Top 10 Games Like Silent Hills (Games Better Than Silent Hills In Their Own Way)

Games Like Silent Hill
Eerie, gory, terrifying fun, for when regular normal people fun just isn't enough.

Looking for the best games like Silent Hill?

Silent Hill is a classic survival horror game from 1999. It has gore, violence, monsters, mystery, and blocky graphics; everything a great horror game needs! Since its debut, horror games have only gotten better: more realistic and more terrifying.

Here are the top 10 games that give everything Silent Hill gave you, except blocky graphics.

10. Resident Evil 5

“Resident Evil 5 – Co-op Walkthrough”

For the first time in the Resident Evil series, you can play a two-player cooperative game. The plot of the game involves an investigation of a bio-terrorism threat by Bioterrorism Assessment Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju, a fictional region of Africa. It’s also more of an RPG action game than the other Resident Evil games, which tend to stick to the survival horror genre more than anything. But Resident Evil 5 has to be doing something right, because not only was it the best-selling game of the franchise, it was also Capcom’s best-selling game ever as of September 2017.

The setting isn’t nearly as visually dark as in previous games, and the theme of the game follows bio-terroristic threats, mutations, and the dark truth of a corporate underbelly, while Agents Redfield and Alomar are led deeper into the mystery of the storyline. More than the monsters and the mystery, which are excellent on their own, you can also look forward to playing with a friend, which provides its own unique horror experience.

Resident Evil 5 isn’t your typical ghosts and ghouls horror story. It’s not even the zombie mayhem fans of Resident Evil are used to. More than anything, this game is a Sci-Fi horror adventure, featuring grotesque monsters of every shape and size.

Monstrous Mandibles: Every monster you encounter throughout the game is stranger than the last, from freaky starfish lips here to mutant tentacles. 

Horror No More?: Just because the game went in a more action-based direction doesn't mean the horror is gone. There are still some big ugly bugs to look out for. 

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