10 Most Evil Games on PC

Lucius, son of Lucifer.
The most evil games to play on your computer

Games have told stories of many things, with evil being a recurring subject. In most, you are a hero trying to make things right in the world, but in other times you are the cause of everybody’s misery. No matter where you’re at, evil exists, and now we’re going to take a brief look at ten particular games about this subject.   

1) Lucius

You are the son of Lucifer on a mission to murder your family.

On June 6th 1966, a new evil is born.

In the 2010 game Lucius, you take the role of a demonic six year old child with the ability to use supernatural powers. Set in an open world, you can use abilities such as Telekinesis and Mind Control to raise hell in different ways. As you murder each family member, you must be careful to not leave any evidence behind; otherwise the authorities will capture you.   

Lucius will give you the strangely satisfying experience of what it’s like to play as an evil child and go on a quest to kill your family.   

The demon kid goes on the search for victims.

2) Hatred

Gabe Newell released an apology note for the game after it was removed from Steam. The game has since been brought back. 

Human shields can be tossed aside like nothing.

Hatred is a nihilistic take on horror where the goal of the game is to kill as many people as possible before your character’s own death. In this carnage filled suicide mission, your character is equipped with various firearms that they can use to fight back against foes, such as police officers, who wish to end your rampage. Due to its content, the game has been the spotlight of, understandable, controversy – I would recommend this game if you’re looking for simple mindless fun, as that was the goal I’m sure the developers had.    

In Hatred you can let out all your frustrations on humanity in a most evil way.

Annihilate the innocent as you go on a killing spree, murdering civilians and cops alike.

3) Friday the 13th

A few of the original crew have joined the development team.

 Get a tour of the killing playground.

Based on the movie with the same name, Friday the 13th is designed to be a multiplayer experience with one taking the role of Jason and seven others as camp counselors. The counselors must find a way to escape from the grounds, while Jason hunts them. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.
Keeping in touch with its origins, the developers are aiming to replicate a‘80s atmosphere. In each gameplay session the area will change. This makes it impossible to recognize patterns or know where useful items are.

As Jason Voorhees, you can live out your dark fantasy of playing as the iconic slasher killer and kill camp counselors in various extreme ways, such as smashing their heads into rocks. 

Play as Jason and execute your victims with no mercy  

4) Party Hard

Party Hard is Pinokl Games’ first mature title.

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Party Hard is a b-horror game where you control five killers. These murderers have got fed up with loud noises and are going on a quest to slay partying teenagers. The game features 19 levels, each coming with random encounters and different ways to take down your targets.
If you had loud neighbors keeping you awake at night, this game is your gateway to strike back. With a number of different weapons at your disposal, you must show no pity to the victims you’ll face.   

Use strategy to kill all the partiers in the room.

5) Plague Inc: Evolved

The game was developed by one-man studio Ndemic Creations.

The end of the world started with Patient Zero.

In most titles your goal is to survive a plague outbreak, but this game reverses the scenario and has you actively trying to spread it, killing millions of humans in the process. In your bizarre journey to spread doom, you’ll have different diseases you can spread, which creates different effects on the world. Some create zombies and others makes people very sick.

Evolved also includes multiplayer where you can work with or against other players. Either way, the world isn’t willing to let itself fall without a fight. Only with careful planning can you overcome them and fully infect the population with your virus. 

If you ever wanted to play the role of doomsday bringer, now you can in Plague Inc: Evolved. Unleash your favorite virus and bring a global epidemic.  

Scientists around the world try to hinder your efforts, but they all fail.

6) Harvester

The game is now available on Steam for PC and Linux.

Something wrong resides in Harvest.

Harvester is a FMV (Full-Motion Video) adventure game from late 1996 involving the investigation of Steve trying to regain his memories. After his fiancée goes missing, with only a few clues left behind, Steve must discover her fate and why she was taken.

The town of Harvester is populated by a bizarre evil and no one can be trusted. Sometimes even saying the wrong thing can get you killed.  

A montage of death in the dark town of Harvest.

7) Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria became a spotlight in controversy on its release.

Get a glimpse behind the curtains.

Like Harvester, Phantasmagoria is a violent FMV adventure game that was known for its gruesome deaths and subject matter. In it you play as Adrienne who has moved into a new house with her husband, who becomes controlled by the home’s dark spirit. Adrienne must survive against the dark spirits that wish her harm and figure out how to stop them.

Phantasmagoria has you residing in a house haunted by evil spirits. Adrienne’s loving husband unfortunately succumbs to them, hunting Adrienne with the intent of murder. These evil souls are relentless and will not stop easily.

A montage of murder and horrific ends.

8) Mortal Kombat X

An Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were considered, but dropped.

Mortal Kombat X includes alternative outfits for characters, which also changes their play style, and more intense fatality moves. In a series of blood soaked matches, two players must fight each other to the death, concluding with the iconic fatalities. At the end of each match, one must finish the other in gruesome fashion, such as ripping off their heads.

In Mortal Kombat X, there are no “fun” matches – it’s kill or die. These are fights that follow pain and death, but such is the way of Mortal Kombat.  

Upgraded with cybernetics, Kano can perform a number of different deadly attacks. 

9) Saw (2009)

Traps are both dangerous obstacles and useful resources.

Escape from a grizzly death and find the key before it’s too late.

In Zombie Studios’ 2009 video game, you play as an ex-detective who is brought to an abandoned asylum by the sadistic Jigsaw. Your goal is to solve the traps to escape the asylum, collecting items and other resources to aid in your adventure. You can also fight against enemies using a variety of weapons, ranging from simple pipes to guns – some of these weapons can also be used on the environment.   

As an alternative, you can re-arm and use Jigsaw’s own traps against your enemies. In your adventure, you will meet several NPCs and can take multiple paths to branch out the story in different directions. The game features multiple endings depending on various choices you made.  

Trapped in an abandoned asylum with a sadistic killer and armed heavily with traps, you are in hell and must escape. Escape will be hard, but with the aid of others, you might make it out.

The detective awakens at the asylum to participate in his first life of death trials.

10) The Evil Within

The Evil Within shares many elements with Resident Evil 4.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos, while investigating a murder scene with his team, encounters a deadly force that renders him unconscious. Upon awaking, he finds himself in a twisted world and must fight to survive.     

Lead by the creator of Resident Evil, and director of Resident Evil 4, comes a new action survival-horror game. As with most survival-horror titles, you will have limited resources to work with and must determine when it’s the best time to fight or run. While exploring the areas, you must gather clues and figure out the cause of your situation.  

When evil has taking over your mind, you’ll get the Evil Within. But you can fight back and burn that evil back to hell, for it’s the only way to keep it down permanently.   

There is much evil in the world and that subject is not shed away from games either. Rather it’s a game about playing a serial killer or confronting demonic forces in an otherworldly environment, evil is everywhere and it’s up to you to either follow or fight it.

Evil takes hold of the world.

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