[Top 10] Best Garry's Mod Best Gore Mods

[Top 10] Best Garry's Mod Best Gore Mods
Ain't nothing better than shooting a pesky scientist in the stomach.

Garry's Mod may as well be the king of gore mods and add-ons: let's see how.

A bit of a mess, isn't it?

Gore has been the subject of countless mods (some games, like the Total War series, even create complete DLCs about it) for basically every game on the planet with an existing following. Garry’s Mod is not exempt from this, as there are lots of gore mods existing on Steam Workshop made for the game.

Gore mods are great for adding that bit of added realism to your creations, or just to introduce a more messy fighting system to your servers. Whatever your intent is, you will surely benefit from getting a gore mod. 

In this article, we will list our Top 10 options for Garry’s Mod gore mods. The following addons will all be present on the Steam Workshop and any additional requirements will be listed within the related entry.


#10 - Intense not Gore but good blood

A scene made using the add-on. Poor bloke spoke a bit too much.

Starting off and already cheating a bit.

“Intense not Gore but good blood” not only is a mouthful of a title but also isn’t a Gore mod in the classic sense. It’s a “realistic blood” type addon, which is close enough at least, and it’s on the list for the simple fact that, in my opinion, it’s the best one for Garry’s Mod.

What’s great about Intense not Gore but good blood:

  • Good for movies, scenes and adding realism to servers
  • Lightweight 
  • Great texture quality

Get Intense not Gore but good blood here


#9 - Ragdoll Blood

G-man gets absolutely hammered. Note the blood details and quality.

Continuing off with another blood-related mod.

Ragdoll Blood will allow the ragdolls you spawn in to bleed when hit by something. Useful in both game modes, movies, and other projects.

What’s great about Ragdoll Blood:

  • Great array of console commands and customizable options
  • Takes into account different material types
  • Works with basically every ragdoll addon

Get Ragdoll Blood here.


#8 -  Half-Life 1 Gib / Gore Mod

Those flying bits and pieces are called "gibs". 

Nostalgia-fueled dismemberment.

This mod gives that nostalgic Half-Life 1 dismemberment effect whenever a human NPC or player is killed by a 50+ damage attack. Very lightweight and easy to run as well. 

What’s great about Half-Life 1 Gib / Gore Mod:

  • Nostalgic Half-Life 1 models for gibs
  • Lightweight
  • Void of any bugs

Get Half-Life 1 Gib / Gore Mod here.


#7 - Violent Gore & Blood

Combine soldier is absolutely destroyed. Look how fi

Another fantastic gore mod by Steam user 9iNE.

This mod will allow blood squirts to appear more realistic and visceral. It will also create blood pooling whenever somebody is shot. Splatter and base wounds come from the game “Underhell”.

What’s great about Violent Gore & Blood:

  • Fantastic textures for the blood.
  • Reactive and well-coded.
  • Very copious amounts of blood squirt out whenever somebody gets hit or shot.

Get Violent Gore & Blood here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1855911948


#6 - Violent Gore & Blood Remastered LITE

Poor man. On the other hand, note the improvement in respect to entry #7.

Following up with an updated, remastered version of entry #7.

Improved blood textures, bullet holes, and the addition of optimized physics-based blood particles and sprayable blood on all surfaces.

What’s great about Violent Gore & Blood Remastered LITE:

  • Good community behind this addon.
  • Light and easy to run.
  • Constantly updated.

Get Violent Gore & Blood Remastered LITE here.


#5 - Blood and Gore Overhaul 3

Bruised and very much battered. Fantastic blood splatter.

Although this mod is no longer being updated, Blood and Gore Overhaul 3 can still offer its moments.

Very gory moments. This highly configurable addon will let you dismember bodies, adds realistic ragdolls, adds gibs and more!

What’s great about Blood and Gore Overhaul 3: 

  • Over 60 Convars to customize.
  • Blood will appear on weapons and your screen.
  • Not too heavy for what it offers.

Get Blood and Gore Overhaul 3 here.




This full re-upload of the “GibMod V2” addon is a remastered version of the original mod.

Comes with a set of customizable settings and is an overall high-quality option for your gore needs.

What’s great about GibMod V2 [REUPLOADED AND FIXED]:

  • Various bugs found in the original version were fixed.
  • Classic gore mod for Garry’s Mod
  • Gibs, splatter and explosions are all very high quality.



#3 - LiteGibs

A combine solider split in half by a sniper shot. A bit unrealistic but fun.

Deserved spot on the podium for TFA’s LiteGibs.

A professional, high-quality gore mod that is highly configurable and will not put your server or graphics card under stress. Guaranteed fun.

What’s great about LiteGibs:

  • Compatible with a lot of addons.
  • Made by a talented group of modders.
  • Great on performance.

Get LiteGibs here.


#2 - Dismemberment Optimised

What a mess. Look at the quality and sheer amount of blood.

The silver medal goes to Steam user TurbomanAlco and its mod “Dismemberment Optimised”.

The mod has been optimized in this case by making all gibs and limbs de-spawn after 20 seconds. While being lighter, this mod will satisfy your inner psycho by letting you dismember everyone that gets in your path while blood squirts all about the place.

What’s great about Dismemberment Optimised:

  • Runs well on most machines.
  • Highly detailed but light blood textures.
  • Custom blood particles.

Get Dismemberment Optimised here.


#1 - Blood and Gore Overhaul IV

Another Combine troop gets slaughtered. Pretty good blood though. Note the missing head, thanks to the add-on.

And the winner is Blood and Gore Overhaul IV! This is the latest installment of the “Blood and Gore Overhaul” series.

The mod will give you enhanced effects like impacts, blood pools, and more, as well as giving you redone ragdolls and a lot of blood. Gibs are even edible and will let your character gain 1HP. Gross.

What’s great about Blood and Gore Overhaul IV:

  • Constantly updated
  • A huge number of additional content was added.
  • Does not impact performance heavily.


Get Blood and Gore Overhaul IV here.


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