[Top 10] Indie Horror RPGs To Check Out

Come check out some indie horror games!
Come check out some indie horror games!

The RPG genre is constantly growing, and horror seems to complement the RPG genre better than almost anything. Thrilling combat, a storyline that sucks you right in, monsters that haunt your dreams at night… RPG horror is the whole package. We compiled a list to help you experience all these and keep you entertained for quite some time. Whatever your preferences may be, there is something for everyone. So with no further ado, here are the top 10 indie horror RPGs we picked for you today:

10. Dark Deception (PC/ PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch)

Prepare for the nightame!

Dark Deception is a first-person horror game developed by Glowstick Entertainment, where you play a no-luck loser stuck in a nightmarish maze with nowhere to hide or relax. You follow the instructions of a mysterious woman to obtain a mystical ring that will grant you one wish.

Obviously, it is no walk in the park with all the monsters and bosses sent your way. These evil bastards want to make sure you end up facing a fate worse than death. As you make your way through the narrative, the horrifying story is revealed chapter by chapter. As of 2021, Dark Deception consists of 5 chapters you can play that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its jumpscares (especially if you are in full concentration mode).

This game feels a bit like the love child of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Pacman, with its fast-paced arcade-like play style and the goal of escaping several nightmare levels. Long story short, it is a good mix of nostalgia and good-old horror.

9.  Darkest Dungeon (PC / macOS / PS4 / iOS / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Linux)

A scary dungeon crawler

Darkest Dungeon is a medieval psychological horror game released by Red Hook Games. It follows a group of heroes who wander into dungeons that get increasingly dangerous, both physically and mentally, until they reach the final boss in the darkest of the dungeons (See what I did there?).

Thanks to a DLC released in 2020, you can create your own group of 1 to 4 heroes with your friends and enjoy the game multiplayer. The game implements effective combat strategies with its multiplayer mod. One example is that it leaves you thinking about whether you should attack the enemy or help your allies.

This game has a tendency to get on your nerves really well at times, but one of the great aspects of playing Darkest Dungeon is mastering your own stress levels alongside your heroes. You take care of their physical and psychological needs as they make their way through the game. Taking into account the additional content offered, this game can easily help you kill 60 to 80 hours of your life. Be careful, or you might get Red Hooked on it ;)

8. Darkwood (PC / macOS / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Linux)

Survive the woods

Darkwood is a game by Acid Wizard Studio where you have to “respect the woods”, as the loading screen sums it up.

While trying to survive in the woods, you can unlock new areas, experience the day and night cycle, develop your skills, interact with friendly NPCs, and much more. You can even kill the NPCs if you feel like it since they sometimes drop special items that add unique narration to the story.

In Darkwood, no one is holding your hand as you play, just like in Soulsborne Games. To survive, you must explore and adapt. As you go along the story, you are presented with permanent choices that will affect the rest of your experience. So, don’t behave recklessly! Because you don’t have a linear story to follow and there are a vast number of possibilities for your endgame.

7. OMORI (PC / macOS / Xbox One / PS4 / Nintendo Switch)

A unique horror game with psychological build-up

OMORI is an adventure horror game developed by OMOCAT, LLC, with very strong psychological elements. What seems to be a game about the friendship of some generic teenagers turns into so much more. Sunny is our melancholic protagonist. Omori is the dream world alter ego of our main character, Sunny. Together, they go on an adventure between the real world and the dream world to explore the subconscious memories that hold their deepest secrets and fears.

The kind of horror OMORI offers is unlike no other, with no jumpscares left and right and no loud sounds. Instead, it lets you experience the dreadful fear of the unknown while you try to uncover what the fuck is really happening.

6. Angels of Death (PC / Android / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch)

A good example of Japanese-Horror genre

Angels of Death is a Japanese horror adventure game by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN, following 13-year-old Rachel “Ray” in a hospital after she witnesses a murder. She wakes up to find herself in a weird basement with no recollection of anything other than her name and why she is in the hospital.

She wanders the abandoned hospital, lost and puzzled. Then she comes across Zack. With their strangely strong bond, together, they try to find their way out of this place where they seem to be supernaturally trapped.

Each building floor has unique surprises to keep you guessing all the way through the game. It is pretty text-heavy, so if reading is not your thing, this game may get you frustrated. Also, there are no alternate endings you can explore, but one playthrough is still fulfilling enough to linger with you long after it is over.

5. The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel (PC / iOS / macOS / Android / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Linux)

It's all about perspective

The Letter, created by Yanyang Mobile and EastAsiaSoft, is an interactive horror visual novel, so get ready for a lot of reading. The story takes place during the 17th century in an English mansion said to be haunted by an evil spirit. After the mansion is acquitted of its rumors and is listed for sale, a note is discovered inside that changes everything. “Help me” is written all over the note, with a final phrase of “Send this to 5 people or else...”.

The Letter offers a nice variety of 7 different playable characters (7 different perspectives), with great character development supported by romance, friendship, and drama. The choices you make throughout the game lead you to different dialogues, cutscenes, and endings. The game does not offer chapter selection or classic load/save mechanics, so although you are not pressured by time into making your choices during the game, going back can be a pain in the ass if you don’t think them through.

4. SUNLESS SEA (PC / iOS / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Linux)

Oh captain, my captain...

In Sunless Sea, you play as a captain (or Zee Captain) who sets sail to the unknown. You have the chance to choose one of the several routes offered by the game, or just vibe on the sea on your own, trying to survive. The freedom to choose whatever kind of a protagonist you want to be definitely makes up for the lack of a central story in the game. You can choose to combat, fulfill your life’s ambitions, trade, smuggle, and much more. This game will surely satisfy you if you have a dark sense of humor. Just decide wisely, don’t get too attached to your captain, and most importantly, try not to get eaten by your crew.

3. Firework (PC)

So, are you into puzzles?

Firework, by Shiying Studio, is a horror puzzle game taking place in a remote village in China. An accidental fire at a funeral leads to the opening of a closed case and being investigated again. Our protagonist follows the case as it becomes more confusing and supernatural. It has an eerie and horrific aura that leaves you in suspense. Every character is important and affects your story little by little. The game also offers puzzles and easter eggs from the Chinese culture. If you like a scary surprise that leaves you feeling empty, this is the game for you.

2. LISA: The Painful (PC / macOS / Linux)

Can you believe only one guy developer LISA

LISA: The Painful really deserves the title “Indie” as it was produced by just one man. It is a horror game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with dark and comedic themes. In a world full of drugs and violence, the themes can even be considered “too dark” sometimes.

You play as Brad Armstrong in an attempt to save the last female in the world, Olathe, her adopted daughter.

There are shops and bars where you can find up to thirty different possible party members. The game will force you to make choices that will show what kind of a person you are. These choices will affect both you and your companions. If you played The Walking Dead before and loved the decision-making part of it, definitely check this one out. The world has countless secrets and LISA will be a possible life-ruining experience for you with its storyline.

1. Corpse Party (PC / Xbox / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / Linux)

Ain't no party like a Corpse Party!

Corpse Party, created by Makoto Kedoin, is a cult classic survival horror game following a group of Japanese high school students. During a celebration at school, they are telling ghost stories when they are suddenly transported to an alternate dimension by an earthquake. In this alternate universe, they are trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary School along with other spirits that haunt the school. To escape, the player must interact with the environment, collect objects, and check out documents, all while making sure the enemies don’t get you. It’s some kind of a Silent Hill situation.

While playing, you can feel the suspense coming from the story and the mysterious pieces of the past. Not only does this game have that dark, unsettling atmosphere, but it also has a disturbing backstory. Although it is extremely difficult in some parts, it is honestly worth playing for the story alone.

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Thanks for letting us know that OMORI has no jumpscares. I've wanted to play it for the longest time since its art style is so cute, but I've always been scared because I know it's a horror game. Maybe I'll give it a shot!

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