[Top 5] Killing Floor 2 Best Solo Classes To Play

“noob team 0 help”

There are classes that focus on supporting your teammates but there are also classes that can be played solo. You can run around the map with not a single care in the world and watch your team get shredded by Fleshpounds from afar. 

Will it get you kicked? That’s a question for another day but the point of this article today is to analyze every single class that’s best suited for solo gameplay. Without further blabbering, let’s start with the first class!

5. Survivalist

All in one.

Survivalists are a fun class to play and they’re also excellent for solo playstyles. The reason for that is that you get to customize this class by turning it into a few classes - you can become a Demolitionist, a Commando, Field Medic, and other combinations. Perks are based on different classes, which can make you a reasonably useful solo player.

If you want my advice, don’t bother playing this class if you don’t know who to play as - choosing perks for this class is quite crucial and it will decide whether your build will be sufficient for solo gameplay or not.

Why the Survivalist is great for solo gameplay:

  • You get to turn this class into whatever you want - Field Medic/Sharpshooter/Firebug is my favorite build!
  • Medic Training perk increases your healing by 30% and decreases your cooldowns by 50%, which is great for solo gameplay
  • You can also increase the capacity of your ammo or add more weapon slots on level 15

Pick this class IF:

  • The Survivalist is probably the most unique class to play and that’s the main reason why so many players like to play it
  • You like to combine perks and turn this class into a perfect solo machine
  • You can also use different types of weapons and come up with some ridiculously high damage output or amazing crowd-control capabilities

FUN METER: 81/100

4. Gunslinger

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Gunslingers tend to be amazing solo players due to their high damage output from their handguns. They’re more than capable of solo-killing Fleshpounds and especially Scrakes. Decent penetration and perks that focus on increasing damage done by your revolvers/pistols are also their big strengths!

If you’re gonna pick Gunslinger, my advice is to not stay for too long in one place. Getting overwhelmed by Zeds or running out of ammo is the worst thing that can happen to you while playing as a Gunslinger. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings 24/7 and don’t be too intimidated by the Scrakes/Fleshpounds - a few hits to the head and they’re done for!

Why the Gunslinger is great for solo gameplay:

  • Very high damage output
  • Rack ‘Em Up is perfect for solo killing larger Zeds, like the Scrakes or Fleshpounds
  • The penetration of your weapons is pretty high, plus if you have the Line ‘Em Up enabled, your bullets won’t suffer from damage penalty while shooting through other Zeds
  • The Gunslinger has one of the cheapest weapons for purchase

FUN METER: 87/100

3. Support

Make the Clots fly with your shotties!

The Support class has shotguns, which are extremely useful at close to medium range. It’s pretty obvious that shotguns deal high amounts of damage and this class does a great job of annihilating tens of regular Zeds, as well as destroying Fleshpounds and Scrakes. There are perks specifically designed to support your team, as well as those meant for solo gameplay. 

My best advice for you is to pick the following perks; Salvo, Tight Choke, and Concussion Rounds. They’re gonna increase your damage by a significant percentage (30%), reduce your shooting spread by 50%, and improve your stumble power by 150%. These perks are perfect for solo gameplay, although you might struggle with how slow this class is.

Why the Support is great for solo gameplay:

  • One of the greatest classes to run through tunnels full of Zeds(AA-12, above-average penetration, high damage output)
  • Fleshpounds are more resistant to bullets but the AA-12 will still get the job done
  • Scrakes tend to evaporate from your firepower
  • Tight Choke reduces the fire spread of your weapons, which will make it easy to headshot larger Zeds
  • Salvo perk gives 30% extra damage to your class weapons(again, crucial if you want to kill Zeds quicker)

FUN METER: 93/100

2. Commando

Jack of all trades.

The Commando class is equipped with weapons like AK-12, SCAR-H, Bullpup, and other weapons with a relatively decent high rate of fire and damage per bullet. The perks of this class focus primarily on increasing the magazine capacity of your weapons, as well as stumbling power, which makes it easy to chain-stun the strongest Zeds and eventually kill them. 

Don’t bother carrying unreliable weapons - one of them is the Minigun. It makes you slow and it takes forever to reload it, which is the easiest way of dying while playing solo. If you feel uncomfortable with your survivability, you can always pick the Tenacious perk, which will improve your health/armor rating by 25%. While playing solo, I always succeeded with using the SCAR-H for damage and the Stoner 63A for the chain-stun effect. 

Why the Commando is great for solo gameplay:

  • Impact Rounds improves your stumble power by 150%, the best part about this perk is that you can unlock it pretty early(level 10)
  • Hollow Point Rounds perk improves your damage done by 30%, plus it works great with the Impact Rounds perk
  • As a Commando, you can see the health bars of Zeds, as well as invisible targets, like the Stalkers
  • Weapons with large magazines can easily chain-stun enemies 
  • The Fallback perk is pretty good for killing Zeds in the early game and getting DOSH

FUN METER: 97/100


Fun and easy!

SWAT is a class that’s known for its weapons - they tend to have the highest rate of fire from all the other guns, the Suppression Rounds perk that improves stumble power by 100% cause your targets to be permanently stuck in place - this is great for dealing with late game Zeds, like the Scrakes. 

But of course, this class has its weaknesses - the guns deal lackluster damage per bullet and your biggest enemy is the Fleshpound - he’s resistant to bullets, thus it’s important to make sure that there are no other Zeds around while fighting this big, metal bastard. Also, try to aim for the head - you’ll save up on ammunition!

Why the SWAT is great for solo gameplay:

  • If you have the Heavy Armor Training perk;
  • Clots can’t grab you
  • You begin each game with 50% more armor
  • Sonic attacks from Siren don’t affect your armor, only health

Other useful benefits;

  • Suppression Rounds perk synergizes perfectly with SWAT weapons, which have a very high rate of fire
  • Most SWAT weapons have little recoil, which makes headshotting fairly easy
  • Although the weapons don’t deal a lot of damage, weak and medium Zeds will die quickly after a few headshots
  • Scrakes are a delicacy for the SWAT class(prone to bullets, can easily get chain-stunned)
  • If you are not too trigger-happy, it’s pretty hard to run out of ammunition while playing this class

FUN METER: 99.99/100. Apologies to people with OCD.

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