15 Scariest Video Game Monsters

15 Scariest Video Game Monsters
Freddy Sees All

What are some of the scariest monsters from video games?

Developers have become really good at preying upon gamers basic senses to invoke a state of horror and paranoia.

Horror video games exploit the player’s sight, hearing and fear of the supernatural to cause even the most hardened gamers to rethink a short bathroom break.

With the horror gaming genre being flooded with great games, this top 15 scariest video game monster countdown will surely narrow and redefine your understanding of the word fear.

15. Creepers (Minecraft)


Coming in at number 15 is creepers from the video game minecraft.

These oddly pixelated monsters seek nothing more than your head on a plate and the destruction of your recently constructed block home. Their iconic hiss is all too familiar and will instantly alert a player to their near imminent demise.

Commonly seen staring through the window of your home, their pitch black eyes and dark green skin will certainly echo throughout your memory for years to come. Even worse, these green soulless monsters can appear with a shrouded blue aura indicating their evolution into a charged creeper. But there’s no need to fear, death will be painless and free of charge.

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