[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Gunslinger Weapons (Ranked)

Headshot king.

If you’re a good shot and you don’t mind firearms with usually low magazine capacity, then you should try the Gunslinger class in Killing Floor 2. A truly multitask class that’s capable of destroying huge quantities of regular Zeds, as well as Scrakes and even Fleshpounds. Frankly, this class is pretty similar to the Sharpshooter!

There’s also a long list of revolvers/pistols that we’re gonna get into, explain what they’re dope and why you should most definitely try them. Without further useless chatter, let’s start with the first weapon!

10. 1858 Revolver

For the really OLD oldtimers.

You might think that a weapon THAT outdated is gonna be pretty trash. Well, it doesn’t suck, it takes 2-3 shots to kill a Bloat and if you’re accurate, you will easily deal with swarms of regular Zeds - Cysts, Clots, Stalkers, Crawlers, whatever. This is the default Gunslinger weapon that you start with and the cylinder holds 6 rounds. In terms of damage, each round deals 50 damage per hit, and the gun is relatively accurate.

What sucks though is the reload speed, which can be troublesome if you happen to have hundreds of pissed-off Cysts running at you. Using this weapon against larger Zeds can be fatal. FOR YOU!

Why these revolvers are pretty good in the early game:

  • Frankly, these weapons are good only if you’re a good shot - effective against weak and medium Zeds
  • Decent rate of fire, 300 rounds per minute
  • Especially effective if you score headshots, especially if you have the Rack ‘Em Up perk enabled

9. 9mm Pistol

This peashooter?

Yes, I found these two pistols extremely useful. They might deal pathetic amounts of damage if you shoot in the body but headshots are devastating against pretty much everything that’s not a Scrake or a Fleshpound. The 9mm Pistols are multi-perk weapons, which means that your perks will work while using those. In my opinion, the best part is the fact that if you carry both pistols at once, you’ll have 30 rounds in total - plenty of ammunition!

This weapon deals 2 times less damage than the previously mentioned revolvers, which means that body shots are worthless. Also, despite the awesome magazine capacity, these pistols carry only 90 bullets and they run out of ammo quickly.

Why these pistols are still decent:

  • Extremely cheap, probably the cheapest weapon that you can get
  • The ammunition is also unbelievably cheap, below 100 DOSH
  • Headshots are instant kills for the trash-tier Zeds and are still deadly against the medium Zeds

8. M1911 Pistol

Where’s Cpt. Price when you need him?

The classic M1911s are not that strong but they are somewhat capable of penetrating other Zeds, plus it’s worth mentioning that they have a slightly better rate of fire than the 1858 revolvers. The upgrades are pretty cheap(600,700,1500 DOSH) and if you need a relatively cheap weapon, you should most definitely get this classic firearm!

You won’t struggle in the early and middle game with these pistols but in later stages, you’ll struggle against Scrakes and most importantly, against the Fleshpounds. 

Why I love the M1911s:

  • Both pistols can hold 8 rounds per magazine
  • Awesome rate of fire, stands at around 340 rounds per minute
  • The penetration is kinda weak but it’s still there

7. HRG Winterbite

Shooting a Husk’s fuel tank with the Winterbites

This weapon shoots out icicles at your foes. You shouldn’t expect too much gore from using these pistols but they get the job done in terms of damage - each “round” deals 69 damage per hit and you get to have a relatively high amount of ammunition for this type of weapon!

The HRG Winterbites have a pretty slow projectile speed, which can make aiming at times kind of difficult. Furthermore, using these weapons is kind of boring - there is no gore, not even bullet impacts on bodies!

Why you should use these things nonetheless:

  • 68 damage per round - so far, this weapon deals the highest amounts of damage
  • Each revolver is pretty light, takes 2KGs of space
  • Sometimes it freezes your enemies, useful against Scrakes/Fleshpounds

6. Rhino

Dismembering Stalkers with the Rhino pistols, 0 tolerance for invisibility!

The Rhino has a cool mechanic, the rounds of this weapon explode upon impact and release 3 fragments, which can bounce off and hurt/kill other Zeds. Furthermore, this weapon also has a decent penetration value, as well as a red dot sight, which should make aiming easy. It also deals 75 damage per hit.

When it comes to the bad things, the target that gets shot receives no damage from the shrapnel. Another stupid thing is that the red dot sight becomes useless as soon as you decide to carry two Rhinos at once - aiming down the sights will be impossible at that point.

Why the Rhino is pretty cool:

  • The shrapnel can be activated by shooting a surface or a Zed
  • Each round deals 75 damage per hit
  • Each round has 3 fragments, one deals 80 damage per hit

5. .50 Desert Eagle

Shootin’ some bastard from a mile away!

The Desert Eagle is known for one thing - its firepower. Each round deals 91 damage per hit, which makes this weapon extremely deadly against pretty much everything that’s not a Fleshpound. There are two upgrades to this weapon, the first one costs 700 DOSH, which increases your damage to 113 per hit, while the 1500-DOSH upgrade increases your damage to 127 per hit. Pretty strong and reliable!

For handguns that cost 1100 DOSH in total, they can only carry 14 rounds if you’re dual-wielding them. Missing shots will bite you in the ass and if you don’t like weapons that run out of ammo quickly, don’t get those things!

What the DEs are good at:

  • Excellent firepower, even without the upgrades
  • Decent penetration, pretty good against multiple Zeds
  • Awesome sound design will make you addicted to using these handguns!

4. HRG Disrupter

HRG Disrupter in a nutshell!

The HRG Disrupter allows you to deal regular damage with your primary fire, while the secondary fire mode allows you to disable your foes with an EMP blast for a few seconds, as well as deal extra damage. Each magazine can hold 15 bullets and the reload speed is also pretty fast. 

Fun and satisfying to use, although you should use this weapon to support your teammates - EMP blasts are effective against Scrakes/Fleshpounds. Using this weapon solely will most likely get you killed.

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • You can clutch and solo kill a Fleshpound or a Scrake after a while
  • The secondary fire mode deals 120 damage per hit, as well as causes your enemy to be EMP-blasted
  • High magazine capacity(15 rounds per mag)

3. AF2011-A1

Two M1911s in one. Weird but I’m pretty sure that someone could make this in real life…

Some idiot decided to glue two M1911s together, which means that you’ll be firing 2 rounds instead of 1, which will make you deal 106 damage per hit. You can also dual-wield these pistols, which will make you carry… 4 pistols at once? Look man, these bad boys will get the job done, just get ‘em!

But there are some things that you should be aware of - the recoil is pretty bad, which makes headshots relatively difficult to hit. Keep in mind that you’re firing 2 rounds per shot, which will eat through your ammunition pretty fast.

Why these pistols are weird but awesome:

  • 106 damage per shot
  • High damage output combined with an excellent rate of fire will make short work of every Scrake
  • 16 rounds per magazine
  • Can be dual-wielded

2. Glock 18c

It makes Zeds fly to the moon!

The Glocks have the highest rate of fire from all weapons, which is 800 rounds per minute. You won’t find a better weapon for killing trash Zeds, which will prevent your teammates from getting overwhelmed if stuff gets too hot. Also, each magazine can hold a whopping 33 rounds, plus you can switch between semi-auto and full-auto. 

This gun is the second worst when it comes to dealing damage(37 damage per hit). The accuracy is also pretty garbage and I won’t even get into the recoil… Just make sure to not use these pistols against Fleshpounds, it just won’t work.

Why these Glocks are awesome:

  • Extremely high rate of fire(800 RPM)
  • Low damage, although it will still 1-shot low-tier Zeds and still easily kill medium Zeds
  • Decent against Scrakes and Quarter Fleshpounds
  • 33 rounds per magazine

1. .500 Magnum Revolver

That’s what the .500 Maggy will do to a Spider!

The most known fact about this weapon is its damage - it deals 160 damage, plus with upgrades, it’s gonna deal 184 damage in total. Although they don’t carry that much ammo per cylinder(5 bullets), Scrakes should die after 6-7 headshots, assuming that you have the Rack ‘Em Up perk enabled. This weapon also has the highest penetration value of all the other previously mentioned weapons!

Keep in mind that this weapon is not great at clearing trash Zeds, frankly, if you’re only using these weapons, you will most likely get surrounded and eaten alive because of this weapon’s terrible reload speed, as well as magazine capacity. The recoil can also be troublesome for some players!

Why these revolvers are still the best weapons out there:

  • Excellent at killing Fleshpounds, as well as Scrakes
  • A penetration value of 3, can penetrate multiple Zeds at once
  • The base damage of this weapon is 160 damage per round
  • The upgrade improves your damage output even more
  • Great accuracy at all ranges

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