempts to feign fealty to Sidious, but it is pointless. Sidious attacks, leaving both Maul and Savage on the defensive. They stand no chance against him, fighting with all they have against an enemy simply delighted to have practice after years of politics.

This is another scene I never would have expected, and certainly didn’t think would be so cool. We had only ever seen Sidious as a strategist and influencer, using the Force when needed to harm his opponents. Here, we discover that he was also one of the greatest lightsaber users to ever live. It’s such a wild wide, and incredibly well done, making it one of the top fights in the franchise.


8. Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Maul (The Clone Wars - 2008-2020)

Once again, Maul finds himself in a losing battle against a Jedi Padawan.

During the Siege of Mandalore, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano confronts the Manda’lor, Maul. He tells her of Darth Sidious’ plan, and how he hoped to lure either Anakin or Obi-Wan to the planet so that he could either stop Sidious or finally have his revenge. Instead, they sent her. He offers to make her his apprentice, but Ahsoka refuses, and so they fight. The battle takes them from the throne room and onto thin metal struts hanging over the open air. Eventually, though, Maul is taken prisoner, and all seems well.

This is another impressive and over-the-top fight. Maul’s characterization leading up to the conflict is very well done, and Ahsoka’s commitment to the Light Side despite no longer being a Jedi is impressive. The fight is very well animated and is an excellent choice for the final lightsaber fight of the series.


7. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Durge (Clone Wars - 2003-2005)

Obi-Wan fights an unkillable monster.

We first see Durge as some nameless bounty hunter with a mythosaur skull on his chest. Things quickly escalate as he tears through the Clone army, before challenging Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's more difficult than Kenobi expected, but he lands a blow straight through Durge's chest… only for the Bounty Hunter to laugh at him. Durge proceeds to beat Kenobi away from him, lightsaber still burning through his body, before unleashing an arsenal of weaponry. Obi-Wan manages to slice the Bounty hunter's arm off and then cleave him in half, but even this isn't enough to keep Durge down. In one of the most disturbing Star Wars moments, Durge is revealed to be a mass of disgusting viscera that consume Obi-Wan. The Jedi is able to use the Force to explode Durge, but our last shot of him is his alien gore slowly pulling itself away.

This is one of the most surprising scenes I have ever seen in a cartoon. While there had already been cool fight scenes in Clone Wars, there was nothing like this. In the expanded universe, we find out that Durge is part of a near-immortal race called the Gen'Dai. He hates Mandalorians so much that he joined the Separatists just to kill Jango Fett's Clones. He terrorized characters throughout the books and comics until eventually, Anakin Skywalker used the Force to throw Durge's ship into a sun, where he burned to death. 


6. Boba Fett vs Stormtroopers (The Mandalorian - 2019-present)

Boba Fett massacres a group of Stormtrooper remnants.

A battalion of Stormtroopers attacks Din Djarin, Fennec Shand, and Boba Fett after Grogu has been abducted by the Darktroopers. Boba Fett then proceeds to brutally take down several Stormtroopers using a gaffi stick, before moving to reclaim his armor. Fully loaded out, he then slaughters the Stormtroopers. Even after retreating, he uses a jetpack missile to kill two entire ships full of Imperials.

This fight was epic on so many levels. I had waited my entire life to see Boba Fett finally get the spotlight. Watching him use the signature weapon of Tusken Raiders was already epic, but once he got hold of his armor, perfection was reached. Not only was this a full-on Boba Fett fight scene, but we got to see him use almost his entire arsenal when we would have been fine with him just using blasters.


5. Darth Vader vs Rebel Alliance (Rogue One - 2016)

Darth Vader slaughters Rebel soldiers.

The primary cast of Rogue One has all given their lives to beam the Death Star plans to a Rebel ship, now speeding away from Tariff. The ship is boarded and the lights go out, leaving the Rebel soldiers to wait in fear for whatever is to come. Then, there is a single beam of crimson light ignited at the end of the hall, and Vader breaths. One by one he kills them, pulling away their weapons and slicing through them without a care.

This fight was completely unnecessary to have in the movie, and that makes it even better. While the movie could have ended on such a depressing note with that vague glimmer of hope, we instead got one of the best scenes in the franchise. Vader is unstoppable, and finally getting to see him easily kill everyone in his path on screen is something Star Wars fans have wanted since A New Hope.


4. Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader (Return of The Jedi - 1983)

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker faces his father for the final time.

Luke Skywalker has allowed himself to be captured by Darth Vader so that he would be taken to Emperor Palpatine. When he refuses to join the Dark Side, Luke is forced to fight his own father once again. Ultimately Luke defeats Vader, but before he goes in for a killing blow, Luke sees that Vader possesses a mechanical hand, just like him. This realization stops him from giving in to the Dark Side, maintaining his position in the Light Side of The Force.

This is by no means the fanciest or coolest fight scene in Star Wars, but it is the climax of the original trilogy. Everything Luke has done so far has led up to this moment. Not only is he facing a legendary warrior, but that warrior is his own father, all while he is struggling between maintaining his purity or giving into strength. It is such an amazing scene, and should always be remembered for how incredible it is.


3. Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader (Rebels - 2014-2018)

Ahsoka Tano meets her former master.

Ezra Miller and Kanan Jarrus are attempting to retrieve a Sith Holocron when Darth Vader arrives. Vader easily defeats Ezra, before Ahsoka arrives to stop him. Ahsoka gives everything she has to fight Vader, able to fare better than nearly any opponent Vader has ever had. Even after she’s seemingly been defeated, Ahsoka returns to slash open Vader’s helmet. That’s when she finally knows that Vader is Anakin Skywalker. That’s when she knows that her own master will kill her. But still, she fights, so that Ezra and Kanan can escape.

This is both one of the coolest fights in the franchise, and one of the most emotional. Vader never knew for sure whether Ahsoka had lived or died, and Ahsoka had believed that he had killed Anakin. When at last they meet, it is as enemies. As the fight continues, Ahsoka begins to tire, while Vader simply continues his relentless assault, actively fighting his last connection to the man he was before. It is beautiful and tragic.


2. General Grievous vs Jedi Knights and Masters (Clone Wars - 2003-2005)

The Droid general makes his debut, to the horror of the Jedi.

An entire army of B2 Battle Droids surrounds a crashed Star Destroyer, where several Jedi wait for the inevitable. Kit-Adi-Mundi gives an inspiring speech to raise morale, only for Grievous to instantly crush it, just as he soon does to Jedi Padawan Sha-Gi. He proceeds to take on all of the remaining Jedi at the same time, killing two more and critically injuring two others. With just Kit-Adi-Mundi left, Grievous claims the Jedi’s lightsaber for his own, while his opponent steals one of Grievous’ trophies to keep fighting.

This is my favorite fight in all of Star Wars, one I watch regularly. This was the first ever appearance of General Grievous, and to date is still the coolest. From his destruction of Shaggy from Scooby Doo to striking with another power to send a shielded Jedi Master flying back, he was unlike anything ever seen before. Grievous truly was the coolest Star Wars villain we could have had. 


1. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Anakin Skywalker (Revenge of The Sith - 2005)

Obi-Wan faces his former Padawan in a duel to the death.

Following the murder of the Separatist leadership, the newly named Darth Vader discovers he has been followed by Obi-Wan Kenobi. From there, they battle across a factory on the volcano planet of Mustafar, evenly matched through years of training together. Eventually though, Anakin Skywalker is dismembered by his closest friend and left to burn alive.

While still full of a ludicrous amount of CGI, this is perhaps the best fight scene in the prequel trilogy. It is an epic and breathtaking fight, showing us how neither can gain the upperhand. On top of this, it is the emotional climax of the entire saga. Your heart breaks as you hear Obi-Wan’s final words towards Anakin, who can only curse his former friend in anger and hate. This scene is both where Star Wars began and ended, everything we know centered around this single amazing scene.

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