[Top 17] Best Horror Games For Low-End PC (Ranked Fun to Most Fun)

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Great Low-End PC Horror Games

Playing horror games is always an exciting experience. The experience doesn’t get much better than on a PC. Unfortunately, not everyone has a powerful laptop or PC to run them on. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 17 horror games for a low-end PC setup. 

Check it out! 


17. Lucius

2012 | Shiver Games, Lace Mamba Global |Microsoft Windows

Lucius - Launch Trailer

Lucius is a horrifying survival game teeming with supernatural elements and grisly murders. A 3D open-world experience, Lucius is the first of the Lucius Trilogy. Horror fans all over will appreciate this intense experience. 

Lucius and his wealthy family celebrate his sixth birthday in their extravagant mansion. A satanic cultist performs an unspeakable ritual in the very room Lucius was born. Later that evening, Lucifer reveals himself as Lucius' true father and instructs him to commit abominable acts to pay a family debt. The only option is to murder everyone who lives there, including the family he has known his entire life.

The plot thickens after the first murder. Lucius is compelled to think outside the box to finish his assignment because a clueless but suspicious detective is snooping around. Among other gifts, Lucius has pyrokinetic skills, and while killing his once-loved family, he loses all emotion. He even begins to find it amusing. 

Lucius’ point-and-click gameplay mechanics are, unfortunately, limited. A few achievements, like the 40-hour playtime requirement, prove to be inconvenient. Especially since the initial walkthrough only takes about 10 hours. Plus, Lucius lacks any incentive to replay. There is a couple of inconvenient achievements.

The sound effects are fantastic, and the images are excellent. The Lucius storyline is utterly captivating. This gruesome tale is crammed full of unexpected twists and turns. 


16. Mad Father

2012 | Miscreant’s Room, Playism | Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Mad Father | Playism

Mad Father is a horrifyingly evil survival horror role-playing game. Released originally in 2012, Mad Father's terrifying plot shocked even hard-core horror lovers. The protagonist of the story is Aya, a stunningly created female. The entire game was enhanced in the remake edition.

Sadly, at only 11 years old, Aya has already experienced the distressing tragedy of losing her mother to illness, ultimately changing her life forever. There are rumors that Aya's father, a mad scientist, is conducting top-secret research in a laboratory in their home's basement. Rumors are circulating that he’s also having an affair with the maid, Maria.  

When Aya wakes up on the anniversary of her mother’s death, she is shocked to discover that she's surrounded by eerie test subjects. The next scenes are overloaded with disturbing and twisted gameplay, and quite a few shocks for players as well. And even an extra scene that can be played as another character.  

The remake contains better custom graphics, well-recorded audio, and an eerie atmosphere. The story itself is downright disturbing. It is not recommended for those who are weak in the stomach or faint in heart.

But if you’re a true horror fan, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.


15. Creepy Tale

2020 | Creepy Brothers, Deqaf Studio, No Gravity Games | Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux

Creepy Tale Trailer

While Creepy Tale is not a Brothers Grimm piece, it has the spirit of those scary ancient tales. Most horror lovers are familiar with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales (if you aren't, you're missing out!). The gameplay was created by Creepy Brothers to give you the impression that you are in one of the gory bedtime stories.

You'll play as one of two brothers in this nightmarish tale. As you're walking along with your brother, everything turns sour and you're thrown into a series of horrible events. Your brother has suddenly been abducted in a sinister wilderness. You are now forced to face the animals that hide in the forest's shadows alone.

With so many puzzles to be solved. An ominous story to unravel. Secrets to discover. This game is one for the books. Curiosity and the ability to handle horror is the only way to make it through the forest and successfully rescue your brother... And maybe a few peaceful creatures along the way?

Eerie music and an alluring graphic design will draw you in. The remarkable hand-drawn illustrations are cute and quirky. The objective is simple, find your brother... and don't get caught! Unfortunately, even though the story is interesting it is quite short. So, it does leave you wanting more.

Considering you can run Creepy Tale can be played on a low-end PC, it’s turned out to be an incredibly intriguing game.


14. The Coma: Recut

2015 | Devespresso Games | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation Vita

The Coma: Recut Official Launch Trailer

This remastered version of The Coma is more terrifying than ever. The 2D hand-illustrated Korean Indie cult classic has all new features. With visual upgrades and more, even the game mechanics have been improved.  

The Coma gives you a glimpse into the life of the average overworked Korean high school student. After working to study for his finals so hard he falls asleep, poor Youngho awakens to find himself alone and trapped in his high school.  But, soon he discovers he’s not alone at all.

Play as Youngho in this thrilling horror adventure game. You'll have to run, hide, and escape from the psychotic killer chasing you! It will be difficult to survive with concealed traps and enigmatic entities lurking around every corner. Health is limited, so you'll have to make it to checkpoints or face perma-death.

While developers made quite a few improvements, there are still a few issues that inconvenience players. The tunnels are a bit confusing when you teleport. The end game can be super confusing, as well. Plus, the health bar could use an upgrade. 

The amazing and immersive hand-drawn graphics, however, make up for it. While normally a short game would automatically be considered a downside, it works well for this recut edition. Players are encouraged to play more than once to increase their opportunity to find hidden perks. 


13. LISA: The Painful

2014 | Dingaling Productions, LLC | Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Lisa Gameplay Trailer

LISA: The Painful is a twisted survival RPG bleeding with disgusting moral destruction and a quirky exterior. If you’re a faint-of-heart or weak-stomached gamer be warned, this is not the game for you. But if you enjoy crude humor and perverted graphic designs, you'll enjoy this.

Abused and lost in guilt, Brad Armstrong grew up protecting everyone he could to make up for the loss of his sister. Trauma and loss cause Brad to turn to prescription painkillers to forget his past... and his guilt. Suddenly, the world goes white and everything is destroyed. Mankind mysteriously lost the women of the world, and the world began to crumble.  

One day, when trying a new drug, a baby mysteriously appears in Brad's arm. A little girl.  That’s when you take over. Your decisions are meant to control what the outcome of the story is. But, somehow the story continues on its own path, regardless of your choices. The path is blocked by perverts, mutants, murderers, and psychopaths.

This game is obscene, vulgar, and hilarious in every way. The side-scrolling mechanics limit gameplay to a point-and-click journey. But, the impressive audio and well-designed graphics distract you from that annoyance. If you have a dark sense of humor, the plot is what really captures your attention. 


12. Sally Face

2016 | Portable Moose | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PS5

Sally Face - Official Trailer

Sally Face is a well-known puzzle-solving Indie adventure game created by Portable Moose that was released between 2016 and 2019. Broken up into five episodes, the game tells the story of 15-year-old Sal Fisher. Dubbed "Sally Face" due to having a prosthetic face, Sal has had a rough life.

You'll play the character “Sally Face” through his adventures and misfortunes at his new apartment complex with his father. This story-driven game will keep you guessing the entire time you play.  

Sally Face is a rare find when one considers the alternatives. After just five episodes, players are still hoping the developer continues creating. A detailed explanation would reveal the plot and destroy the element of surprise. 

But, there’s no doubt it is extremely well done. At no point does it feel like the dev just started throwing random things in to extend the game time. The animation designs and the audio cues are incredible. Sally Face is definitely a good choice.


11. Lone Survivor

2012 | superflat games, Curve Games, Limited Run Games | Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Wii U, Playstation Vita

Lone Survivor The Director's Cut Launch Trailer

With multiple paths to take, this psychologically thrilling indie horror game is one like no other. Hand-painted scenes, side quests, easter eggs, and many more improvements within the pre-remastered version. The original version was already a smash hit and the improvements send it over the top. 

In a city ravaged by a life-threatening disease, the masked main character must survive any way he can. But the way he survives is totally at your mercy. Will you guide him through the game and sneak past everything you can? Or will you try to kill everything on your way? Will you try to save other survivors, or will you try to escape the city alone?   

Starvation and exhaustion have warped your perception, so there's no telling what's even real at this point. So, your mental and physical health will be a priority to make it through. Rest and eat, or resort to other options to keep going. Surviving has never been so difficult.  

The graphics completely immerse you in Lone Survivor with more than 125 exquisitely hand-drawn locations. Developers added several new areas to explore and new side quests to grasp your attention.

With about six different endings, choice in gameplay is one of the two most important aspects. The other is remembering that your character needs special care to survive. But, these details absolutely bring the game to life.


10. Layers of Fear

2016 | Aspyr | Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Layers of Fear Teaser Trailer

Layers of Fear is a series of games, each unique and intriguing in its own way. Mind-breaking horror scenes and psychedelic graphics are just the tip of the iceberg with this series. With its original artwork, the landscape has a lot of detail for a low-end PC game.

To build the story, Layers of Fear heavily focuses on exploring the surrounding environment. The story is that of an insane painter, lost in his own world of chaos. Discover the secrets within his madness and finally complete the masterpiece he’s desperate to finish. Tragedy scars his past, insanity plagues his future.

With an ever-changing environment, everything surrounding your journey can feel surreal. Original challenges stimulate your mind. Even though it’s not a complex game, it is extremely engaging. The mansion becomes more like a maze as you explore the corridors. Psychodelic graphics will send you spinning.  

Every time you play through the entire series, you find something new in the story. Standard gameplay mechanics dull the experience a bit, but the suspense and jump scares perk it right back up. The amazing graphics throw you into the madness of the traumatized painter, almost making him relatable. The audio cues are perfectly designed to complement the storyline.


9. Angels of Death

2016 | Playism, Vaka Game Magazine, Active Gaming Media, Vaka, Ltd, Kadokawa | Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Angels of Death - Steam Release Trailer

A unique 2D graphic story, Angels of Death contains four dark episodes. Angels of Death is a horrifying psychological adventure game. It's intended for a more mature audience because it contains suicide references, along with grim and disturbing scenes. 

Rachel, a mentally ill and suicidal 13-year-old girl, and a 20-year-old killer named Zack are trapped together. They make an oath that if Rachel aids Zack in getting out of the building where they are locked, he will kill her because she is unable to commit suicide due to her religious beliefs. The promise bonds them together and they fight to make it through each floor to escape.

Unfortunately, the riddles are a little underwhelming. While some of the riddles are easy to solve, others are more challenging. However, some of them are imaginative and a lot of fun. The gameplay is essentially limited to solving riddles, and the setting is also relatively constrained.

The real attention-grabber of Angels of Death is the story. Dark and twisted, it throws you into the world of Rachel and Zack. You’ll be invested in the story within your first few minutes. Players find themselves sympathizing with the charming characters. Each character is built upon throughout the entire, making you want more throughout the whole game. 


8. Rusty Lake Hotel

2015 | Rusty Lake | Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

Rusty Lake Hotel Official Trailer

Rusty Lake Hotel is part of the Cube Escape series of short horror games. An escape-room situation, Rusty Lake Hotel is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. It doesn't rely on jump-scares to create a spooky atmosphere, which makes it an extremely unique type of horror game.

You'll take the role of a butler at the Rusty Lake Hotel, an eerie establishment centered on a small island in Rusty Lake. You must care for the guests coming in, and prepare for several dinners throughout the game. But, what will you serve for dinner?

The cast of characters is made up entirely of anthropomorphic animals, from the butler to the visitors and everyone in between. The gruesome story is short, however, it's extremely grim and morbid. Each guest's room is themed differently, and that's where the puzzles begin.

Completing puzzles is the only way to continue forward. The puzzles must be solved to gather the ingredients to move on. While they may not be difficult, they can be somewhat tedious. Have a pencil and scrap paper handy to assist you  

The music is aesthetically pleasing, and the graphics are a unique type of art. The puzzles keep your mind busy the entire play through. You won't be able to rely on luck when solving them. Although incredibly demanding, they are by no means unsolvable.


7. The Cat Lady

2012 | Screen 7 | Microsoft Windows, Linux

The Cat Lady - Teaser Trailer (2012)

The Cat Lady, the second game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy, was released in 2012 and is a part of the psychological horror adventure series. The Cat Lady is a puzzle-solving adventure with limited controls. The game is for mature audiences, portraying depression and suicide alongside murder and cancer. Clever humorous additions were thrown in here and there by the developers.  

Taking place sometime in the mid-2000s, The Cat Lady is a dreary tale. A chronically depressed female protagonist, Susan Ashworth, is a lonely woman with very few friends. Except for her cats, she detests almost everyone and everything. 

When she decides to end her own life, she is caught in a peculiar place with the Queen of Maggots. After giving her the gift (or curse) of eternal life, the Queen sends Susan on a journey to unburden the world of five psychopaths. She's then hurled back to Earth and wakes up in a hospital bed. From there the story gets even more perplexing.

While The Cat Lady may be a horrifying tale, it is also a beautifully written, intriguing, and even somewhat inspirational story. Because of the dark and grisly experiences, the main characters instantly have you sympathizing with them. The relevance of the story is heavy-hitting. So, the plot itself captures your attention and works hard to keep it.

The atmosphere of The Cat Lady is unsettling and engrossing, allowing you to feel immersed in the experience. The voice acting is bone-chillingly impeccable.  Unfortunately, movements are quite limited with point-and-click and side-scrolling being just about it. But, the storyline makes up for that entirely.

Limited PC players don’t have to miss out on this hidden gem.


6. Fran Bow

2015 | Killmonday Games | Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux

FRAN BOW - Official Trailer

A tragic tale, Fran Bow is an intriguing, unique game. Released in 2015 by Killmonday Games AB, this is a creepy adventure that will make you wish for more. While it's extremely disturbing, it's shocking to find that it's also undoubtedly adorable. As you play, you can really see how much dedication and passion the devs had for the game.

Featuring a hauntingly beautiful female protagonist, Fran Bow is certainly a tale of terror.  Fran Bow and her precious cat are trying to find their way back home after experiencing a traumatic tragedy. After witnessing the gruesome loss of her parents, defenseless Fran rushes into the woods and gets turned around.

Suddenly, she finds herself at the Oswald Asylum, a tyrannical mental hospital for mentally unstable children. Without her cat, Mr. Midnight, Fran spins out of control and gains the confidence to escape and find him.   

The journey home is filled with puzzles on every level of difficulty. There are also quite a few random disturbing moments worked in that any horror fan is sure to appreciate. You'll have to administer medication to yourself to open a horrible world of puzzles.  

This psychologically thrilling expedition is going to keep you on edge. You'll be completely immersed in Fran's world by the stunning graphics. It truly is an oddly amusing game.


5. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

1995 | Cyberdreams, Acclaim Entertainment, Night Dive Studios, DotEmu | MS-DOS, Mac OS, Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is based on the short story, written by Harlan Ellison and released in 1995. Initially, it was a total commercial failure. However, it received an outpouring of critical praise, causing opinions to eventually improve. It was even given the "Adventure Game of the Year” award by Computer Gaming World. 

Humanity has been destroyed by a demented artificial intelligence only known as AM. The only five survivors have been kept alive by AM to be tortured. You'll play as one of the five survivors who face one single challenge created by the unhinged master computer. Outwit it to survive in a desperate psychological game AM created to continue the century-old torture.  

This game is extremely intense, and even more fun. Each protagonist has their own unique backstories. Their own quirky personalities. They are different in almost everything... Except, they each face the same devastating future if they don't escape. 

A surreal atmosphere is typical of cult sci-fi. The hints of realism immerse you in the setting and world of the protagonists. The gameplay isn't much, but the story itself is brilliant and awe-inspiring.  


4. Detention

2017 | Red Candle Games, Coconut Island Games, Playism | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, 

返校Detention - Gameplay Trailer

A point-and-click, side-scrolling horror adventure, Detention is based in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. It is injected with Taiwanese and Chinese mythology and religious elements. So, gamers beware, Detention references heavy topics that some may not be prepared for. Suicide references, abuse, murder, gore, depression, and addiction are included.

In Greenwood high school in a mountainous area, two students, Wei and Ray, find themselves trapped and alone. With evil entities, and deceased students and teachers lurking around every corner, they must explore the school to escape. Despite being slow, the creatures have a taste for any living being.

Progressing and escaping will require puzzle-solving skills. Some of the puzzles are annoyingly simple and tedious. Others are extremely challenging. Many puzzles require items found along the way to complete them, so you'll have to be vigilant when exploring your surroundings. 

The unusual artwork is very well-detailed, giving the game a sense of reality. The characters, good and bad, are all well-created and defined as well. The complex story is a welcome change of pace from others of the same genre.


3. Little Misfortune

2019 | Killmonday Games | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Little Misfortune Official Trailer

From the same creators of Fran Bow, Little Misfortune is an Indie horror game of a different nature. It has twists and turns, perfect for a gamer with morbid curiosity. Even better, Little Misfortune is voice acted by an actual person, making it much more entertaining.

8-year-old Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez is an imaginative little girl on a search for the prize of Eternal Happiness to give to her mom. With a new friend called Mr. Voice who leads her into the woods, Misfortune begins to run into some bad luck. Mysteries begin to unravel. And things begin to go sour.

Missing children, a pet cemetery, and adorable features make Little Misfortune quite an interesting game. There is no doubt that it is an interactive narrative rather than a puzzle game. Small choices that change the ending, an interactive dialogue, and minigames sprinkled throughout.  

Little Misfortune is like any adventure game of this style. You'll explore the map, learning the lore along the way through character commentary. Carry around items to be used later in the game. But, what does stand out is the hand-illustrated, unique style of morbid art that the entire game is made of. It draws the eye, really looking more like a childhood cartoon.


2. Darkwood

2014 | Acid Wizard Studio, Crunching Koalas | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, SteamOS

Darkwood Official Release Gameplay Trailer

A semi-open and everchanging environment, Darkwood is a one-of-a-kind survival horror game released in 2014. With multiple storylines branching out and changing, the plot never gets old. During the day, players have free range of the map. But at night, it's best to hunker down and pray for morning light.

A forest that mysteriously began rapidly growing in the middle of nowhere, taking with it everything in its path. The protagonist, a mutated handyman, notices he doesn't need to fuel his body, can no longer speak, and now suddenly has an appetite for a strange mushroom. The game is made more interesting by the protagonist's journal for you to view, helping you relate to him more.

The gameplay is divided into two parts, literally day and night. During the day, you'll explore the environment and build upon the story. But at night, you'll have to defend your base against the creatures of the forest and hope to make it to daylight. The game reeks of dread and is teeming with eerie creatures.  

A basic survival game, it's an adventure that won't be forgotten. Gathering and exploring will help you survive. Creating an indestructible base is one of the most important aspects of the game. The story is intriguing and gruesome and while there are no jumpscares, it's one of the scariest games out there. 


1. Clock Tower

1995 | Human Entertainment, Sunsoft, Agetec, Capcom, Playism, Active Gaming Media, ASCII Corporation | Super Famicom, PS, Winwos, WonderSwan, PS2

The Clock Tower gameplay trailer

The Clock Tower is a series of four survival horror games created by Hifumi Kono. The first was released in 1995, and the last in 2002. They are hide-and-seek, puzzle-solving style games to escape from enemies. Horror games of this time frame are really more cheesy than scary. However, the Clock Tower series is truly frightening.  

With a common antagonist between the four, Scissorman, the objective is to escape him using point-and-click movements. He is brutally murdering the citizens of Norway, and it's up to you to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and stop him. You'll complete tasks as different characters and navigate through the story. Sounds easy enough... Or is it?

Thick with twists and turns, the Clock Tower series is a challenging set of games. With unsettling graphics and eerie audio, you'll feel like you're physically being chased by the blades of Scissorman. The 3D graphics provide a cinematic experience that isn't expected. The scenes are very well detailed.

Adventure-loving gamers may be shocked, Clock Tower isn't like the fast-paced games they may be accustomed to. However, it has its own set of quirky characteristics that will draw you in. The storyline and the gameplay are terrific for the style they are. And if you like mind-bending detective work, terrific graphics, and horrifying sounds... This is a great choice!

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