[Top 15] Horror Game Streamers That Are Fun To Watch

If you aren’t brave enough for a terrifying virtual reality like in "The Mortuary Assistant," horror game streamers are willing to put their hearts on the line and enter them for you.

With autumn finally upon us, we exchange sun-filled cookouts and beach blowouts for chilly nights in front of the TV watching your favorite horror game streamer. Streamers enjoy playing horror games for the unsettling sensation of hairs standing on their necks, which can range from unsettling jumpscares to eerie storylines.

We can thank the pandemic for the rise in social media influencers and Twitch streamers flocking to the internet to make quick cash and spread some love. When the entire world went virtual, the gaming industry thrived, with streamers hopping on their PC or console to play the latest releases for everyone stuck at home. So, curl up on the couch with your favorite snacks and check out these fan-favorite horror game streamers!


15. Orchlon 

Fans lovingly know him as Orch or Orchy!

If Resident Evil is your favorite horror series, then you’ve struck gold by stumbling upon Orchlon’s stream. This 26-year-old is an expert in Resident Evil lore; he holds World Records for Resident Evil 3 (Classic and Remake) and Resident Evil 2 (Remake), and plays Resident Evil 1 and 7 competitively. He hyper-focuses on the series to reach an advanced level of gameplay, but also plays other horror games for fun. 

Orchy lives in Mongolia (UTC+8) and frequently streams five times per week; his consistent schedule will make it easy for you to tune in and get your daily horror fix.While Orchlon may seem like a random name, he tells his fans it’s his real name on Twitch, and tells his fans to call him Orch or Orchy. With a friendly personality like this, it’s easy to see why Orchlon is a favorite horror game streamer.  

Check out his Twitch channel!


14. PsychoHypnotic 

Swiss gamer PsychoHypnotic wows his followers with his thrilling horror game content. 

Known by his internet alias PsychoHypnotic, Tim is a proud father and husband who doubles as a horror game enthusiast. He admits that he plays on the hardest difficulties; it really challenges him and creates interesting content for his viewers, making for countless memorable experiences. He’s a big fan of Phasmophobia and the Alien franchise, so prepare for some supernatural fun in store when you tune in to his stream. 

As a small streamer, he relies on donations from his Twitch followers to support his gaming addiction and fund the equipment necessary to create content. When you donate to Tim, you’ll become a “Psycho” and earn special badges and emotes, partake in giveaways, ad-free viewing, etc. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


13. IGP  

If you’re a fan of indie horror games, tune into IGP’s stream!

The Twitch channel IGP TV is run by Adrian, an avid gamer with an affinity for creepy horror games with unnerving atmospheres. IGP stands for the Indie Game Promoter, and, to state the obvious, Adrian loves to rate and review new indie horror game releases and advises whether his fans should spend their time on a game. He also plays other indie games that are unrelated to anything spooky to support small, beginning developers.

IGP is also very popular on YouTube; having joined in 2013, he has over 2 million subscribers and 654 million views on his horror game videos. Adrian knows his fans are willing to donate to him, but he is all about giving back to the community. In June 2020, the world needed some positivity as the pandemic flipped our reality upside down. He donated all the proceeds he made during his streams to selected charities, a small act of kindness that went a long way during a tragic time. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


12. Poiised  

This screeching Massachusetts native makes thousands smile with his unique reactions to jumpscares. 

Despite his life being shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain about Brockton-born Poiised: he screams, and he isn’t afraid to let it out when he’s terrified. This is often the case when he plays horror games on his Twitch and YouTube channels; his high-pitched screeching has become his trademark for fans and is a point of laughter for many subscribers. 

He allows himself to let loose and feel genuine fear during his gameplay, and this makes his content super entertaining. There are fan-made “Screamtages” that compile Poiised’s funniest reactions to scary games. Oftentimes, he says what we all feel, like he wants to quit his YouTube career because the game is far too terrifying to continue. We can all agree that sometimes scary things are easier to avoid than to face head on!

Check out his Twitch channel! 


11. MaddVladd 


MaddVladd is also known as The Outer Middle Show on YouTube

MaddVladd only has 68.6K followers on Twitch, but has 655K subscribers on YouTube that adore him for his horror gameplay. From The Mortuary Assistant to Phasmophobia, he plays some of the biggest names in horror games, but also saves some time to play small indie games like Bughouse and Ghost Exile. This Kentucky native dedicates countless hours to providing the best gameplay for his viewers, and this is evident in his long, quality videos.

MaddVladd is also known for his walkthroughs of The Forest, a lone survivor game that forces you to combat natural and supernatural elements after a plane crash, and Subnautica, an open world survival game with loads of action. Even if horror game gore isn’t your cup of tea, MaddVladd offers real-life scares that are only in our worst nightmares, like getting stranded after a flaming plane crash.

Check out his Twitch channel!


10. PatStaresAt 

You may have seen Pat as one part of the YouTube gaming channel, Super Best Friends. 

If Pat looks/sounds familiar to you, then you may recognize him from his many videos with his fellow gamer counterparts, Matt (MatthewMcMuscles) and Woolie (WoolieVersus). The trio comprised the YouTube channel, Super Best Friends, and entertained the gaming community with their humor and quirky personalities. With their passion for gaming in common, the three of them formed a brotherhood of sorts. 

However, the trio announced their split in 2018 and have focused on their solo careers. PatStaresAt is the byproduct of this breakup, and he has shifted to horror gameplay, like Resident Evil games and other indie releases that are just as great as the big names in the gaming industry. He’ll even revisit older games to give them a critical review and compare modern horror games to the old classics. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


9. CoryxKenshin 

This is Cory, Michigan native turned horror gaming superstar. 

When Cory Williams left the University of Michigan to pursue a YouTube career, he never imagined his channel would surpass 14 million subscribers. While he’s still building his Twitch channel, he pushes horror game walkthroughs to his fans, who are addicted to his hilarious, relatable reactions to unsettling jumpscares. 

Cory has a strong sense of faith in his religion and isn’t afraid to show it in his videos. He concludes each posting with a Bible verse, which adds a personal touch to his videos that some may appreciate for its diversity. Additionally, he has been very open about his personal health struggles, like his battle with ectodermal dysplasia that left him with 24 teeth and substantial hair loss. 

Check out his Twitch channel! 


8. John Wolfe 

Infamously known for his calm demeanor during chaotic horror games, John Wolfe is beloved by fans for his continued gaming presence.  

Nothing scares John Wolfe. This is why he plays the scariest, goriest horror games known to man and often doesn’t bat an eye. If a jumpscare actually makes him recoil in fearful shock, it’s a major accomplishment, and fans know that the game is the real deal. While his dry, sarcastic reactions to horror games are what fans love the most about him, subscribers also love his co-op gameplay that portrays him in a more carefree manner. 

If you subscribe to John Wolfe on Twitch, you’ll be part of his Wolf Pack. You’ll be granted a colored wolf badge to showcase how long you’ve been a John Wolfe fan. With white being a one-month subscriber and purple being a six-year subscriber, other Twitch users can see your badge in the chat. Each year will bring a new color, so stay tuned for what the seven-year subscriber badge color will be!

Check out his Twitch channel!


7. Slayeas 

Meet Léa, a popular gamer that has taken her success on Twitch to all social media platforms. 

As the second female streamer on this list, Léa is the runner-up to 39daph’s massive following on Twitch and YouTube, but deserves a spot on this list for her high-quality content. As a fan of horror and survival games, Léa dives into the gory worlds of all things supernatural and unexpected, like Phasmophobia and The Forest. 

Slayeas doesn’t just post horror content. She also enjoys playing Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Fortnite, and hosts mental health chats to connect with her followers. Besides her variety of content, Léa is incredibly active on other social media outlets, including TikTok. You may know her as “that Star Wars chick” on that popular platform, and she regularly posts pictures and videos documenting her life on Instagram.

Check out her Twitch channel!


6. Minion777 

Wade and Markiplier go way back. 

Minion777, or Wade, braves the scariest games so you can fearfully cover your eyes and hope the monsters don’t crawl through the screen. From Phasmophobia to Forewarned, Wade enjoys making his followers smile with his hilarious reactions to unexpected jumpscares and honest conversations with friends. He’s often the butt of jokes, but it’s all in good humor. 

When Wade met Markiplier in middle school, he had no idea that Mark would become a YouTube sensation for his game walkthroughs. When Mark suffered the loss of his content before starting his channel with over 2 million subscribers, he turned to Wade for support and encouragement. He really advocated for Mark to continue producing content, and Mark clearly followed his friend’s great advice. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


5. Insym  

This Dutch gamer is willing to face any supernatural beast for his followers!

Insym is another gaming sensation that is always popping up on Twitch for his horror game walkthroughs. Though his most popular game played is arguably Phasmophobia, he dives into other haunting virtual worlds, like Outlast, the Resident Evil series, and At Dead of Night. With a degree in Computer Science, this gamer has plenty of knowledge about what makes a horror game truly the best. 

If you’re interested in donating to Insym, all proceeds go to his Twitch channel operations, like server fees. He insists they aren’t necessary, but fans adore his relatable commentary and quirky personality so much that they want to support his channel in any way they can. He also plays different games, like the infuriating Getting Over It and League of Legends. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


4. LobosJr 

Computer science graduate turned horror gaming superstar!

If you’re a fan of Phasmophobia, LobosJr is a popular streamer that’s just as addicted to the game’s unexpected jumpscares and unsettling vibes as you are. He studied computer science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and even worked for game developer BioWare. He played a role in the making of the RPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.   

Known as Mike to his friends and family, his love for video games extends to the Dark Souls games, which have been praised and criticized for their hard difficulty. LobosJr has hours of practice playing this challenging series and makes it look all too easy when he plays.  

Check out his Twitch channel!


3. 39daph 

Female horror game streamers are on the rise. 

39daph is one of the few female horror game streamers that are morphing gaming into a diverse, inclusive industry. It’s long been dominated by males, but 39daph, or Daphne, is creating a name for herself. With over one million followers, this Canadian streamer goes live every day at 11pm PST (that’s 2am EST!) and plays games like Apex Legends and Fallout 4.

While she does stream horror game content on her Twitch channel, you’ll find more horror game walkthroughs on her YouTube channel, like her gameplay of Supermassive Games’ The Quarry. Daphne is also a very talented artist and went viral from her speedpaint channel that millions flocked to for her unique talents with pen and paper.   

Check out her Twitch channel!


2. Markiplier

Markiplier didn’t start his career as a streamer, but he certainly found success on the platform after being a YouTube sensation for years. 

Markiplier is a fan favorite and has been for years. With over 2 million followers, he is one of the biggest names (and voices!) in the gaming industry and happens to love indie horror games. Check out his streams and YouTube videos for Amnesia: The Darkest Descent and At Dead of Night walkthroughs!

While Mark is infamous for his gaming skills, he is also notoriously known for his deep voice and fun YouTube collaborations to match. He created a gaming channel called Unus Annus (“one year” in Latin) with fellow YouTuber CrankGameplays in 2019, and promptly deleted it after one year. With fellow horror gamer jacksepticeye, he founded CLOAK, a leisure clothing company with sweatshirts, pants, and actual cloaks in vibrant colors. 

Check out his Twitch channel!


1. jacksepticeye 

Like Markiplier, Jack has garnered a massive following for his hilarious horror game streams. 

Jacksepticeye is notoriously known for his horror gameplay and witty commentary that keeps his 2.8 million subscribers coming back for more. While his Twitch mainly contains other fun games he loves to play (like Mincraft and Fall Guys), check out his YouTube for horror-related content and sit back as he takes you along on a haunting virtual journey. From the biggest releases to indie diamonds in the rough, Jack is there to play and review the games for you.  

If you think Jack is jacksepticeye’s name, it’s not. While known lovingly as Jack to his fans, Seán McLoughlin has explained that Jack is actually a childhood nickname. As a native of Ireland, his fans love his accent, which makes watching his videos really entertaining. He’s known for his funky hair, which he had dyed green for charity with pal Markiplier. 

Check out his Twitch channel!

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