Horror Film “Get Out” Cost $4.5 Million To Make But Generated $252 Million in Worldwide sales

Jordan Peele's debut horror film "Get Out" generates $252 Million in worldwide sales

The film “Get Out” was given a budget of $4.5 Million. Producer Jordan Peele debuted as director for the horror film and managed to set a few records and earn a few awards in the process of making and releasing the brilliant flick.

In just the United States and Canada, Get Out grossed $175.5 Million. The film grossed $77 million from other countries worldwide.

It was expected to gross $20-25 million, but made half of that estimate in just the first 24 hours of release.

Three weeks later the movie managed $100 million domestically and Peele became the first black writer/director to ever accomplish such a feat.

That’s not the only “first” that the movie and crew managed, as it is also domestically the highest grossing debut film based on an original screenplay in Hollywood history, beating the Blair Witch Project’s 1999 release.

Get Out was ranked 22 in the earning rankings of All Time Domestic Box Office For R Movies in the united states, the first being 2004’s Passion of the Christ.

Jordan Peele is a comedy actor and sketch writer. He’s been in quite a few movies, particularly those that star his co-host on the popular Comedy Central show Keegan-Michael Key, including Keanu (2016,) Wanderlust (2012,) and Little Fockers (2010) to name a few. Despite his background in comedy however, Peele has said he plans on releasing at least four more films, all horror, all addressing social issues that affect millions of people. 

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