[Top 26] Best Co-Op Horror Games (Ranked Fun to Most Fun)

Live Together, Die Together

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For extreme horror fans around the world, it doesn’t get much better than hunting for ghosts or avoiding entities. But, there is one thing that will improve any gaming experience. Having a co-op mode brings more fun almost every time. 
Hiding or seeking, fighting or running. It doesn’t really matter what role you choose for you and your teammates. Working together to beat a game, sharing in the jump-scares, screeching like a banshee all leads to a good experience. But, much better… A enjoyable experience.

Of course, the best part is the awkward laughter after you've all just screamed like children.

Check it out!


26. Viscera Cleanup Detail

2015 | RuneStorm | macOS, Microsoft Windows

Viscera Cleanup Detail - trailer (Steam)

Viscera Cleanup Detail is an odd but necessary addition to our list. While not exactly scary, this game is extremely gory and can leave you with nightmares. Aliens have invaded the facility killing as many people as they could and destroying everything in their path. They were believed to be unstoppable. 

Survivors, one by one, began to lose hope. Until one survivor became a hero in an epic battle against the menacing aliens, saving us all. He fought as hard as anyone could, giving everything he had. Finally, the battle ended. 

Unfortunately, after every epic battle, there is an epic mess. Crimson blood dripping from walls. Internal organs pouring out of dismembered bodies. Spent bullet cartridges scattered across the floors. 

In most games, players get to be the heroes... Or the villain. Well, in Viscera Cleanup Detail, that’s not the case. Armed with nothing but a mop and bucket, you and your fellow employees are tasked with cleaning up the mess. 

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a fun, quirky game with horror elements scattered throughout. While you can play solo, it's more fun with a group. I mean, who wants to clean an entire facility by themselves? Working together and gathering supplies will improve your experience and keep things from getting as tedious as any cleaning job does.

Either way you go about it, the game is quite fulfilling, especially with friends.  



2017 | CyberLight Game Studio | PC


We've all heard the legends of "Bigfoot," the enormous creature that hunts the forests. Well, now the myth becomes reality in BIGFOOT.  In this game, the option to play the multiplayer version is the more intelligent choice. You'll either have to hunt Bigfoot alone or have a team to help you take him down. Or, you'll play as Bigfoot, trying to protect your territory... And yourself.  

Play as a Hunter:

The objective is to hunt Bigfoot. Players must put together a team of friends to be better prepared to hunt Bigfoot. Tools will be given to players. Though they are limited, it's a step up from using just your hands. The most modern equipment will increase your chances of survival against Bigfoot. But watch out—there are other creatures in the pitch-black forest that lurk in the shadows in addition to Bigfoot.

Play as Bigfoot:

With trespassers invading your forest, it's time to protect your home. Players will be given unique abilities when choosing to play as Bigfoot. Eating will increase your strength in your fight against humans. Darkness is the key to your survival. Ambushing your targets will be your best chance of survival. For you to win as Bigfoot, you must eliminate all the hunters. 

The most intriguing part about BIGFOOT is the remarkable atmosphere created by its sound design. The forest will capture your attention. The sounds of nature, like birds and bugs, really draw you in. The bushes make rustling noises when you walk through them, so it catches your attention if someone is nearby.  

There's equipment that can be used to improve your experience and help you on your mission.  Equipment like cameras, drones, traps, explosives, and night vision goggles will improve your survival chances. The cameras are even motion detectors, but animals can cause false alarms.

There are a few features, like AI, that need a bit of attention. And, it would be a bit better if there were more survival aspects, as of right now it’s basically just one big boss fight. However, all in all, BIGFOOT is an enjoyable experience for friends.


24. Depth

2014 | Digital Confectioners | Microsoft Windows

Depth - Multiplayer Trailer

If you suffer from thalassophobia, beware. In this tense horror multiplayer game, you can either play as a shark or as a diver on this deep sea expedition. Set in a dark underwater world, you and your team must use teamwork, stealth, and a bit of luck to survive combat and complete your tasks.

Play as a Shark:

When you choose to be a shark, seven different species are used. The shark species include Great White, Tiger, Mako, Bull, Hammerhead, Thresher.... Or even the infamous Megalodon.  Players will use their abilities and weaponize their razor-sharp teeth to take down prey.

Play as a Diver:

Playing as a diver is a heart-pounding, excruciatingly intense experience. Danger lurks around every corner while you explore the abyss, looking for all sorts of treasures to upgrade your gear and weapons. You'll be able to unlock weapons as you progress, and upgrade them as well.  

You'll have a blast exploring the well-designed environments. But, beware of the dangers that lie hidden where the shadows of the deep are.


23. GTFO

2019 | 10 Chambers, After Impact AB, 10 Chambers Collective KB, Tencent Games | Microsoft Windows

GTFO - Official Full Release Trailer (4K) | Game Awards 2021

GTFO is an intense multiplayer experience released in 2019. Teams of four players will navigate GTFO as prisoners. A new work order has been assigned by the Warden at the facility. The Rundown, a series of adventures within the Complex, splits the game into several levels.  Players must complete all of the assigned tasks to finish the work order.

This game is a highly challenging experience. Relying heavily on cooperation and teamwork, players must put thought into their choice of team members. Or fill your lobby with bots if you don't have enough friends. However, communication is the key to completing your journey.

Creatures lurk around every corner, so stealth is an important gameplay element. Strategize with fellow prisoners and balance your team based on ability and skills. Game mechanics change during gameplay, so be prepared for things to get mixed up.

Developers did not go easy on players with GTFO. There are very few tutorials to hold your hand along the way. You'll have to remember the information at the time it's given, it often won't be repeated. The atmosphere... Incredible. The graphics are extremely immersive and engaging. Challenge seekers, you won't be disappointed. 


22. Lunch Lady

2021 | Manic Mice | Microsoft Windows

Lunch Lady Trailer | New COOP Horror Game 2021

Lunch Lady is hilariously scary. With final exams coming up, you and your friends get the less-than-bright idea to steal the answers. The answers consist of ten file folders scattered through the creepy halls of different mapped schools. However, the murderous lunch lady roams the pitch black halls at night, making your task exceedingly difficult.

Every round of Lunch Lady will be different. The Lunch Lady will follow you through the halls, chasing you in hopes of killing you. You and your team will have to find keys and other collectible items to get out as fast as possible. As the match progresses, the Lunch Lady gets increasingly stronger.  

With three difficulty modes, multiple maps, and replayability features, Lunch Lady can provide endless fun for you and your friends. As you level up, you will unlock new playable characters.  Proximity chat allows you to hear your classmates screaming in the distance, which is honestly hilarious. Until it's you!

Keep together and watch your surroundings, or split up and explore separately. Either way, your team must work together to find the ten files with the exam answers. The Lunch Lady character is hilariously designed. The scary part is actually more vomit-inducing. The actual frightening aspect is the jumpscares. It will have you screaming and laughing with tears in your eyes.


21. Aliens: Fireteam Elite

2021 | Cold Iron Studios, Focus Entertainment | PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows

Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Official Trailer

From the 'Aliens' movies comes the co-op horror game, Aliens: Fireteam Elite. In teams of 3, you and your comrades will explore a new planet, LV-895. Players can create their own characters, building them to best serve their own needs. As you play, you'll be able to level up your character, as well. 

Then choose your teammates wisely based on the attributes of each player/character. You're going to need them at the top of their game. Communication and teamwork are the keys to your survival... and success. As a team, you'll have to fight your way through four campaigns, each more grueling than the last.

Character and weapon customization are assets to the players. You are not stuck with the common monotoned character everyone else has. With perks throughout the game, there are many ways to build your classes with strength.  

Easter eggs are hidden from the 'Aliens' movies, toys, and comics. The gameplay is extremely solid. The graphics are intense; they are very similar to watching a movie. Visual effects like jet flames or splashes of acid really draw you in. If you're a player who enjoys Horde modes in any game, you'll definitely enjoy this one.


20. Ghost Watchers

2022 | Renderise | Microsoft Windows

Ghost Watchers Trailer - New Co-op Online Horror Game

Even though it's still in its early stages, Ghost Watchers is already an experience you won't forget. Playing with friends, or even random players, makes it even more enjoyable. Be warned... If you cannot handle jumpscares, then Ghost Watchers is not for you. However, if you are a horror fanatic who loves having sweaty palms and a racing heart, this is your game!

Ghost Watchers is a nightmarish co-op game with the task of catching ghosts. Except, it's not as easy as it sounds. The map is full of creepy abandoned houses teeming with supernatural beings. These homes' rooms are haunted by the ghosts of numerous creatures who only want to torture and kill you and your pals.

The spirits have unique characteristics for you to study to help you capture them. Every detail is important, right down to the age of the ghost and the mood that it's in. You'll be given or be able to reclaim a variety of gadgets to aid in your search for information and the capture of ghosts.The tools can also be used to protect you and your friends from the creatures.

Jumpscares are a key component of Ghost Watchers, and they are extremely well made. The tone is really set for a haunting scenario, and fear is unavoidable. Laughter, however, is also unavoidable. Watching your friend get drug upstairs or thrown across the room is a hilarious experience. Until, of course, it's you.



2021 | Dreambyte Games | Microsoft Windows

FOREWARNED - Official Announcement Trailer

You play an archaeologist in FOREWARNED who is intrigued by the latest stories of unexplained constructions emerging in the Sahara Desert.After some thought, you realize that these are the locations of the burial sites of the elite warriors, the Mejai.  

The Mejai lived unnaturally long lives, bestowed upon them by the high-priest Akar, so they could protect the pharaoh. Unfortunately, the Mejai went insane because of this "blessing," so they began to destroy those around them. A group of Egyptians was finally able to end the reign of terror by luring them into tombs with invaluable relics.

To uncover the artifacts used to trap the Mejai, players must organize a team of archaeologists and treasure seekers.But, it isn't as simple as it sounds. The Mejai are awakening and are hunting you and your friends down the entire time.  

How will you and your team choose to complete the challenge? Split up? Stay together? Can you quickly find the relics? Or explore more in-depth and risk being caught by the Mejai? Will you give into greed?  

It's extremely scary, and it's difficult to play without the support of teammates. You can choose random match-making or pick a team of elite friends to venture to the tombs with.  Puzzle-solving and banishment fights make the game even more fun. If you're a horror fan, this will keep you on the edge of your seat.


18. Friday the 13th: The Game

2017 | Gun Media | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Friday the 13th: The Game - Official Announcement Trailer

Every horror fan has heard of the "Friday the 13th" movie series, with the legendary Jason Voorhees chasing actors around Camp Crystal Lake. Well, he's back in a way we've never experienced! You'll have the chance to become Camp Crystal Lake counselors or become Jason himself!  

Play as Camp Counselors:

In this exhilarating third-person survival game, you will play the role of a camp counselor alongside six other incredibly unfortunate individuals in this exhilarating third-person survival game.Everything you need to survive will be provided. Each time you play, you'll be given a new opportunity to find the things you need to get away from the murderous Jason.

Play as Jason Voorhees:

While playing as Jason, you will be hunting the other players on the map. To help you find and kill your prey, you will be given the ability to track them.Hiding in the shadows and scaring other players will also help you. Finally, you'll be able to brutally murder them in familiar ways.

The graphics in Friday the 13th: The Game are tremendously impressive. Working together with other players when you are camp counselors is the only way to keep you all alive. Your quest becomes increasingly difficult as you complete small chores throughout the game, but they also greatly enhance the enjoyment. 

There are always subtle effects going on in the background, keeping your attention for fear of dying. And the gore and brutality... Top-notch! That's what we all like about "Friday the 13th" to begin with, right? So, it's only fitting that the game is a full-on bloodbath. 


17. Resident Evil 5

2009 | Capcom | PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Nvidia Shield TV

Resident Evil 5 Co-op Video Feature 

Another in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 5 continues the story. As anticipated, after the fall of Umbrella Corp., the bioweapons ended up in the hands of terrorists.  People feared another incident like Raccoon City. 

Assume the roles of Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield, who are tasked with learning the truth about a horrific turn of events. A biological agent is not turning people into creatures of unknown abilities. The players will have to work together as a team of two to solve the mystery and prevent things from getting worse.

Co-op mode is the best way to play Resident Evil 5. If you choose to play solo, you get stuck with the incompetent AI partner that will inevitably get you killed. It's very co-op based, so sticking together and communicating are key elements to completing challenges. Almost every combat situation you come across will require both partners to work together.

Resident Evil 5 can get downright frustrating when it comes to the bosses. However, teamwork improves your experience. The atmosphere is undeniably enthralling, and the excellent combat music is intriguing. All in all, with a partner, RE5 can be extremely entertaining.


16. Resident Evil 3

2020 | Capcom | PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna

Resident Evil 3 - Launch Trailer

Continuing the Resident Evil narrative, this game is extra intense. The pharmaceutical company, Umbrella, is at it again. This time, protagonist Jill Valentine is fighting back. Valentine is assaulted by the super-intelligent bioweapon Nemesis T-Type following Resident Evil 2's events.  

According to the Resident Evil 3 resistance mode, Umbrella is currently robbing teenagers from the streets and subjecting them to experimentation. Four players will play as unique characters, each with different abilities. Players will need to cooperate to escape the madness that Umbrella has let loose on them.  

Teamwork is absolutely essential to completing objectives, whether you split up or stay together.  Either way, you'll need to communicate to get through the obstacles in your path. The gameplay is somewhat hectic and even stressful, but teamwork will alleviate the negatives.

A fifth player will be behind the scenes as a mastermind from Umbrella. This player will use a character with the appropriate skills to deploy traps and a variety of enemies. With one main objective of "don't let the survivors escape," you can even chime in with taunts and threats over a voice chat mode.

The gameplay is pretty standard. Exploring the map and keeping your character alive by searching for tools. The graphics are intense and very well made. Several different maps give you the freedom to explore and more opportunities to survive, which is definitely needed.


15. We Were Here Too

2018 | TMG Studios B.V. | PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS

We Were Here - Too | Official Release Trailer

An asymmetrical multiplayer escape room type scenario, We Were Here Too is the second in the series. Set in a medieval castle, this game is an immersive, cooperative experience. In a team of two players, you'll be trapped and separated in different parts of the castle.

Communication is the biggest component of We Were Here Too. Though you must work together to solve puzzles and escape, you won't actually be in the same room. So, you will have to communicate with your partner, explaining your situation, what steps you’re taking, etc. They must do the same. Otherwise, your team won't be getting all of the needed information.  

The graphics are truly quite simple. However, the gameplay is as immersive as ever. The variety of puzzles keeps you guessing the entire time you're playing. The atmosphere is extremely mysterious. It could be longer, but then the puzzles would be answered and it would become redundant.

If you're playing with a random number, this doesn't apply. Be prepared for everything you know about your partner to get thrown out the window. Do you think they know left from right? What about what the different shapes are? Be prepared to be shocked to discover that it's quite difficult to solve puzzles that are not right in front of you. Describing the puzzles is the majority of the fun. You can scream, yell, and scold your best friend... But, you are guaranteed a good laugh.


14. Killing Floor

2009 | Tripwire Interactive, 1C Company | Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Killing Floor Launch Trailer HD 

England has been destroyed, leaving ruins of cities and countryside, by a series of dangerous experiments for the military. An elite team of up to six players must work together to fight off waves of mutated military clones. Ultimately, cleansing the area of these horrendous ruins. 

The perk system will allow players to enhance the talents and powers of their characters.  You and your team will face up to ten different types of mutants and have over 33 weapons to choose from.  Your team will also be able to better equip themselves for battle with all sorts of tools.  

The music is standard metal or even industrial. It will fuel your rampage and make an impressive soundtrack. The sound effects are on point, down to the reloading sounds of the guns. And the guns... The guns are impeccable, with fluid animations.

The graphic design of Killing Floor is "chef's kiss." Not much can compare to the gory headshots, gruesome dismemberments, and interactive explosions. Mutant visual designs are intimidating and grotesque. Their behavioral characteristics are well-created.  


13. Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer 

2019 | tinyBuild | Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, Android

Secret Neighbor - Launch Trailer | Xbox & Steam

Set in the Hello Neighbor world, Secret Neighbor is a social horror game. Play with random people, or with friends, in groups of six. Players are tasked with exploring the neighbor's house in search of a missing friend. However, one of your own teammates is the neighbor in disguise.  

Either you or one of your friends will be the neighbor. But, since you won't know who it is, you'll have to work together to rescue a friend from the basement of the evil neighbor's house. Sticking together is your best option because if you get caught alone, the neighbor can easily kill you.

A cartoonish design is kind of a signature look for Secret Neighbor. However, it's surprisingly immersive. There are audio cues all along, but you must pay great attention and talk to your team. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hear the other kids.  

The interesting feature of Secret Neighbor is the capability to level up the neighbor's character.  Collecting key cards is a necessity to progress, so you and your team really have to be aware of your surroundings. Overall, Secret Neighbor is extremely intriguing.


12. Remnant: From the Ashes

2019 | Gunfire Games | PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows

Remnant: From the Ashes trailer - PC Gaming Show 2019

Unearthly creatures roam a post-apocalyptic world. Remnant: From the Ashes is an intense survival horror game. You and two friends will set out across the map, destroying any deadly hordes in your path in an attempt to reclaim the world. Unfortunately, the ancient creatures are from another dimension and possess technology not yet understood.

To increase your chances of survival, teaming up with others is your best option. Loot materials and upgrade them to use against the grueling enemies. Communicate with your team and work together to defeat the monsters.

Even in normal mode, Remnant: From the Ashes is a challenging game. It's not often someone makes it through the bosses on the first try. But, when you and your team are finally successful, you feel like you've accomplished something. Each level contains several bosses, puzzles, arenas, or other unique loot.  

What's more, you'll be able to upgrade your character as you play. You and your team will need to gather materials in the world to upgrade your characters. The more you're able to upgrade, the more sufficient your abilities become. 

The atmosphere in Remnant: From the Ashes is exceedingly captivating. The otherworldly creatures are extremely well designed. The environment is beautiful, and honestly, quite brutal.  The sound effects are stellar and immersive. Even the voice acting is convincing.  

If you enjoy third-person horror co-op games that you can experience with your friends, give this a shot.


11. Escape the Backrooms

2022 | Fancy Games | Microsoft Windows

Escape the Backrooms Gameplay Trailer

If you've never heard of the Backrooms, you're in for a bizarre experience. An urban legend, the Backrooms are a never-ending maze of randomly generated offices outside of our reality.  Somehow, you've 'no-clipped' there. Time doesn't work the same inside the backrooms. Dangerous entities walk the murky yellow corridors, hunting wanderers.  

As a team, you and three others will attempt to escape the Backrooms by exploring different levels to find The Way Out (the only Backrooms exit). While exploring, it's extremely important to stick with your team. For one to escape, all must escape. Alive. This is particularly difficult when team members 'no-clip' into other areas of the map.

Developers provided proximity voice chat as a benefit.  It's tremendously useful to communicate and be aware of your teammates and surroundings. However, if you wander too far away, the proximity chat ends up being totally useless.  

The 8 unique levels are fully based on any Backrooms lore out there. As the lore changes, so does the game. Entities are inspired by the lore as well. Horrifying and incredibly well made, the entities do have a jumpscare aspect, so be prepared for that.

The whole game is just incredibly well done. It's one vast escape room that goes on for millions of miles. Will you be able to get your team out?


10. DayZ

2013 | Bohemia Interactive | PS4, XboxOne, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Cloud Gaming

DayZ Early Access Launch Trailer

Stuck in a post-apocalyptic world after an unknown virus hits and surrounded by infected, the objective is simple. Survive! Survive as long as possible, or face the wrath of permadeath and start all over. In each server, you'll have up to 60 other players, all grinding to avoid permadeath and having to start over.

Players will have the option to complete tasks alone. Or, you can attempt to make friends with like-minded players in hopes of surviving longer. Work together to find shelter and other supplies. Fight and survive against the infected together. Looting anything and everything you can will be an important element. Having a team full of players with different knowledge and abilities gives you an advantage.  

Keep in mind, however, that the infected are not your only concern. Other survivors are struggling as well, and they'll do anything to make it to the end of the day. Even those you have brought into your group could betray you in a heartbeat. Some players kill for loot. Some are afraid you will be the first to shoot. Then there are the ones that shoot just for sport. Trust no one.

DayZ is truly a survival of the fittest scenario. Everything in this apocalyptic world is intended to harm you. Food is scarce, and what you do find could easily make you sick. Inadequate clothing, especially in inclement weather, can lead to illness very quickly. The infected and enemy players are going to kill you in their attempt to save their own greedy lives. However, if you like challenging survival games, you'll be addicted to DayZ in no time.


9. Barotrauma

2019 | Daedalic Entertainment GmbH | Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Barotrauma - Feature Trailer

Barotrauma is a 2-D submarine simulator. You and a crew of up to 16 people (or bots) will attempt to keep it in working order. You'll have to work together to complete tasks to accomplish this mission. 

Players have the choice of six different player classes, each with unique abilities and skills. For example, if players choose to be an electrician, the work is endless. If a player chooses to be a doctor, they will have the ability to transform other players into aliens, creating their own infestation.

It's an extremely intense game, Barotrauma. If you suffer from claustrophobia or thalassophobia, this game may not be for you. Completing complex tasks is made a bit simpler with the help of your crew members. You'll get the chance to employ cutting-edge onboard tools and navigational systems to assist you in finding your way.

The graphic detail is just absolutely intense, making the jumpscares even more entertaining.  And the sound effects are cued at just the right time. The weapons are well balanced between power and ability, with limited ammo. In all likelihood, if you get this game, you'll replay it more than once.


8. In Silence

2020 | Ravenhood Games | macOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

In Silence - Official Trailer | 2020

Even if playing in complete stillness would result in a more successful experience, screaming and laughter are unavoidable. Hearing your teammates' blood-curdling screams will send you over the edge with laughter. At least until you're the one being jumped.

Play as a Monster:

As a monster with hypersensitive hearing abilities called Rake, you must hunt down the other players. Even though you are blind, your hearing is incredible. From a distance, you can hear the slightest bit of noise, then make your way across the map at an incredible speed.

Play as a Survivor:

As a survivor, you must do your best to complete these rounds as quietly as possible to escape Rake. 2–6 players must work together in order to complete tasks and avoid jumpscares.  However, it proves to be extremely difficult when someone gets jump-scared. A chain reaction ends up making you either scream or laugh. Just... Try to do so quietly.

Jumpscares are inevitable with In Silence. This game is extremely intense. You'll be on edge the entire time you're playing. And the surrounding atmosphere is dimly lit, extremely creepy, and highly satisfying. While playing In Silence, the audio cues are a big factor in surviving the time frame and completing the tasks.


7. Pacify

2019 | SKH Apps, Hitchcock Games | Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating Systems, Classic Mac OS

Pacify - Gameplay Trailer #1

Prepare yourself for a terrifying experience that will almost certainly have you screaming. Pacify is a nightmare-inducing, capture-the-ghost type of game. It's broken into three separate missions. It will have your heart pounding, your palms sweating, and you sitting on the edge of your seat. That's just playing solo. The multiplayer/co-op mode is undoubtedly better.  

As part of the Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated or PAH, you and your friends will have to work together to hunt down an evil entity in an abandoned house. Rumor has it, that a sinister little girl is haunting the place, switching between good and evil in personality.  

The evil side of her is the side to be concerned with. You'll have to do your research and find tools to help you along the way. But, if she's in a bad mood, be sure to explore quickly and quietly. If you or your friends get caught, you just might get thrown around the house. 

Pacify is better experienced with a team of four people. Otherwise, you're stuck doing the work of a team by yourself. There's a co-op mode and a PvP mode. The co-op mode allows you to work together, all benefiting equally from the outcome. However, in PvP mode, you'll be competing to get a full-time position with PAH Inc. So, you can do things like push each other down, or even interfere with someone's work.

Playing with friends is the only way to get the full experience of this game. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll throw each other under a bus (metaphorically, of course). The intense graphics submerge you into the haunting halls of the abandoned buildings. The audio is well done; it will haunt your mind for days afterward. If you're into that sort of thing, Pacify is your game.


6. Phasmophobia

2020 | Kinetic Games | Microsoft Windows

Phasmophobia - Official Announcement Trailer

In Phasmophobia, you and three others become a team of paranormal investigators. Your team must work together in haunted locations to gather evidence of any paranormal activity. The evidence will then be sold to a ghost removal team. 

Your team will be given a list of objectives, each of which must be completed before the round is over. You'll have equipment to complete the objectives. You and your team will be able to choose from equipment like EMF Readers and Spirit Boxes to increase your chance of survival.  Will you stay in the truck and monitor the cameras? Or will you head inside the location and go head-on with the increasingly hostile ghost?

Phasmophobia is a totally immersive experience. The graphics are so realistic that you'll be on edge the entire time. The ghosts are well designed, as are your surroundings. The almost pitch-black locations set the scene for extreme haunting. When your flashlight flickers, though, you may be in for some trouble.

The proximity chat is an exceptional feature. The chat works by growing louder the closer you are to the person talking. So, it's important not to get separated from your team, or you won't be able to communicate. However, you will be able to hear their blood-curdling screams if they get caught by the ghost.


5. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

2022 | Techland | PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Co-op Gameplay Teaser

A civilization was thrown back into the dark ages. A settlement was torn by conflict. Over twenty years ago, humanity fought a virus... and lost! Now, the survivors are losing again, to their own people. Chaos is breaking out across The City. 

It just so happens that the protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, is the only one with the ability to stop the chaos. He possesses abilities that no other survivor has. However, plagued by memories that are not yet understood, the journey to deciphering them begins.  

Host a game of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and explore the vast open world map as Aiden Caldwell. With the help of other players, your chances of survival are increased. The progress made and achievements unlocked will automatically go to you as the host. If you are not the host, your progress will not be saved for you. But, your experience does give you an advantage when playing your own campaign.  

You and your team must work together on your mission, creating weapons and placing traps.  Communication is the only strategy that will make your team successful. Every choice you make impacts how the gameplay will be experienced. So, be sure to choose wisely.


4. Deceit 

2017 | World Makers, Automaton Games | GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows

Deceit: The 6-Player Game of Trust & Deception

Deceit is just that, a deceitful game full of lies and betrayal. You and five others will wake up in an unknown place, with the Game Master's unfamiliar voice eerily explaining what's happening.  

The Game Master has infected a third of the group with a deadly virus and is now trying to kill you. The other innocent players must escape quickly, or risk being killed by the infected. Items that will help you survive are scattered throughout the map. Working together to gather weapons and secure objectives, players will have to vote out who they suspect to be infected. Will you team up and work together? Or will you throw each other to the infected?

Trusting other players will be extremely difficult, so you'll want to avoid coming across as suspicious.  Players will have to talk about many elements and traits that lead them to blame someone else, much like in Among Us. However, these discussions can get extremely heated, especially if you have no evidence.

Graphically speaking, Deceit is subtly immersive. You don't necessarily expect to find yourself thrown into the experience; however, the atmosphere does just that. Having a microphone is almost a necessity to enjoy the full experience. Communication will be key. Whether you trust that communication, though, that's another story.


3. The Forest

2014 | Endnight Games | PS4, Microsoft Windows

The Forest - PSX 2017: Multiplayer Trailer

Your son is taken after your plane crashes into a mysterious forest. If that wasn't bad enough, he was taken by a society of cannibalistic mutants. You and the other survivors must work together to survive the forest and rescue your son. This is a co-op horror survival experience you will not forget.

Everything in The Forest can be used by your character. Scavenging will be a key element to your survival. Work with other players to find food, lay traps, keep warm and safe, and fight the disturbing mutant creatures. That's just during the day. To survive the nights, your team needs to have a shelter built before the sun goes down.  

To be brutally honest, this game is less scary than many of the others. The gameplay's more graphic and bloody components are where the horror factors originate from. But that doesn't take away from the playability. Avoiding being brutally murdered is extremely difficult. And if you don't get killed by the mutants... Well, the elements just might kill you.

This open-world experience is unbeatable. The environmental design is absolutely beautiful, and the scenery and everything about the physical design is amazing. The sound effects are surprisingly good, from the rustling bushes to the sounds of creatures hidden in them. That does give The Forest a bit of a jumpscare factor. 

If open-world survival and horror are your styles, this takes the best of both worlds.


2. Hunt: Showdown

2018 | Crytek, Plaion | PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Hunt: Showdown - Official Teaser Trailer (Co-op Horror Game)

Set in 1895, you'll play this game as a hunter. You are tasked with killing the ghoulish and horrifying monsters. You must explore the Louisiana Bayou to complete your task. However, hunting alone is a disaster waiting to happen. Creating a well-equipped team of experienced hunters is the most efficient way to complete your task.

Not only are you competing against the clock, but you will also be competing against other players. Once you've collected the bounty, you and your team will become targets for other players. So, your team will have to fight mercilessly to escape with your bounty... And your lives.

Hunt: Showdown combines both PvP and PvE to create an intense and unique experience. The map is a dark, ruthless world with creatures big and small trying to hunt your team. Players must rely on their teammates’ communication and skills to complete the task at hand and make it to the extraction point. The boss fights add even more drama to task completion.

Hunt: Showdown's developers added the benefit of trials and training modes. While this is useful to gain PvE experience, it does not give you much experience to compete against other players. You'll have to play to level up the period weapons and gain more experience as you go. 

The surrounding environment is breathtakingly eerie, and the audio cues are downright chilling. The perma-death you face will help you focus solely on improving your gameplay and grinding to get more experience. Elements and other players will be hunting you the entire time, so choose a good team to have your back.


1. Dead By Daylight

2016 | Behaviour Interactive, Starbreeze Studios, 505 Games, Plaion | PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, Xbox Cloud Gaming, iOS

Dead by Daylight | Launch Trailer

Dead by Daylight is a popular multiplayer horror game. In a 4 vs. 1 scenario, 4 players will have to escape from a murderous monster killer to avoid being tortured and killed. Survivors have the advantage of playing in the third person to be better aware of their surroundings. However, the killer plays in the first person to focus solely on their victims. 

Play as a Survivor:

Survivors must complete tasks and work together in order to escape safely and quickly.  Communicating where the killer is, how many generators they have fixed, and who needs help will all prove necessary for survival. However, you can choose to selfishly focus on yourself and escape.

Play as a Killer:

For the killers, the options are not limited. Developers pulled from all types of ideas. The killer could be a popular slasher like Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, or Michael Myers. Or a supernatural entity of some sort. But, each killer option comes with its own set of perks and abilities. So, choose carefully to better your chances of killing all the survivors.

The developers went above and beyond in this highly playable design. The atmosphere is grim, dimly lit, and highly immersive. Audio cues are important in games like this, and you get all the cues you need in DbD. There are quite a few jumpscare points as well, like when you're running and the killer jumps from behind a bush. A scream is guaranteed.

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