[Top 7] SWTOR Best Crew Skills

SWTOR Best Crew Skills
Crew skills are an excellent way to get valuable items or make some credits on the side.

One of the less-talked about aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic is its crafting system. With fourteen different crew skills, subscribers are allowed access to three of these skills at once per character (F2P only have access to two), and can level up these skills to 700, with each tier offering more valuable crafting materials or better statistics on crafted items.

To fully invest into a crafting skill (Synthweaving, Armormech, Biochem, Artifice, Armstech, and Cybertech), having those three slots is quite important. SWTOR has three different types of crew skills: crafting, gathering and mission.

Crafters actually create items from the materials acquired from the gathering skills, who roam about in the world and access these materials via nodes. Mission skills depend solely on sending companions out to complete a task, in which they will fail or succeed and return with a certain amount of rare crafting material. For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume that the player is Imperial-aligned, has access to all three crew skill slots, and is focusing on PvE content. Here are some of the best crew skills to invest your time into:


7. Slicing

Slicing is practically SWTOR’s version of hacking. By accessing computer systems and lockboxes found out in the world, you are able to gather credits and sometimes schematics. You can find the Slicing Trainer (Fratch) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet on the outer ring. 

What Makes Slicing Awesome:

  • Free credits! Though Slicing has been nerfed significantly since its glory days, you are still able to make a few credits just by going around and gathering Slicing nodes out in the world
  • Some Flashpoints have Slicing consoles, which offer a shortcut through a group of adds or a quicker route. Useful if you are interested in running Flashpoints quickly and efficiently

Slicing Details:

  • Slicing is a gathering crew skill, which means you can go out into the world and find nodes that will yield experience towards your skill’s level. In Slicing’s case, the node will also grant you a small amount of credits, and has the chance to also provide you with a schematic or special crew skill mission
  • By sending companions on a Slicing mission, they will return with valuable crafting materials only found through completion of those unique missions!
  • Slicing missions can sometimes yield rare crafting components needed to create augments. Most crafting skills also require Slicing materials at some point, so you can almost never go wrong if you choose Slicing as one of your skills


6. Bioanalysis

Bioanalysts gather plant matter and animal components as their crafting materials. You can find the Bioanalysis trainer (Doctor Reggok) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Bioanalysis Awesome:

  • Bioanalysis is a rather abundant source of materials, since you are likely to run into many plants and many beasts in your journeys. It’s fairly easy to level up to a high tier
  • You can sell your gathered materials on the Galactic Trade Network to other players for a respectable sum of credits!

Bioanalysis Details:

  • Bioanalysis pairs well with the crafting skill Biochem, as it is the main user of the materials Bioanalysis gathers
  • There are some Flashpoint nodes (and animals) that you can access as a Bioanalysist. Of note is Athiss’ unique scannable plants which grant you use of a temporary akk dog companion during the Flashpoint


5. Archaeology

Archaeologists in SWTOR gather Force-crystals and ancient artifacts as their crafting materials. You can find the Archaeology trainer (Officer Hele) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Archaeology Awesome:

  • With abundant nodes, it’s fairly easy to level this crew skill in a relatively short amount of time
  • Some Flashpoints have an Archaeological node that can provide a shortcut for you and your group! It can cut a lot of time off of your experiences in this manner and really streamline the progression of your group

Archaeology Details:

  • Archaeology pairs well with the crafting skills Artifice and Synthweaving


4. Scavenging

Scavengers access metal scrap nodes and defeated droids to acquire useful crafting materials. You can find the Scavenging trainer (Flaz’arrir) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Scavenging Awesome:

  • Selling Scavenging materials often nets a hefty price on the GTN 
  • There’s a few Flashpoints that have Scavenging access points, which allow you to activate machinery in order to clear a shortcut for you and your group! Others allow you to reassemble derelict droids and have them fight alongside you (or heal you) during the Flashpoint

Scavenging Details:

  • Scavenging pairs well with a few crafting skills, such as Armstech, Armormech and Cybertech


3. Artifice

Artificers are crafters who can construct lightsabers and other Force-user friendly items. You can find the Artifice trainer (Acolyte Smythe) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Artifice Awesome:

  • Artificers are able to craft dyes and color crystals that change the appearance of your weapon’s blade or gunfire. These colors can’t be found anywhere else, so Artificers usually make a pretty penny out of selling these items

Artifice Details:

  • Artificing pairs well with the gathering skill Archaeology and the mission skill Treasure Hunting. Both are needed to provide adequate amounts of the right type of crafting materials used in this skill
  • You can also craft generators and foci with Artifice!


2. Synthweaving

Synthweavers craft synthetic items from crystals and cloth. You can find the Synthweaving trainer (Lord Jerren) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Synthweaving Awesome:

  • Synthweaving’s most useful aspect is its ability to create augments, namely the critical and alacrity augments. Healer and DPS players are often in need of both, and will pay big bucks for them on the GTN (upwards of six million in-game credits!)
  • Aside from augments, Synthweaving is also able to create some light Force-user armor that sells well cosmetically, as well as end-game pieces that are quite useful both in set bonus and statistics

Synthweaving Details:

  • Synthweaving pairs well with the gathering skill Archaeology and the mission skill Underworld Trading (which provides the fabrics needed to craft Synthweaving items)


1. Biochem

Biochemists craft items with the use of gathered genetic materials from the Bioanalysis skill. You can find the Biochem trainer (Doctor Maritte) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet, on the outer ring.

What Makes Biochem Awesome:

  • With the reintroduction of reusables, Biochem is once more king when it comes to end-game content, and will save you money!
    • Max level Biochemists are able to craft reusable medpacks, stimulants and adrenals, which do not get consumed on use and can be repeatedly used over and over (as long as you are using them on a character who is level 700 in Biochem)
  • Crafting is always lucrative. By making reusables or single-use items available to the Biochem crew skill, you can easily sell these items on the GTN and make a handsome profit off of your endeavors!

Biochem Details:

  • Requires Bioanalysis gathering skill for most of its items. Pairs well with the mission skill Diplomacy as well, as it also requires the medical supplies acquired from the aforementioned missions


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