Top 11 Best Horror Games Without Jumpscares

Horror Games Without Jumpscares
You don't have to pee your pants for these horror games.

When people mention Horror Games people often talk about how bad are the jumpscares. 

In fact horror games don't even have to include jump scares at all and they will still be a superb example of what a horror game should be.

Here are 11 great examples of games that achieve that.

11. Hellsign

HellSign Gameplay

HellSign is an action horror game built around investigation. You are a hunter in a small town over run with evil and it's your job to search and discover the secrets of the past.

It's up to you to set things right!

HellSign is great because it captures its horror elements with the sense of visibility.

Equipped with a flashlight your field of view is narrow and this game will always keep you on your toes.

The hunter (our main character), in all his glory ready to investigate.

A screenshot from the game in which you must fight the deadly enemy. 



This 2D sidescroller is centered around a certain businessman by the name of Price.

Price’s goal is to secure a partnership for a business but ends up getting possessions from an old lady, and it goes downhill from there.

This flat design of visuals is super simple yet super effective. Not very many twists and turns in gameplay but regardless it is a solid entry in the horror video game world.

A screenshot from the game previewing its eerie atmosphere.

The title card showing off its simplistic art style.

9. Fran Bow

Fran Bow Gameplay

Fran Bow is a creepy 2D adventure game that is a deep dive into a twisted human psyche.

Fran is our main character and this is her narrative how she struggles with a mental disorder.

A champion in video game story telling, this game takes concepts like mental disorders and makes them a world you can play in.

A frame showing Fran Bow taking a pill.

Some fan art showing off the creepy themes.

#8 Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight trailer

Dead by Daylight is a diverse mixture of horror movie tropes all thrown into one game.

The gameplay is 4 v 1. Making the game one killer vs 4 survivors.

The greatness of this game lies in its ability to putpit players in positions they aren't used to.

Instead of having it strictly co op or strictly player vs player, this game is mixing the best of both worlds.

The title card showing off one of the villains you can play as.

Freddy Krueger in his natural stance ready to kill.

7. Detention

Detention Gameplay

A frame showing the cultural aesthetic and creepy stalking.

Detention is a horror game solely relying on atmosphere for it's horror elements.

It takes place in Taiwan in the 1960s and heavily enriched by the culture that surrounds the events.

All the details in this feel super intentional and there definitely is a reason for every detail being included.

The culture surrounding this horror game is superb and noteworthy.

A screenshot showing of the dark tones of the game.

A creepy man follows a student.

6. The Forest

The Forest Gameplay

An idea of what the island you are surviving on looks like.

This game puts you in a survivor's  situation where your plane has crashed. But the plane crash isn’t the only thing you are surviving, you have to keep yourself safe from the hordes of cannibals where you crashed. This game strikes at the heart of fear of being stranded and is fast paced. A good horror themed version of a first person shooter zombie game.

A view showing what it looks like to fight mutant cannibals.

An idea of what the island you are surviving on looks like.

#5 Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown Gameplay

Hunter Showdown is a player vs player game where you are bounty hunters competing against each other.

The horror elements come from the dark setting and creates a lot of thrill from it.

The game mechanics are pretty similar to a lot of first person shooters that have come before.

But the horror tinged feel makes it worth your time.

This concept art shows the bounty hunters posing for their kill.

This concept art shows the dark and gritty nature of the game.

#4 Knock Knock

Knock Knock Gameplay

A 2D side scroller that is based in a cabin in the woods that serves as a laboratory.

The game picks up where the normal routine of the cabin is slowly getting disturbed by something in the woods.

Your goal is to explore and find out what is going on.

The zany art style matches the offbeatoff beat story.

Making this a perfect combination of a short game that will give you the creeps.

This title card shows the main character in his zany style.

Screenshot from the game that shows its creepy atmosphere.

#3 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice trailer

Taking place in the Viking era, this game follows a main character who descends to Viking Hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover.

This is an AAA game so that means there is a big budget backing this one up.

This shows in the beautiful animation and the smooth game mechanics.

A great overall horror game that hits all the great points of horror and keeps it tense.

Still showing the main character Senua being contemplative.

A screenshot showing off the very detailed art style of the game.

#2 Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th World Premier trailer

Based upon the Friday the 13th movie franchise, this game gives you the opportunity to be Jason and attack the campers.

An expansive setting allows you room to fully envelop the role of the crazy killer.

This game is a fun add on to those who are a big fan of the movie series.

A pretty faithful adaptation that allows you to live out any Jason fantasy you have thought of.

Title card that shows the style of Jason that we will encounter.

Screenshot from game play that shows a kill in action. 

#1 The Evil Within

The Evil Within Gameplay 

Man running away from zombies.

Screenshot from the game that highlights the anxiety driving events.A sample of the creatures you will encounter in this game.

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