Top 15 Horror Game Youtubers to Watch

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Top 15 Horror Game Youtubers

Sometimes, you just want to be scared. And sometimes, you want to watch someone else be scared with you. There’s something about watching a good horror YouTube video that can make you feel like you’re getting scared with a pal, and these Youtuber’s help scratch that itch. Whether it’s let’s plays, horror game breakdowns or cursed game theories, there’s so much to watch on YouTube, and this is my list of the Top 15 Horror Game Youtubers.

This list features different types of horror game Youtubers, so if one channel isn’t what you’re looking for, keep reading and maybe you’ll find the perfect channel for you!


15. Scissormon (27.7k Subscribers)

Scissormon (

When you don’t want to feel like you’re being scared with company, there’s also some great options on YouTube for being scared alone. One of those options is the commentary-free playthrough genre. Our first entry, Scissormon is a commentary-free channel and one you should definitely check out if you’re interested in the genre.

Scissormon’s Youtube channel dates back to 2008, so there’s a lot of playthroughs to watch and catch up on. With the channel's focus on classic and retro-looking games, Scissormon is a must watch for those of you that want to watch playthroughs of games that you probably haven’t seen or maybe even heard of.


14. RKG - (56.8k Subscribers)


What’s really great about RKG is that it’s the perfect channel to check out if you want to feel like you’re playing a horror game with a group of friends. It has that perfect mix of getting scared and having fun while watching Rory, Gav, and Krupa slowly lose their minds. Though the channel isn’t focused on horror game content, they regularly add to their “Spookies” series, where the three do lets plays of the latest horror games. 


13. The Librarian - (241k subs)

The Librarian (

The Librarian has a little bit of everything on their channel. Looking through the channel’s playlist, you can find playthroughs of new and old games along with other media like short horror films and scary story readings. However, what stand’s out is The Librarian’s G-Mod horror map let’s plays.

With more than 100 G-Mod map playthroughs, you’re bound to find something new and scary.


12. BigGaming64 - (328k Subscribers)

BigGaming64 - (

Contrary to the screenshot from the channel, BigGaming64 is a youtuber that usually keeps his cool while playing horror games. On his channel you can find different types of videos to enjoy like playthroughs or videos where he discusses topics in horror gaming.

One thing to definitely check out is his series “Behind Closed Doors”, where he plays three mystery horror games.The series is great because it gives you a chance to watch him play a variety of different games.


11. Gamersault - (422k Subscribers)

Gamersault (

Gamersault is loaded with explanation videos for tons of horror games. Gamersault is perfect for when you’ve just played or watched someone else play through a great horror game but then realize you have no idea what that game was actually about. Even though a lot of gamers play horror because they’re chasing a good scare, there's also a lot to be said about the stories of horror games, and Gamersault provides detailed breakdowns of those stories.


10. Residence of Evil - (436k Subscribers)

Residence Of Evil (

If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, then you definitely have to give ResidenceOfEvil a try. The channel focuses almost exclusively on the Resident Evil Series. Now, you might think, how does he not run out of content? It’s because ResidenceOfEvil goes beyond base RE game playthroughs, also doing playthroughs with mods or playing other indie games that are inspired by Resident Evil. There might be a lot on this channel that you haven’t seen or heard of, so I’d recommend it to any RE fan or any horror fan.


9. Survival Horror Network - (536k Subscribers)

SurvivalHorrorNetwork (

Survival Horror Network is a lot like Scissormon, which we mentioned earlier in this list. The channel also does no commentary playthroughs, but instead of sticking more closely to retro’s and indies, this channel also includes newer AAA titles. Most recently, SHR posted playthroughs of  Alone in the Dark only a week after the game’s release. Also unlike other lets play channels, Survival Horror Network uploads their playthroughs as single long-form videos that make them easy to watch and binge. 


8. John Wolfe - (913k Subscribers)

John Wolfe (

With content ranging from horror games to ghost video reactions and Goosebumps retrospectives, John Wolfe is a true horror fan and it shows! John’s channel has a great balance of gaming and non-gaming content so if you're also interested in other genres of horror, you’ll have plenty to watch. If you’re a product of the 90’s or just a fan of the original Goosebumps series, there’s an added bonus of being able to watch John break down some of his favorite past episodes.


7. Gab Smolders - (1.13 Million Subscribers)

Gab Smolders (

Who knew horror lets plays could be so chill? Yes, horror games are naturally scary and anxiety inducing, but the good news is that Gab Smolder’s calm demeanor and humor make them feel a little less scary. If you’re still scared though, and want something to cleanse your pallet, Gab has great non-horror playthroughs on her channel too.


6. SuperHorrorBro – (2.2 Million Subscribers)

SuperHorrorBro (

SuperHorrorBro is a channel that’s great for horror lovers because it is almost entirely made up of horror game content. Even more cool is the fact that there’s a variation of video types that you can watch on the channel. SuperHorrorBros doesn’t just do horror let’s plays, but also does game analysis and character breakdowns forclassic series like Resident Evil and more recent horror series like Bendy and the Ink Machine. If you’re looking for playthroughs and game explanations, SuperHorrorBro is a great channel to check out!


5. Special Edd - (4.1 Million Subscribers)

Special Edd (

If you want high energy in lets plays, Scary Edd is the way to go. He plays a huge variety of horror games and non-horror games but one thing that is guaranteed is that ed will be invested! If you want to kick it up a notch and see absolutely priceless reactions, I recommend checking out his “Mexican Mom Plays…” or “Mexican Parents play…” videos where he has his parents on the channel as guests playing horror games with him.


4. El Rincón De Giorgio (Jordi Wild) - (11.9 Million Subscribers)

El Rincón De Giorgio (

For anyone looking for some Spanish horror content, we recommend El Rincon De Giorgio, a channel created by Youtuber Jordi Wild. El Rincon de Giorgio is a Spanish content channel, meaning that every video is in Spanish. With great reactions and some hilarious commentary, it’s no wonder El Rincon De Giorgio has almost 12 million subscribers.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, the option for English generated closed-captioning is available on Youtube, which can make the channel more accessible.


3. CoryXKenshin - (18.2 Million Subscribers)

CoryXKenshin (

Cory Kenshin is a well known horror Youtuber with more than 18 million subscribers. It isn’t a surprise that Cory Kenshin is so popular because his content is hilarious while also being really well produced. There’s nothing like being jump scared and then immediately laughing out loud at a close up of Cory’s terrified reaction. With a huge history of video uploads, there’s a lot of content to scare and make you laugh on CoryXKenshin.


2. The Game Theorists - (19.2 Million Subscribers)

The Game Theorists (

So, I’ll admit that The Game Theorists is tough to classify as a strictly horror game Youtube channel. But the reason I want to include the channel on this list is because of its undeniable influence on the horror game theory genre. Early on in the channel’s history, The Game Theorists covered so much FNAF theories and content that was widely viewed that it really paved the way for YouTube creators to follow the same formula to this day.

With MatPat recently announcing that he was leaving the channel, it might be a good time to tune in and see what the future holds in store for its content.


1. Markiplier - (36.5 Million Subscribers)

Markiplier (

There’s no getting around putting Markiplier on this list. With a huge and still growing horror let’s play catalog on his channel, there’s an almost endless amount of videos to binge. What’s great about Markiplier’s channel is that it’s not just limited to triple A horror games, even though he has tons of great playthroughs for those games. He also has a series called “3 Scary Games” where he plays indie pc games that you might not have heard of. The series is on it’s 104th installment as of writing this article, so there’s tons to catch up on!  

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