Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead

Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


Check out the top 11 games like Left 4 Dead and keep the horror fest strong.

Sometimes we just want more of the same thing, but with video games we’ve got to be innovative. Check out the following games to satiate that Left 4 Dead craving that’s been eating you up.


11. How to Survive (2013)

Developer: EKO Software

Genre: Horror, Action

Theme: Man vs wild, man vs zombie

Sometimes life would be easier if we had a guide book for everything, luckily for us we have How to Survive. This game is a survival horror RPG where the player is shipwrecked on an island with zombies.

Take control of one of three characters, each with their own skill trees and characteristics. Players can pick from an archer, brawler, or all around character. In order to make it out alive, players will need to collect pages of a survival guide that will teach them extremely useful things. Players will be taught the basics such as the importance of finding resources like water, food, and shelter.

Who doesn’t love a good archer?

Without basic resources players will lose strength, fight poorly, and reduce their ability to stay alive. But not all lessons are quite so simple. Players will learn that meat fills them up, but it must be cooked because the animals on the island are diseased. Also, meat will attract zombies quickly, is this a risk you want to take?

There are four distinctive islands to explore that are all well stocked with items. Players can create over 100 handmade weapons and tools, ranging from Molotov cocktails to trusty shotguns. Not only will players need to worry about zombies, but wild animals pose a danger too. Don’t forget about wild zombie animals either.

Players can play with friends in story mode or in eight challenges, doubling their inventory slots and health. The game features several game modes: survival, escape, and barricade mode. It’s never too late to prepare yourself for the worst.

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