Top 10 Horror Games with Good Graphics

 Horror Games with Good Graphics
Pretty faces and pretty pictures, right?

What Horror Games Have The Best Graphics?

Do you like games that make you jump? Tired of horror games with shallow graphics? With horror titles, the more realistic and higher quality they are, the more likely you are to be scared. So, horror games that don’t look good likely not scare you and detract all the heart-thumping thrill that they should have. Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of horror games that not only are exciting to play, but amazing to look at

10. Resident Evil 7

The 7th installment in the Resident Evil series, 7 aims to give terror a new definition. Set in modern day rural Southeastern U.S., The player, you, must investigate a house after you receive a message from your wife who you believed to be dead for the past 3 years. In this Louisiana’s hell house, you must fight your way out in a desperate attempt to survive, and hopefully save your wife – if she’s still alive.

He’s Upset: Jack Baker smashes through the table and chairs, trying to get to you

A Family Dinner: a group of men dine on the finest intestines available

  9. The Evil Within

Playing as police detective Sebastian Castellanos, you must investigate the scene of a mass murder in the Beacon Mental hospital. After starting your investigation, you soon realize there is much more than you could’ve imagined at play here. Allowing the gamer to decide on their own “flight or fight” instincts, The Evil Within will send chills down your spine. Your enemies range from giant sledgehammer-wielding humanoids to a terrifying multi-limbed creature with hair longer than your expected life span, the player has a lot to be afraid of. The game looks amazing with the colors and saturation, evident in the “Agony Crossbow” you see above. However, you won’t have all day to look at pretty sparks of electricity while a giant with a safe for a helmet is chasing you.

What are you doing here: A blood sack wielding humanoid marches towards Sebastian

Watch ‘em fly: Sebastian uses the Agony Crossbow

8. Alien isolation

This game will give you nightmares. Alien Isolation is based off the movie series Alien, where unidentified alien parasites have taken over your space station. Alongside that, the human aid androids are now hostile and kill humans on sight. It’s every man for himself in this desperate attempt to not only survive, but to also destroy the alien infestation once and for all. Can you save your friends? Can you even save yourself?

The Alien walks towards its prey

The last thing you see before the alien eats your face

  7. Outlast 2

You are an investigative journalist, working with your wife when your helicopter crashes in the Supai region of Arizona. You were investigating the mysterious murder of a woman only known as “Jane Doe”. You wake up and see the pilot skinned and crucified and your wife is gone. You are not a fighter, so you must run and hide as you try to solve not only the mystery of the murder of “Jane doe” but also the mystery of what happened to your wife, and if she is still alive.

The “preacher” gives a sermon to the town folk

The player hides from a murderous town inhabitant

6. Dead space 2

Dead space 2 is a survival horror game, where we follow the story of Isaac Clarke as he fights against a necromorph outbreak aboard a space station near a shard of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. With a 120-million-dollar budget for development and marketing, it’s a no brainer how this game looks so amazing. The horror aspect of this amazing game was why it earned an average of at least a 9/10 by widely known game review website such as GameSpot, Game Informer, IGN and many more. A must play for horror lovers.

Isaac smacks some sense into an unidentified creature.

Isaac faces off against a bulby monster

5. Dying Light 2

A highly anticipated release for 2019, dying light is a sequel that fans have been waiting for since 2015. In this game, much like the first installment, the world is post-apocalyptic, and water has become a highly valued currency. Your decisions in this game impact how the story pans out. The game has been in development for a few years, and if its anything like the last, will be a visual masterpiece, and will be worth the wait.

The leader of a faction demonstrates what happens to those who think for themselves

The player journeys with some unsavory characters on a mission

4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

The remake of a classic that sold almost 5 million copies, Resident evil 2’s remake is another highly anticipated game for 2019. This game is focused around a younger Leon Kennedy and a college student, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield’s sister. After discovering the entire police force, save Leon, has been killed, He and Claire search for any other survivors, as most citizens in raccoon city have been turned into zombies. As they continue their journey, they hope to find a way to escape the city, lives intact of course. The footage that the Dev team has released has us all waiting anxiously for its release on 1/25/19.

Leon finds the police force

Leon faces off against the “Tyrant”

3. Metro exodus

This story takes place in 2033, 20 years after the world is devastated by an apocalypse. You are Artyom, born a few days before hell wreaked havoc on earth, and you were raised underground. A horrible event takes place, and now you must take a journey to the heart of the Metro system to warn its inner inhabitants of a terrible impending threat. The Monsters look beautifully terrifying and the arsenal, well . . . let’s just say you’re going to have a LOT of fun.

An electrocuting explosion is set off in the Metro

The player brandishes a six shot revolver at an unknown monster

2. Doom Eternal

Once again playing as a Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior that battles the forces of hell, the player must fight to gain health ammo. The weaponry in this game is as fun as it sounds, from Super Shotguns, to the retractable arm blade, or even the “Crucible blade” energy sword. The graphics in this game are top quality and the gameplay videos are evidence of that, displaying the games 4k quality graphics. Doom eternal has a snowball’s chance in hell of being boring.

The Doom Slayer examines his armaments

A hellish creature is executed using the player’s retractable arm blade

1. Until Dawn

A visually stunning, scream-inducing work of art, until dawn is a story of 6 friends who are returning to a cabin where they have bad memories. Its only when they try to settle in that they realize that they aren’t alone on the mountain. Home to what were thought to be mythical creatures and a flamethrower wielding stranger, this game is as terrifying as they come, and depending on how you play, everyone can in fact survive, or everyone can die. This game will turn your heart into mush with its piercing graphics and jaw dropping visuals of terrifying monsters and jumpscares. A must play for any fan of horror and peeing their pants.

Sam is getting friendly with an unfriendly creature

The creature shows Sam how many teeth it has left

And that’s our list of top 10 horror games with the best graphics. Think any game is missing from this list? 

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