[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Field Medic Weapons (Ranked)

Medics. Can’t play with them, can’t play without them.

The point of this class is to keep your team alive as long as possible. You can also do some shenanigans and try some funny DPS builds, although a traditional Field Medic will always be the best option for your teammates. As a medic, you have grenades that can heal your squad and weapons that shoot healing darts.

When it comes to weapons, there are 12 of them in total. Some of them are alright, while some are absolutely crucial to use if you’re playing as the Field Medic. We’re gonna analyze the best ones and explain why they’re decent. Without further ado, let’s start with the first weapon:

10. HMTech-201 SMG

A pleb-tier weapon!

This SMG can be bought from the store for a small amount of 650 DOSH. It shoots regular bullets, as well as healing darts that can heal your teammates/poison Zeds. It deals 20 points of damage per hit and also holds 40 bullets per magazine.

The damage is obviously wack and you should use this weapon to kill the early-game trash. Using it against Fleshpounds and Scrakes is quite silly, as you will only aggravate them, without dealing any damage.

Why this SMG is great in the beginning:

  • Great for killing early-game Zeds(Clots, Cysts, Bloats, etc)
  • High magazine capacity(40 bullets)
  • Healing darts are available, and can be used both offensively/defensively

9. HRG Healthrower

More merciful than the regular flamethrower…

This flamethrower rip-off does a great job of healing multiple teammates at once, although the primary fire has a limited range - in that case, you should use the alternate fire mode(healing darts) to heal your friends from a further distance. 

The gas from this weapon can also be used offensively, although it’s easy to run out of ammo with this thing and you REALLY shouldn’t use it against larger Zeds, unless you want to slow them/confuse them and let your team finish the job.

Why this “flamethrower” is dope:

  • Good against hordes of weaker Zeds
  • Can heal multiple players at once, useful if your team is bunched up in a tight environment
  • Alternatively, can shoot darts if one of your teammates is too far away

8. HMTech-301 Shotgun

Yup, medics have those too.

This weapon is always great if your team lacks firepower. Additionally, this shotty also has decent accuracy, which is great at short to medium distances. It’s also possible to kill Scrakes with this shotty, although you might need to poison them, reload a few times and kite them around.

Still, this is a weapon designed for healing, not just mindless shooting. Additionally, it only deals 150 damage per 6 pellets, which is not that great for a weapon that costs 1100 DOSH. 

Why this weapon is gucci nonetheless:

  • Very good accuracy, useful at short to medium distances
  • Semi-automatic fire mode, which improves the weapon’s rate of fire
  • Equipped with a fancy dot sight(makes aiming a lot easier)
  • Bullets can penetrate through other Zeds

7. Mine Reconstructor(DLC)

A blue pile of crap that heals your teammates.

This weapon allows you to leave bio-mines on the ground, which can heal your teammates and damage Zeds. The alternative fire activates all mines and detonates them. It’s also possible to charge this weapon, which will let out a massive blue turd after releasing the trigger. 

Well, this weapon is kinda weird but it works. It can damage multiple Zeds at once but again, this is not the type of weapon that you should use against the massive Zeds. Just leave a bunch of mines for your teammates to step on and they’ll be just peachy!

Why this weapon is great:

  • You can charge the weapon and let out a massive blue bio-mine which can deal plenty of damage
  • The longer you charge this weapon, the more it’s going to heal your teammates
  • It’s possible to hit multiple Zeds at once

6. HMTech-401 Assault Rifle


Watch your ammo…

Because this thing has a pretty crazy rate of fire. Excellent at obliterating trash, medium Zeds, as well as Scrakes. Each magazine holds 40 bullets and each bullet deals 35 damage per hit. The weapon is also equipped with a dot sight, which makes aiming very easy. Additionally, you can fire healing darts at Zeds or your teammates.

The rate of fire for this weapon is 750 rounds per minute - you need to watch your ammunition closely and try not to invest too much time into larger Zeds, unless it’s necessary. Try it!

Why this assault rifle is cool:

  • A very high rate of fire(750 RPM)
  • Each magazine holds plenty of bullets(this can also be improved by the Combatant Doctor perk)
  • If you’re going fully offensively as the Field Medic, this weapon can be pretty OP for killing Zeds
  • Again, this weapon is equipped with holographic sights, pretty awesome for aiming
  • Small recoil means easy aiming and fire control

5. HRG Incision

When your team just doesn’t have enough firepower.

A sniper rifle for the Medic class. It deals 400 damage per hit but besides the firepower, it can also be used to stumble, knock down and EMP-blast your enemies. You usually want to pick this weapon if your team is lacking decent firepower against larger Zeds.

It might deal a lot of damage but it has a slow rate of fire, plus running around with this thing in tight environments can mean the doom of you and your teammates. Also, keep in mind that the rate of fire is rather crappy!

Why is this gun good:

  • The gun can one-shot most ZEDs and can go through multiple targets at once
  • It’s great for healing your teammates from afar
  • If you’re a great shot then this is the only weapon you need to support your teammates

4. HRG Vampire

Keep the Zeds positive.

This blast cannon is modified from the Firebug’s Husk Cannon. This weapon blasts enemies with blood rather than fire. You can also splash your teammates with blood, which will heal them in the process and perhaps worsen their immune systems. The alt-fire option on the weapon shoots blood spikes with great speed and penetration.

However, those blood spikes do not heal team members, so avoid using them on your friends. This weapon performs only well in close quarters and requires a steady flow of Zeds coming your way.

Why is this gun good:

  • It deals AoE damage
  • The gun heals in an AoE area
  • The alternative fire shoots blood spikes that can penetrate through multiple enemies

3. Corrupter Carbine(DLC)

For druids.

Like the earlier weapons, this one is tier 4, and holy moly, it is awesome. The primary fire shoots regular bullets but its secondary fire shoots biological seeds that are planted inside Zeds - they will blow up into a healing gas mist if they die. Additionally, you can also utilize the secondary fire against your friends. They receive a smaller, quicker heal, though.

Still, this weapon has a crappy rate of fire and a small magazine. Getting swarmed with Zeds while you’re out of ammo can mean bad news to you and most importantly, your beloved team!

What this weapon does well:

  • The primary fire can go through multiple ZEDs at once
  • You can heal your teammates in two different ways
  • The secondary fire plants a seed inside of a ZED which makes it explode into a gory mess
  • It has AoE healing, perfect for teammates that like to bunch up

2. HRG Medic Missile

An RPG that heals?

The RPG-7 used by the Demolitionist class has been modified into this. It resembles an RPG-7, but deals a lot less damage to Zeds and leaves a cloud of blue gas for your teammates to heal in. If you appreciate helping your friends, you will undoubtedly enjoy this weapon. The weapon has a high range and you can heal your friends as soon as the rocket touches a surface. 

Keep in mind that this is a healing weapon - sure, it can wipe out trashy Zeds and be kinda useful against Fleshpounds but make sure to save some rockets for your teammates!

Why is this gun good:

  • The gun instantly heals anyone in an AoE area
  • It’s a modified version of the RPG-7 that can heal teammates
  • It doesn’t deal much damage but can be used in a pinch to save your own life

1. HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle

Commandos can also use this weapon!

A multi-perk weapon, it is the only tier 5 weapon available to the Field Medic. It doesn’t have healing darts, although it’s equipped with deployable grenades that can heal your teammates and deal some damage to Zeds. It’s also pretty lovely in terms of damage, as 1 bullet deals 47 damage, plus the magazine holds 30 bullets.

This weapon costs… 2000 DOSH. It’s ridiculously expensive and… I think that’s the only thing that I dislike about this weapon. Besides the cost, you can actually achieve a lot in terms of combat with this beauty!

Why is this gun good:

  • It has great DPB(47 damage per bullet, which can be further improved by the Combatant Medic perk)
  • It has a fast rate of fire(500 RPM)
  • The grenade launcher does more healing and damage than regular medic’s grenades
  • Great for quick AoE heals

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