Top 10 UFC 4 Best Walkout Songs That Are Awesome

UFC 4's Top 10 best walkout songs
UFC 4's official soundtrack

Every iconic entrance in UFC history starts with an unforgettable walkout song. In UFC 4, you’ll select your own anthem, as you embark on your journey to becoming a legend in career mode. Whether you need a song that hypes you up, gets you focused, gets you walking with confidence, or simply brings elation, this article will highlight ten of the best options for you to showcase your style & leave a lasting impression in your UFC career.  

10 . Higher Power - Avelino

Avelino 'Higher Power' music video

Higher Power by one of the most underrated artists in the world in Avelino definitely blends motivational bars with a hard beat to zone in on. The song is about overcoming challenges and achieving success, what better message to carry when you’re heading into a fight? 

This marks the start of a theme of UK rap in not just this list but the full game soundtrack, with UK artists getting a lot of shine. Call me biased, but I’m not complaining. 


9. Kumite Theme Artificial Intelligence - Konrad Oldmoney/EA UFC Theme Music

'Kumite Theme - Articifical Intelligence'

A synthwave and cyberpunk track that pays tribute to the 1989 classic Bloodsports Kumite soundtrack, this song is a fast-paced, electronic track with a driving beat. 

If you wanna feel like a prime Jean-Claude Van Damme walking out to battle, choose this. With its classic 80’s martial arts movie era lore designed for the new Kumite arena, this is the perfect song to prepare you mentally for combat. “There are three ways to win. One, You knock your opponent out. Two, the other guy quits, and shouts 'Matte. ' It's like saying 'Uncle. ' Three, You throw the f***** right off the runway!”


8. Godzilla - Eminem ft. Juice WRLD

Eminem & Cole Bennett's 'Godzilla' music video in tribute to Juice WRLD

Godzilla by Eminem & the late, great Juice WRLD was released in January 2020 and is one of the main & easily most recognisable songs on the entire soundtrack. It’s a high-energy hip-hop track mixing cold & violent tones with masterful lyricism. 

A legendary all-time great & a legend took way too soon with one of the most unique sounds out there collabing on a fast-paced beat. You can’t ask for much more to hype you into the octagon.


7. Bum Rushed INST - ZUFFA/STEMM/ EA Bonus Tracks

A 2001 track by STEMM

A high-energy rock track with a driving beat and aggressive vocals, this was released in 2001 by American Rock band STEMM. It’s about being angry and ready to fight, and they portrayed that to a tee. 

As old school UFC style as it gets for the OG fans out there & the closest representation of the sound of previous UFC soundtracks. Face the pain 2.0 (that iconic/terrifying old school ‘just bleed’ era UFC intro song for you casuals out there).


6. Middle Child - J. Cole

J. Cole's 'Middle Child' music video

Another one of the biggest hits on the soundtrack & another song by a legendary artist. It was released in May 2019 as the lead single from J. Cole’s fifth studio album, The Off-Season. The song is a contemplative look at being caught between the old and new generations of rappers, which is a perfect link to the situation so many fighters find themselves in. 

Chosen a slightly older fighter to start out your UFC career with? On a losing skid & off-track in your career? If you relate to either of these, this is your theme. No better track to help you find your way back than walking out with the message of being in the middle of your career & not letting anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.


5. Mount Everest - Labrinth/EA UFC Soundtrack

'Mount Everest' by Labrinth

This is another one of the main and most recognisable songs on the soundtrack, and it's by Labrinth, one of the most talented & unique artists in the world. Not the fast-paced/heavy track like many others on this list but a welcome change. 

This is world-champion music if I’ve ever seen it. Slow, cold, methodical walk to the octagon with this playing & you’ll have the aura of someone who’s done this 1000 times. Easy.


4. Routine - Wale ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill 

'Routine' by Wale ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill lyrics video

Routine by Wale with Rick Ross & Meek Mill was released in March 2019 and is the best collab by any trio on the entire UFC 4 soundtrack. A braggadocious fast-paced hip-hop track with a catchy melody, it’s about being successful and living the good life. 

If you wanna feel like a boss on the way to the octagon, choose ‘the boss Rick Ross’. Simple as that. There’s no bigger confidence-boosting song to flex your way to the cage with three huge stars like this playing.


3. Hawaiian kickboxer - Moke Boy

'Hawaiian Kickboxer' by Moke Boy lyrics 

The walkout music for former UFC Featherweight champion & legend Max Hollway can now be yours. It was released in 2016 & celebrates Hawaiian culture and martial arts. The lyrics are about being proud of where you come from and never giving up on your dreams.

“Imagine all the fighters who enjoyed this happy-feeling song right before getting picked apart” is my favourite comment on this song because it couldn’t be more true. Now's your chance to continue on the trend. Island style. 


2. Audacity - Stormzy ft. Headie One. 

Stormzy ft. Headie One. Audacity music video

Audacity is a December 2019 UK rap track by Stormzy ft. Headie One, & the first track on this list I was listening to before the UFC 4 soundtrack was actually released. It’s a diss to the audacity of the attitude of young rappers today trying to disrespect Stormzy that he doesn’t believe are worthy of challenging him. 

This isn’t just world-champion music if I’ve ever heard it. This is world-champion *villain* era music if I’ve ever heard it. I’d wait until you’re at a certain point in your career where the track suits your story before you make it your walkout music though. Once you’ve earned it, it hits different & you’ll feel like nobody can test you.


1. Gracie Brothers - Jevon 

Jevon 'Gracie Brothers' UFC 4 soundtrack

Gracie Brothers is a 2020 release by West London rapper Jevon, celebrating his Brazilian heritage & paying tribute to the Gracie family; pioneers of Jiu Jitsu, MMA & the original stars of the UFC. So it’s only fitting, my #1 pick & my go-to walkout song on UFC 4. 

The perfect amount of intensity in the track to get you amped yet still locked in & composed. Elite flow matched with meaning in the bars & MMA references throughout for those with sharper ears. If you’re an MMA fan with an appreciation for this sound, look no further. Especially if you’re a whiz on them Jiu-Jitsu mats, you’re obligated to walk out to this.


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