Cry of Fear Best Difficulty - Which to Choose

Cry of Fear Best Difficulty
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Well, I've been talking about this game to you for a while now, guys. And today I'm here to tell you about all the difficulties that Cry of Fear has. I must say that all of them have something special in the game and I’ll explain each one right now. Suit up, gamers.

  • EASY

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The easy mode is more for those who want an experience while fighting against many monsters that will be easy to kill, and the bosses will not be that hard at all but here is a thing: all the bosses are not that hard in any difficulty because almost all of them are just puzzles and shots. Maybe the Carcass can be a bit hard in Nightmare because of the damage, but it’s nothing for a real gamer like myself.

I could say that it might be an adventure and a real psychotic dream to see. You will explore more than nothing. For those who want to know everything about Cry of Fear you can choose this one.


"What a day... I need a bath and relax"

Cry of Fear (Part 1) (Medium)

This is the most common difficulty that everyone chooses. In this mode you also can have the experience from the easy one but with more horror surrounding you  whispering in your ear, every monster will be a challenge to kill but you’ll be fine. Less magazines, less morphine, and of course, more hits to kill. 

In my 12 years when I first played Cry of Fear I chose this mode and I never regret it, so you can go with that one if you have gamer blood in your veins.


"Alright. I should go through another way."

Cry of Fear Hard Difficult Part 1

A few years later when I grew up to a level 2 gamer and less afraid person, I decided to play in this mode… Well, I didn’t know it could be so hard! Maybe the producers didn’t know how to balance the game because this mode is harder than I thought. Wait until I tell you about the Nightmare…

This mode almost doesn’t have magazines, your health will not be restored completely with morphine syringe, less saving points, half of your life will be damaged by the first monsters. I recommend this one for those who have finished Cry of Fear at least 6 times. Really.


"Hi there"

Cry of Fear 'No Unlocks, S Rank' (Nightmare, Ending 1)

First thing I have to say about the Nightmare is: RUN! Run faster than you can. I’m not kidding, this mode is a bloody nightmare itself. The first monster you met in that grey corridor can kill you easily within five or six hits in your face, guys. This mode is amazing for those who want a real gamer challenge, it can distinguish gamers from newbies. 

Nightmare is like the Devil made it. Good luck searching for a save point, morphines and anything else because in this mode you will almost haven’t. I almost forgot to say: your health it’s not 100 anymore, just 70 now. And if you find a syringe it will not heal you as it should, just half compared to Medium. So, my tip is: hit and run after the stun. 


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