[Top 11] Best Indie Horror Games Released In 2022 (Ranked Fun to Most Fun)

Whatever You Do, Don't Turn Out The Lights!

Indie Horror Games of 2022

Horror fans all over the world are obsessed with the movies that make you afraid to sleep later that night. But, sometimes that just isn’t enough. Some of us have a desire to have sweaty palms and our hearts pounding through our chests. Or be afraid to walk through our house with the lights off. 

Then, there’s the undeniable exhilaration of that anticipated jump scare that makes you yelp, then giggle to yourself from embarrassment because you knew it was coming. Indie horror games do just that!  

Here are the top 11 indie horror games to check out!


11. Trash Horror Collection

616 GAMES | PC

Trash Horror Collection - Definitive Trailer

Trash Horror Collection is just what the title says. TRASHY! The collection was created with the inspiration of 10 classic cult horror movies from the '80s and '90s.  

We all remember the classic horror movies from that time. Grungy, exaggerated, and somewhat comical. But, they are also entertaining beyond belief. The crappy old classics provide horror fans with hours of entertainment.

The experience you have while playing Trash Horror Collection is nostalgia at its finest. While there's not a ton of jump-scaring and gloomy atmosphere, there is an overflow of terrible graphics and brainless acting. But, that’s the charm of the collection.

Surviving and escaping from the half-wit murderer or the less-than-threatening monster is only half the fun. The audio and atmosphere bring you back to childhood, and it's quite entertaining.


10. Hide Alone


Hide Alone Official Trailer

There's no doubt you'll have vivid nightmares for days after playing Hide Alone. It’s an extremely difficult and utterly terrifying game of hide and seek, full of jump scares and triggers. The positive? You do have a limited amount of time to survive. The catch? It's especially challenging, and you will die.

The game of hide and seek begins because of the curiosity of the main character. Usually, he's intrigued by the supernatural, so he decides to play the game with his doll. Unfortunately, the doll is not like any other. Mischievous and murderous, the doll will only play at 3 am. Can he survive the hell he’s unleashed upon himself?

When 3 am comes, the doll begins to show signs of life. Players’ only chance of survival is to hide from the nightmarish plaything. To do this, you must hide only by the flame of a lighter. If she finds you, it might just be the end of your life.

Of course, just like any other version of hide and seek, this one comes with its own set of rules to follow. Unfortunately, this version could become deadly if you break even a single rule. So, be sure to make yourself accustomed to them before beginning, and follow them every step of the way.


9. Ib

Active Gaming Media, kouri | PC, Android

Ib trailer [game preview]

Ib is a nightmare-inducing, puzzle-solving video game that was originally released in 2012. You'll have to use your detective skills to complete objectives and finish the adventure. The majority of the graphics and audio have been upgraded with additional features.  

The young female protagonist, Ib, somehow gets separated from her parents in an art gallery.  Suddenly, the grim, mysterious art gallery begins to change.The gallery is full of puzzles that need to be solved and booby traps around every corner, or you may never see your family again. Or even survive.

With seven different endings, plus a bonus dungeon to be unlocked, Ib is an intriguing game. The developers threw in a few perks here and there in the upgrade, as well. For example, effects are improved, and a zoom mode helps visibility. A new conversation system also allows playfellows to converse and provide hints.

It's not very often you have an art gallery as an environment to explore. The puzzles are a tad uncomplicated, but it makes for a more relaxing game. New features and hidden secrets provide the more frightening horror elements, though. So, it’s a game that can be played in almost any mood. Kouri took extra care with minor details, which really matter in a game like this.


8.POPGOES Arcade

Clickteam, Clickteam LLC USA | PC

POPGOES Arcade - Coming soon to Steam!

Most horror gaming genre fans already know about the FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) series, and have at least a general idea of the characters and plot. Well, if you enjoy that series, you're sure to enjoy the new spinoff, POPGOES Arcade.

As part of the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, POPGOES Arcade was developed by fans of the original series. In this game, you'll navigate your way through two RPG campaigns. POPGOES: The Dead Forest was originally released in 2020 for free. POPGOES and The Machinist has been released as the paid sequel.

POPGOES Arcade is mysteriously entertaining, full of many familiar characters from the original FNAF series. But, there are quite a few new characters to learn about. Their horrifying backstories are no less than gruesome and sickening, just as before.

These two games are easy to obsess over. The storyline is brilliant, though it makes you a bit concerned for the twisted minds of those who created it. The graphics make you forget where you even are. The audio is unbeatable.

Just like all the other FNAF games, the jumpscares in POPGOES are incomparable to any other brand. True horror fans of all ages will appreciate this game the most. An obsessive nature may be most beneficial, there’s a fair amount of grinding to be done. However, the atmosphere and every other quality make up for that little deterrent. 


7. Fobia- St. Dinfna Hotel

Maximum Games | PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel - Official Launch Trailer

A haunted hotel... A horrifying history... A curious amateur journalist. On their own, each of these things could be disastrous. Together, they're catastrophic!

The amateur journalist, Roberto Leite Lopes, catches wind of rumors of a haunted hotel in Santa Catarina. But, he has no idea what kind of trouble he's brought upon himself when he arrives. You'll play as Lopes and investigate the traumatic history that lies behind the chilling walls of the decadent hotel.

His skills will not only be needed to uncover the hidden truths of the hotel but to also survive when the reality inside it is turned upside-down. Different timelines, human experiments, ghosts roaming the halls, and cultist activity slow down your every move. Solving challenging puzzles will be the only way to save yourself.

The gameplay of Fobia is fairly similar to that of Resident Evil, except it's a first-person experience.  Some characteristics of Fobia can make it seem a bit far-fetched. But, the more you play, the more you understand.  

There is more than enough terrain to explore. Even more, puzzles to solve. Developers placed a wealth of hidden objects, making it imperative that you focus deeply while playing. The environments are beautifully detailed. While there isn't an abundance of monsters, the monsters it does have are very well designed.


6. Escape the Backrooms

Fancy Games | PC

Escape the Backrooms | Trailer 4k

The "backrooms" are a term familiar to most gamers that appreciate the horror subgenre. The creepypasta lore has circulated the internet for a few years now, leaving everyone who comes across it at a loss for words.

Content and video games have been created over the last couple of years pertaining to the unearthly lore, haunting the minds of all viewers.  And now, amazing indie developers have brought us the eeriest backroom content yet.  

Fans all over the world have come together, creating the urban legend of the backrooms. Randomly generated office rooms. The revolting smell of moist carpets. The mind-numbing tone of yellow that coats the walls. And the sound of fluorescent lights buzzing as you venture through. Then, there are the... entities, that inhabit the backrooms.

The objective of the game Escape the Backrooms is to do just that. Escape. "The Way Out" is the only way to escape the millions of miles of mind-breaking, eerie sounds and terrifying jump scares.

You'll be thrown into the backrooms in teams of up to four players, with no explanation or direction to go. Explore the backrooms, but beware, your teammates may "no-clip" and be tossed into another area of the map. Unfortunately, to survive, every team member must find the exit, ALIVE, to escape.

Escape the Backrooms is an immersive experience, with realistic graphics and a humdrum atmosphere created with maddening intentions. Your teammates can communicate with you through proximity voice chat. So, as long as you are close to each other you’ll be able to keep tabs on what they find.... Or what's found them.


5. Space Beast Terror Fright

Nornware AB | PC

Space Beast Terror Fright Demo Trailer

S.B.T.F's grueling, challenging gameplay is not for everyone. It's an extremely rogue-like, arcade-style, perma-death situation, where every simple decision counts. But if you have an interest in the Alien movies and old-school shooters, you're sure to enjoy this one.


Marines must endure the claustrophobic, scary environment of a vessel inhabited by Space Beasts. You'll have to navigate through the everchanging maze-like spacecraft to find DataCores to be downloaded. You must retrieve all of the critical data to set the reactor to overload. But, beware of the incredibly lethal space beasts.  

It's extremely difficult in this game because there aren't many weapon options. You will be equipped with automatic rifles or potent shotguns. The initial tracking device that players receive also thankfully detects motion in the immediate area and estimates the distance to the nearest DataCore.

While extremely challenging and overwhelmingly intense, S.B.T.F. is the definition of action-packed entertainment. The graphics are intensified with an overabundance of flashing lights. The screaming sirens can be a bit difficult to handle unless you enjoy loud noises. But, the game mechanics are fantastic.


4. I’m On Observation Duty 5

Notovia | PC

I'm on Observation Duty 5 trailer

I'm on Observation Duty 5 is the fifth in a series of mind-bending horror games by Notovia. This spot-the-difference puzzle game is essentially never-ending. It's said that no matter how long you stare intently at the screen, you will never find everything there is to find.

Devious in nature, developers have provided almost no information to work with when playing. The objective is to survive from Midnight until 6 am. To do so, you are forced to stare at security cameras, searching for anomalies. They can be subtle in nature, or they can be in-your-face jumpscare anomalies.  

You'll switch the camera views from room to room and examine them for differences (ex. moved furniture or an extra object). Then, you're required to file a report and fix the issue. Unfortunately, some spirits and intruders complicate matters. If too many anomalies go unreported... game over.

The concept is simple, however, actually surviving can be quite a challenge. You will need a good memory and a keen eye to survive the night. You're not told what you missed, which can be downright frustrating. There is no set time of when you're safe before the anomalies begin, or even how many anomalies to expect, so it's jolting if you're not prepared.



Bloodious Games, Perpetual Europe | PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

MADiSON - Official Announcement Trailer

Fear and bloodshed, rituals and demons. MADiSON is overflowing with these gloomy traits. Can you finish the horrible ceremony that was started decades ago? This game is a first-person psychological thriller, full of terrifying scenes and tons of gore.

The main character is you, Luca. Your hands are covered in crimson blood when you are awakened by the demon, MADiSON. Requiring you to finish a ritual started by him years before MADiSON intends to torture you until you do. The appalling acts he’ll make you commit will leave you with your skin crawling.

Each character has its own storyline, all blending seamlessly into the main history. You must be careful, as any wrong step can attract unwanted attention. You are never alone, so you can't ever let your guard down.

If you enjoy puzzles, this MADiSON is undoubtedly for you. Full of mysteries and wrong turns, curiosity will be your best friend... but also your worst enemy. The main narrative is enthralling, so much so, that it can be hard to stop playing.

MADiSON is wet-your-pants terrifying. Countless jumpscares will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entirety. Unfortunately, it's not a very long game, but fun while it lasts.  


2. Iron Lung

David Szymanski | Steam

Iron Lung Trailer - Submarine Indie Horror Game

From the creators of DUSK comes the next masterpiece, Iron Lung. The thing about horror games is after you spend hours playing them, they tend to lose their fear factor. But, with short-form horror games, you don't actually have time to expect anything. Leaving you open to jumpscares and nightmares.

Claustrophobic players beware, Iron Lung is set in a single-man submarine in an ocean of blood. Many decades before the game takes place, each and every star and life-supporting planet disappeared with everything on them. The survivors are now losing hope, and going through supplies rapidly.  

But... an unexplained anomaly, a Blood Ocean has been discovered. Could it hold the natural resources they need to continue their survival? Some unlucky soul is going to have to explore it and find out.  Unfortunately, it turns out to be you. 

So, in an inadequately built submarine, you'll launch your expedition... And hopefully, save the world! Scans have precalculated your mission, but they can't possibly know what lurks ahead in the sea of blood.

There’s no doubt this story is intense and intriguing. The claustrophobia aspect really capitalizes on players' fears. The gameplay mechanics add to the atmosphere of Iron Lung, making it a truly unique experience. Don’t be surprised to find yourself on the edge of your seat the entire time you’re playing. 


1. Stray

Blue Twelve Studio | PS4, PS5, PC

STRAY | Launch Trailer

BlueTwelve Studio really put its all into this satisfactory experience. Not many games, especially within the horror subgenre, can say that they are played from the perspective of an animal. Let alone a cat! But, that's just what the developers conjured up when they created Stray.

It takes a very little time to understand why the game received its name. The sorrowful, initial cutscene will bring tears to your eyes. You'll play as a lonely cat who is injured and separated from its family within that first cutscene.  

The cat topples from the world above into an underground city filled with nothing but unaware robots. Once there, you'll control the cat's every move to reunite him with his family. You'll come across creatures never seen before, jump from roof to roof, and scurry under the unsuspecting robots' feet. Solve puzzles and explore your surroundings to find your way home.

The best thing about Stray is the life-like movements of the cat. The twitch of his tail and whiskers and the sound effects really bring him to life. Along the way, you'll meet a clever little drone referred to as B12, with his own little backstory. You must unlock B12’s 'memories' throughout your journey to help your experience.

The storyline is thoroughly intriguing, regardless of how simple it is. The atmosphere is absolutely top-notch! Stray will keep you on the edge of your seat and fully invested through its entirety. The fact that you experience this amusing game through the eyes of a cat makes this game the champion.

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