12 Most Gruesome Horror Games Ever Made

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Just How Gruesome Are These 12 Horror Games?

Have you ever picked up a new horror game with the thought that nothing can really shock you anymore? With the steady stream of new high quality games coming out in the past few years you’d think we’d have seen it all by now. Then you pick up a game recommended by a friend or the internet, and you begin to wonder who the heck comes up with these concepts. Honestly, how many ways are there to kill a person?

Among the best horror games ever made, which are considered the most gruesome? Here are just a few of the worst of the worst. Here are 12 of the most gruesome horror games ever made:

1. Condemned: Criminal Origins 

Careful, I hear insanity is contagious.

Step into the shoes of SCU agent Ethan Thomas as he investigates the sinister Serial Killer X. The investigation begins with the death of a young woman who is found with strangulation wounds on her neck. Her corpse was then posed in tableau with a male mannequin. You’ll learn very quickly that this particular killer has an unhealthy obsession with mannequins. That alone makes this game disturbing.

This is a game that gets exponentially creepier and more brutal as the player progresses. Madness seems to be spreading like wildfire, making your surroundings increasingly violent. A band of psychopaths who are horribly disfigured with metal implements begin to appear around the same time. Could they have something to do with the escalation in insanity?

Serial Killer X also seems to have a fixation on Ethan’s past cases. He is tracking down the other serial killers, and subjecting them to their own brand of torture. It is hard to feel sorry for them, but at the same time it is still hard to watch. 

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