[Top 15] Garry's Mod Best Horror Maps To Play

Garry's Mod Best Horror Maps To Play
Haunted Doll

#1. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

Gameplay and showcase of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

If you haven't heard about this map, what rock have you been sleeping under? Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is arguably the most popular horror map inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy horror game. It incorporates the eerie atmosphere and the animatronic characters of the restaurant.

After playing this map, I’ve come to realize how much I dislike scary games. The dark corridors and roaming animatronics created an ominous vibe. Watching them on the cameras added to the tension and was enough for me to “calmly” exit the game. I would highly recommend this map to anyone looking for a good scare.

The map's goal is to survive the night, just like the original. Managing the security systems and dodging threats from the animatronics while progressing through the dark and creepy environment.

What makes this map a good choice:

  • Atmospheric sounds create tension when playing.
  • Provides players with the freedom to walk around the restaurant.
  • Functioning animatronics designed to jump scare.

Get this map here


#2. Hell's Prison

Playing Hell's Prison w/ friends.

Hell’s Prison is an old, but great map to play with your friends. You’ll start in a sinister correctional facility. As you progress through the map, you’ll be confronted by supernatural creatures and encounter strange, dark secrets hidden within.

This highly iconic and popular map takes its claim as one of the best; Although it’s a bit outdated and has its problems, ‌it's still remembered for ‌having an immersive atmosphere and all the elements to make you run from your computer screen. Hell’s Prison is truly an unforgettable experience.

The map's objective varies through what you want to achieve within the map. The general goal is to escape ‌prison, and simply survive as long as possible.

What makes this map a good choice:

  • Hell’s Prison provides multiple ways to play, giving it replayability.
  • This map captures the hell-ish theme of a haunted correctional facility.
  • Playing with friends provides a memorable time for all players.

Get this map here


#3. Break In

Explaination and gameplay of Break In.

Break In is a VERY interactive map, Break In sets you as the POV of a child in a dark house where you wake up and are home alone. You are charged with a set of chores to do by your parents and must complete them. As you progress through your duties things start to get a little strange. You may see dark figures from the corner of your eyes, or hear knocking coming from the front door… whatever you do, don't open it.

Through my personal experience, I would highly recommend this mod for its short, immersive, and generally sinister gameplay. When doing the chores, you forget you’re playing a horror game, until you jump out of your seat by seeing some monstrosity crawl from the darkest corner of the window.

This map offers a few endings and the primary objective is to hide and survive.

This map is a great choice because:

  • The realistic atmosphere captures the creepy feeling of being home alone.
  • Interactive gameplay, allows the player to pick up items and use them while cleaning.
  • Unlocks fears from your childhood…

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#4. gm_Death House

Exploring gm_Death House w/ freinds.

This deranged map is played best with 2 or more players, so grab a friend before downloading. Gm_ Death House features an unsettling ambiance that keeps players on their toes with its chilling soundtrack, eerie lighting, and scripted events.

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a classic horror film this map portrays that perfectly. As you go through gm_Death House you’ll be met with dimly lit hallways, secret pathways, and much more. This will be a hard one to finish.

To complete this map is by exploring the mansion, surviving all the different entities, and finding the escape routes.

What makes this map a great choice:

  • Haunting Atmosphere for keeping you on the edge of your seat.
  • Good map to play with friends to create unforgettable moments.
  • A great story-telling map to keep you engaged.

Get this map here


#5. Hell's Resort

Gameplay of Hell's Resort.

Hell’s Resort is a map that takes place in a terrifying haunted resort. This map was designed to create a creepy and immersive experience for players.

This fairly seasoned map has a very well-crafted and detailed map design. Although it’s not my favorite because it is a bit outdated, it is still a good map to try and complete alone or with friends.

To escape the resort, you must go through a variety of challenging puzzles and jump scares to reach the end.

What makes this map a good choice:

  • Disables no clipping for that added layer of challenge. 
  • Highly detailed environment to help with immersion.
  • Many ways to complete the map increase replayability.

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#6. Haunted Hotel

In-depth guide to Haunted Hotel.

Just as the name suggests this map takes place in a creepy hotel. This map incorporates jump scares, terrifying sounds, and many other scary experiences for ‌players.

This huge map encourages you to investigate and explore. The hotel conceals a killer, and stepping into his room is an experience you will regret... If you want a detective-horror feel map, I strongly suggest you check this one out.

The point of this map is to have you uncover all the secrets and explore what lies beyond this strange hotel.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • This map provides a very immersive atmosphere for the player.
  • Big environment allowing hours of entertainment. 
  • A highly detailed map that creates an immersive experience.
  • There are many different paths you can take, making it good for multiple playthroughs.

Get this map here


#7. Never Lose Hope Hospital

A walkthrough for Never Lose Hope Hospital.

"Never Lose Hope Hospital" is a popular map set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. This map features eerie dark pathways. Flickering lights, and an unsettling atmosphere.

Never Lose Hope Hospital has a very misleading name, it will give you a sense of dread and hopelessness while exploring the huge building. Running from monstrous entities while trying to complete all the tasks gives players an intense experience while playing.

The primary objective in "Never Lose Hope Hospital" is to ultimately survive the demoralizing ordeal.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • Interactive and engaging gameplay keeps players on their toes.
  • In-depth storytelling.
  • Praised by the community for its well-designed mechanics and overall quality.

Get this map here


#8. Scary United Coop

Gameplay of Scary United Coop, video starts at 0:14.

Scary United Coop is a pretty good horror map, ideal for playing with friends. This map is known for its collaborative multiplayer horror experience. Despite its age, the map is still one of the most popular, and without your team's full engagement, you’ll find it hard to complete this map.

Playing this map years ago was a fun and horrifying experience. The map depends strongly on communication (my friends and I did not have that). Scary United Coop displays a feeling that brings tension and suspense, creating an immersive environment for the players.

One thing I like about this map is that although the general goal is to survive and overcome, the map gives your friend group a way to bond and fortify your friendship.

The reason why this map is a good choice:

  • Good for teamwork and exciting for all players.
  • This map provides a scary and demented atmosphere to keep you on your toes.
  • Scary United Coop draws you into their atmosphere. 
  • The sense of community surrounding this map.

Get this map here


#9. Runaway: Part 1

Full gameplay of Runaway: Part 1.

Runaway is a map that fully immerses you in its atmosphere. It's a nightmare-ish journey filled with terror and unspeakable horrors and features immersive mechanics in its gameplay.

You will find yourself playing as a police officer. On your journey within this map, you will be exploring a huge environment trying to discover the secrets hidden within.

The point of Runaway is to uncover clues and to survive the hellish nightmare with your life.

What makes Runaway such a good map:

  • Runaway offers an amazing story to follow, making it more engaging for the player.
  • Provides challenges that require the player to use their problem-solving skills and intuition.
  • This map gives players multiple paths to go down, giving it a fresh experience when replaying the map.

Get this map here


#10. Forgotten Asylum

Exploring the Forgotten Asylum.

This one is a bone-chilling map that will make you question your sanity. It’s based in an abandoned mental institution and offers an “unforgettable” horror experience to the Forgotten Asylum.

While playing this map, the first thing I noticed was the intense atmosphere it offers, which is extremely off-putting and eerie. The things you encounter within will test your wit and nerves. It was a HARD one to finish, but it was so good I kept coming back.

The goal of this map is to explore its mysteries and survive the horrifying entities until the completion of the map.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • Has a great detective feel for those who love problem-solving.
  • A terrifying soundtrack, keeping players in suspense.
  • Fun to play with friends.

Get this map here


#11. Gm_paranormal

Gameplay of gm_paranormal.

Gm_paranormal takes place in a haunted abandoned prison. This map was made for solo and co-op play. It was designed to create an intensely terrifying and engaging experience for the player.

Playing this map alone, you will certainly feel chills going down your spine. As you progress through the map, there is never a moment that goes by where the feeling of someone watching you isn't present. Seeing lurking shadows and hearing strange noises will have you second-guessing yourself.

Gm_paranormal will have you tasked with looking for keycards to discover new areas, and you will have certain tools to help guide you through the environment. Survive and overcome is the name of the game.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • Gives you a constant feeling of being on edge.
  • Interactivity within the map makes it feel more immersive.
  • Tasks are different in each playthrough, so it feels refreshing to replay.

Get this map here


#12. My Nightmare

A walkthrough of My Nightmare.

The name “My Nightmare” really captures what this map feels like… a nightmare. A psychological horror experience is what you should expect with this one.

Traversing through the dark unknown hallways and avoiding traps fully keeps you on the edge of your seat. Its unpredictable encounters with ‌terrifying entities add to the feeling of a hellish nightmare. Playing with friends is ideal for the weak-hearted.

The point of “My Nightmare” feels like it has a deeper goal for the player. Like many other maps, you have to solve mysteries and escape dark entities, but the message I feel this map displays is to overcome your fears.

My Nightmare is a good choice for its:

  • Psychological horror having you question your sanity.
  • An immersive environment with an eerie soundtrack.
  • Allowing players to overcome real fears.

Get this map here


#13. Backrooms

Playing Backrooms w/ friends.

Backrooms are filled with endless mazes, many mysteries, and a horrifying entity that will stalk you throughout the map. Although not the most terrifying map the community has to offer, it can still give you a good scare.

You can get lost in this map's confusing mazes. Especially playing with friends throughout the game, it will get harder and harder to keep track of everyone, eventually leaving you alone with the monster that is lurking within the shadows.

You will need to navigate through the Backrooms maze structure, discovering and exploring its rooms, ultimately surviving this confusing ordeal.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • Endless corridors and mazes keep players locked into their screens to stay on track.
  • Great multiplayer experience. 
  • Unknown exploration makes it good for replayability.

Get this map here


#14. Haunted GM_Construct

A deep dive into Haunted gm_construct.

Haunted GM_Construct is a subtle horror map that modifies the original gm_construct. This map revamps it to be filled with eerie surprises and paranormal activity.

This is a pretty good map for those who want to add a bit of spice to their experimental builds or play a prank on their friends. It’s a fun and scary map to explore and make memories.

There is no clear goal to Haunted GM_Construct, playing on this map you will start seeing strange things out of the corner of your eye or hear weird noises in the distance never getting rid of the feeling of being watched.

A good map for its:

  • Iconic lore is being brought to life.
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Provides small heart attacks while minding your own business, always keeping you on edge.

Get this map here


#15. GMI's "HUNT!"

Gameplay of GMI's "Hunt!"

GMI’s “HUNT!” is a multiplayer map that will imprint a horrifyingly fun experience. This has multiple series and will provide you and your friends with hours of fun.

You and your friends are set in an environment filled with obstacles and hiding spots. You will traverse around the map looking for clues and killing grotesque creatures to move forward. This is arguably the best horror map to have fun with your friends.

Why this map is a good choice:

  • Strategic and cunning gameplay.
  • Offers multiple parts elongating your playtime.
  • Intensely engaging gameplay keeping tension between players.

Get this map here

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