Top 10 Games like Alan Wake (Games better than Alan Wake in their own way)

Thirsting for more engaging mystery and adventure?

Alan Wake was an exciting game, but did you know that there are games just like Alan Wake, but even better?

Maybe you enjoy the cinematic action thriller style of the game, or maybe the ever twisting and turning story line. Whatever the case maybe, you clearly enjoyed the game, but also want a new experience.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 games better than Alan Wake that will leave your desire more than satisfied.

10. Resident Evil 2 (2019 remake)

Resident Evil 2 REmake trailer

The remake of a PS One classic that sold almost 5 million copies, Resident Evil 2’s remake is another highly anticipated game for 2019. The game focuses around a younger Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield (protagonist of Resident Evil 1).

After discovering the entire police forcehas been killed, Leon and Claire search for any other survivors. Most citizens in raccoon city have been turned into zombies, and as they continue their journey, they hope to find a way to escape the city, lives intact of course. 

Detailed: you explore the map to see where to go next

Gripping: a zombie grabs Leon as he crawls through a hatch

9. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect gameplay

A stealthy adventure mystery story, Murdered: Soul Suspect receives points for, if nothing else, its originality and concepts. The story takes place in modern Salem, where you explore the town as Ronan. In order to progress through the game, you collect clues to try to solve the mystery of a very personal murder. As Ronan is a ghost, you have several ghostly abilities, such as teleportation and possession, so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Heavenly: speaking to a lovely woman in your ghostly form

He looks familiar: investigating a murder scene

8. Obscure

Obscure Gameplay

Welcome to Leafmore high school, where you play as one of five teenagers tosearch the school for one of you missing friends and battle several infected types of students.

You will explore the mystery as out how and why students are getting infected and what kinds of experiments have been taking place in the school.

You can play the game with a friend or go solo, using simple item combinations, like taping a flashlight to your gun, to progress further. Each character has special abilities, which you will discover during your tenure in the game.

Unidentified: fighting against a giant monster armed with a . . . golf club?

Stay back! : killing the monsters one bullet at a time.

7. The Evil Within

Playing as police detective Sebastian Castellanos, you must investigate the scene of a mass murder in Beacon Mental Hospital. Soon after starting your investigation, you realize there is much more than you could’ve imagined at play here. Allowing the gamer to decide on their own “flight or fight” instincts, The Evil Within is a game that will send chills down your spine. Your enemies range from giant sledge hammer wielding humanoids, to a distrubingly large multi-limbed creature with hair longer than your expected life span. The game looks amazing with the colors and saturation, but you won’t have all day to look at pretty sparks of electricity while a giant with a safe for a helmet is chasing you.

Don’t move: hiding from a strange long neck monster.

Catfished: braving yourself against a defaced human form.

6. Vampyr

A blood thirsty action RPG, Vampyr follows Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor who was turned into a vampire with a bloodthirst that compels him to feed on innocents. In order to be successful at this, he must gather information on his targets by studying and maintaining relationships with his 60 patients. You develop your skills by leveling them up skill tree style, buying new skills with experience you earn from missions and various tasks throughout the world. You can also battle against 4 other factions of vampires as well as the Guard of Priwen – vampire slayers. Choose your own ending with 4 possible alternatives: will you succumb to your bloodlust, or stay true to yourself in the end?

I’m thirsty: doing what vampires do best.

Contagious: looking over a patient in the overcrowded hospital.

5. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game, following the story of Isaac Clarke as he fights against a necromorph outbreak aboard a space station near a shard of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. With a 120-million-dollar budget for development and marketing, it’s a no-brainer how amazing this game looks. Its terrifying horror aspect earned it an average of at least a 9/10 by widely known game review websites such as GameSpot, Game Informer, and IGN, making it a must play for horror lovers.

A struggle: fighting against one of the alien forms, close quarters

Stay back! : Shooting the aliens to stop them from chopping you up, sushi style

4. Condemned: Criminal Origins

In this FPS is a bit different from what you may be used to, because in this one, guns are hard to come by. What they lack in quantity, however, they make up for in deadliness, usually killing with one shot. You won’t find any extra ammo, so make it count! Most of your weapons will be improvised from 2x4’s pipes, or even locker doors. You play as SCU agent Ethan Thomas, who arrives at a murder scene in a building surrounded by psychopaths and criminals. In a crazy twist of fate,you are being suspected of murdering two of your fellow officers. Can you clear your name before you're locked away for good?

Ask questions later: Shooting someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Poor decisions: An enemy brings a 2x4 to a gun fight.

3. Dead Rising 4

A year after the zombie outbreak of 2021, college professor Frank West decides to investigate a military compound with his student, Vicky “Vick” Chu . Discovering that the place was being used to research zombies, a fleeing Frank is labeled a fugitive and is wanted by the government. Four months later, Frank is convinced by ZDC agent Brad Park to investigate a new zombie outbreak in exchange for having his name cleared. You’ll fight endless hordes of zombies in this open world adventure game, as you try to find the source of this outbreak, hopefully giving you the credibility to clear your name.

Jack the Ripper: Sawing through a zombie with a lovely chainsaw is as satisfying as ever.

Quiet: Sneaking around a military base with Vick requires stealth, not action.

2. State of Decay 2

A zombie survival game focused on teamwork, State of Decay 2 is the sequel that fans have been waiting for. You and 3 friends work together to build and maintain a community for survivors, where you grow food, level up your players, and manage available resources to survive the harsh zombie wasteland surrounding you.

Horrifying: Strange glowing cocoons are just one of the creepy things you'll encounter.

Preparation involves maintaining your home base, storing up on ammo, and making sure that all of it works.

1. Resident Evil 5

Even the zombies are armed in Capcom's horrifying entry in their seminal survival horror series.

Zombies are just a few of the familiar faces in the game, along with Albert Wesker.

Years after the incident in Raccoon City, players control either Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar, as they arrive in wWest Africa to investigate suspicions of bio-terroristic threats. Fighting the disease like growth of biological weapons, players will find themselvesin much more trouble than you could have ever imagined. RE5 is a cooperative RPG shooter with a litany of weapons, and some very, very interesting zombie opponents to use them on. The only things that stand between global biological warfare and the world you want to save are you,your partner, and a couple of bullets, so good luck.

And that’s the list of 10 games that take what players loved about Alan Wake and give it to them again in spades. Think there is a game that should be on the list?

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