Top 10 Games Like Cry of Fear (Games Better Than Cry of Fear In Their Own Way)

Games Like Cry of Fear
Scary ring type girl

#10 Slender: The Arrival ( PS3/4/Xbox 1/360/PC/Wii u)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • You are alone, isolated and being hunted.
  • You only have a flashlight to survive and are in the most isolated and barren places on earth.
  • Feeling helpless and in fear, you only have one option: RUN to survive.
  • Slender Man behavior changes on each level to increase the sense of fear and panic
  • You also have a girl that chases you and you must use the flashlight to focus on her to get her to leave you alone.
  • Search of your friend while escaping slender man and another unknown entity through woods, abandoned coal mines, and houses.

Ghost or real: Is this the missing child who is deformed? Remember only a flashlight.

Girl: This girl chases you all over, fixate the flashlight on her to get her to leave.

#9 Pacify( PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • You are working for a paranormal helper company and your job is this old haunted house.
  • You must determine if it is safe to be sold but what you find will haunt you
  • Multiplayer or solo but if you play solo you will have a harder time as you have to do the work of 4 people in order to escape the horror
  • There is this little girl that switches between good and evil. Once the evil takes ahold of her you have to pacify her or she will turn you into a doll.
  • Find keys, dolls, wood, matches, and notes to find out how to pacify the girl and escape.
  • She can hear and see you so stay out of sight and be as quiet as possible searching for clues.

Doll: Evil babydoll, you must burn it, find a good doll and give it to the girl to calm her.

Good or bad: This girl is both good and evil. She will turn in a matter of seconds run or pacify her to survive.

#8 Apparition( PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • Find evidence of paranormal activity.
  • Use a spirit board and your camera to communicate and capture ghost and spirits.
  • Demon hunting to make out of the haunted forest alive.
  • Not all spirits in the game are harmful.
  • You fight for your life in the forest by capturing ghost, spirits, demons on camera and voice recorder.

Spirit board: Communicate with the spirits of a haunted forest to make it out alive. Can you close the board correctly?

Recon: Ready for anything, capture the spirits to stay alive one more night.

#7 Deadstep (PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • Trapped in a mansion with a ghost that you cannot see.
  • Find the items for an exorcism while avoiding the ghost.
  • You can hear it’s footsteps and see its footprints
  • Survivor horror psychological game that has one mission: exorcism
  • You must perform the exorcism before you can leave the mansion

Darkness: The ultimate hide-n-seek game. Find items for exorcism while avoiding ghost.

Only light: Mainly dark and deserted you have a few sources of light and a bit of hope.

#6 No more room in hell (PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • This first-person shooter, zombie survival game shows you what happens when hell gets overloaded with people and they come back as the walking dead.
  • If you love George Romero’s zombie movies this game takes its inspiration from the dead series from him.
  • Weapons and ammo are rare in this game and you have to work as a team with other survivors if you plan to stay alive.
  • One bite can ruin your game completely.
  • After being bitten you can tell your team and have them end it for you or stay in the shadows and hope there is a cure to be found.

Close up: Well friendly zombies wanted to get up close and personal.

ATM: Hey I needed that atm you mean zombie. Die!!!!

#5 Night catcher ( PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • You are a cop that fell asleep.
  • When you wake up, someone or something wants you dead and leaves notes
  • Avoid the robot guard of the police station
  • Armed with a flashlight you must escape
  • Escape the police station before the deranged person kills you

Flashlight: Again alone, with only a flashlight, avoidance, and stealth to make it out.

Clues: Look for notes, avoid the guard, stay quiet as you look for an escape route out of the police station.

#4 Condemned: Criminal Origins ( Pc/Xbox 360)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • You are a Bureau officer that must answer the ultimate question?
  • What twists the mind of a person into a serial killer
  • There are multiple serial killers in this game as you come to the realization that something unforeseen is making this all happen.
  • You must rely on instinct and the forensic tools available to piece together what is going on.
  • Collect evidence, watch your back, use any and all available weapons to stay alive.
  • Nothing will stop you from uncovering exactly what is going on.

Human: Was this human or a deranged zombie-plagued with the desire to kill.

Another deranged person that is more zombie-like, what can cause this? Can you find the clues and complete the mystery.

#3 Outlast 2 (Pc/PS4/Xbox 1)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • You are Blake Langermann a cameraman working with your wife Lynn.
  • You are looking into the murder of a pregnant woman, look for clues, piece together the tragic events.
  • You are miles away from anyone, led by the clues to Arizona desert.
  • You are in a darkness that no one can shed light on and going mad is the only sane thing left to do.

Madness: Have you lost your mind? What or who is that in front of you? What does it have to do the murdered woman?

Friend or foe: Uncover inescapable darkness, hide and film everything and everyone. Run and hide avoidance is key to being able to stay alive. Do not succumb to the darkness.

# 2 Resident Evil 7 ( PS4/PC/Xbox 1)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • First person view for an up close and personal horror experience.
  • You play as Ethan Winters who is in search of his wife that went missing 3 three years ago.
  • You receive an email from her that sends you into the heart of Louisiana Bayou.
  • You are attacked and knocked out once you come to, you are in the hands of the Baker family.
  • Escape them by hiding, stealth, and eventually having to kill them.

Classic: Classic Res evil monster. Can it get any closer?

Baker family: Leader of the Baker family and determined to kill you. Fight for your life.

#1 Doorways: Holy mountain of Flesh. ( PC)

Mission and Gameplay:

  • Episodic style game. Intense horror and has a very complex storyline
  • You play as Thomas Foster an agent from Doorways. Doorways is an organization that goes after a dangerous criminal that normal police force cannot.
  • You are in Argentina looking for Juan Torres for crimes that have been shrouded in mystery.
  • You can scavenge the town you are in looking for clues to where Juan is. You are in mental hell chasing down this person.
  • A lot of puzzles, complex story, twist and turns, horror and intense fear.

Torture: Why did this happen? Is it real or fantasy? Who is responsible for this?

Doorway: Inside a criminal's mental hell, is there any escape from the thoughts and delusions of a criminal mastermind. The reality, fantasy, murder, what is going to happen next?

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