10 Scary Games Based on True Stories

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Real world horror brought to life in video games

Games that play with our deepest fears can be the most exhilarating experiences. But what if you learned that there was some truth in these tales?

10. Kholat

Named after the Dyatlov Pass incident, the mysterious disappearance of nine hikers in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1959, Kholat acts like a sub-zero Blair Witch meets Silent Hill. Still to this day, no one quite knows for sure what killed this group of hikers who were mostly university students. Some skeptics maintain an avalanche, while others claim some type of Russian Yeti attacked them. An avalanche makes for an easy “case-closed,” but the fact that one of the hiker’s tongue and eye were missing, as well as another hiker’s fractured skull, makes for a much more unsettling scenario.

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