[Top 10] Best Military Games For Android (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Top 10 Military Games for Android
Solders storming the beaches of Normandy.

Approximately 70% to 80% of mobile devices around the world are Android. As such, the need for many games of all genres are a must for the platform. Military games, whether shooters or strategy, are always popular so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best military games for Android devices.

10. N.O.V.A. Legacy (ANDROID,iOS)

N.O.V.A. Legacy Season 3 Gameplay Trailer

N.O.V.A. Legacy is a sci-fi first person shooter that puts you in control of Kal Wardin, a top ranking N.O.V.A. marine. Play in the single player campaign to protect humanity from the alien invasion forces called the Colonial Administration. Experience the main story through almost 20 missions or play the challenge modes of Special Ops and Shadow Missions. Play deathmatch style matches in online multiplayer and collect cards to craft and upgrade weapons and abilities.

9. Guns of Boom (ANDROID)

 Guns of Boom Trailer

With very easy to use controls, Guns of Boom lets you jump straight into the action. Enjoy exciting team-based PvP in this online FPS game. Create a hero with perks and equipment to match your playstyle with hundreds of items to choose from. Try out the eSports events in the competitive Pro Play Mode when you're ready for a real challenge. 

8. Warpath: Ace Shooter (ANDROID,iOS)

  Warpath Launch Trailer

Warpath: Ace Shooter is a real-time strategy game based on the real life battles of World War 2. Plan out your defenses and attacks before engaging in fast-paced strategic combat. Customize and upgrade your troops with the best weapons you can get. Build bases and structures in key positions for optimal battlefield advantages. Venture into the authentic story of Warpath then battle other Commanders in multiplayer to test who is the ultimate general.

7. European War 4: Napoleon (ANDROID)

  European War 4: Napolean Gameplay

If you're not a fan of Napoleon then don’t worry, there are over 200 other generals to play as in this real-time strategy game. Washington, Murat, Wellington and many other famous generals from 42 different countries are at your disposal. Wage military campaigns and conquests throughout Europe, America, and Asia with 130 types of troops and units. Rise through the ranks and become known as the mighty Emperor of the land.

6. Tacticool (ANDROID)

  Tacticool Trailer

Battle against 14 million other players in this thrilling 5v5 third person shooter. Tacticool presents a challenge to worthy players with realistic physics and shooting mechanics. Discover the many classes of guns and equipment as well as the unlockable operators. Jump in cars with your teammates and zoom through the streets while taking down enemies. Get into some PvE action with the new zombies game mode and survive waves of relentless undead enemies.

5. Fire Strike (ANDROID,iOS)

 Fire Strike Trailer

Looking for a quick 5 minute game match with thrilling 5v5 action? Fire Strike, the free to play FPS game, has you covered then. Join with friends or play with randoms in four game modes - team fight, bomb mode, arms race, and free for all. And expect four more game modes to be added in the near future. Defeat enemy players in your path to rise through the 15 leagues in ranked play and become part of the Fire Titans league at the top.

4. Battle Prime (ANDROID)

 Battle Prime Gameplay Trailer

Battle Prime is a free to play, third person shooter based in a slight futuristic war setting. The magnificent, realistic graphics are on par with that of console games. Choose a Prime Agent, an enhanced soldier with unique powers and playstyles, to conquer the battlefield with. Work with your team in the fast-paced online battles and switch between Prime Agents when needed to outplay the enemy team.

3. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting (ANDROID)

 Cover Fire Gameplay Trailer

Don’t worry about any internet issues with one of the best offline games on Android- Cover Fire: Offline Shooting. Overcome the challenge of the single-player campaign as you grind through 12 chapters of high-octane story missions. Blast through hordes of zombies in the new offline game mode. Take on other operators in online multiplayer and participate in online sniper tournaments and other PvP modes.

2. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS (ANDROID, iOS)

  World  War Heroes Trailer

Battle in intense World War 2-era multiplayer combat in this hardcore first person shooter game. Explore a large arsenal of weapons as you fight other players in 7 battle zones. Utilize the different types of equipment from the main nations of the war - USA, Germany, USSR, and Japan. There are 6 different game modes to enjoy and start a lobby to create your own custom mode. 

1. Call of Duty Mobile (ANDROID,iOS)

 Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Trailer

Call of Duty Mobile is the most popular military game on Android, boasting over 100 million downloads. Play as your favorite characters from the Call of Duty franchise in exciting PvP action. Enjoy the classic game modes such as Search and Destroy and Domination on iconic maps. Be the last one standing in the 100 player Battle Royale mode. Work closely with the team in Zombies and other PvE game modes to clear out waves, complete objectives and finish the mission.

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