Killing Floor 2 Gameplay: 5 Things To Die For

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay: 5 Things To Die For
We can't stop here, this is nope country.

La Vie En Grossness.

Killing Floor 2, Bloat, Commando

Ah, Paris – a city known for its culture, fine dining, and romance, but beware: the locals can be rude.

Immersive, gripping, messy. Killing Floor 2 is an adrenaline-packed fun house. Set one month after the events of the first Killing Floor, the sequel is staged in and around romantic Paris, France, and takes you on a date unlike any other. Sure, it's pretty and full of excitement, but it's not just mindless fun. This beauty has brains. Literally, it has brains – slipping-and-squishing-around-on-the-ground brains – just one of a few charms we'll be covering.


1. You Can Paint the Town Red.

Killing Floor 2, Gorefast, Splatter Map

“The blood never disappears. It always stays in the world. It never goes away.” - William Munk, Creative Director

“Splatter maps” hold onto every last ounce of blood sprayed from your assailants, from the first wave to the very last, and with Tripwire Interactive's new MEAT system (Massive Evisceration And Trauma), you can rip, slice, and blow apart zeds in roughly 22 different ways. Where the original Killing Floor zeds had only 5 ways in which to be dismembered, Killing Floor 2 offers 5 different results of trauma on the head alone, with 90 different animations based off of what zone of the body you hit. These animations are randomly generated for that particular zone, which can then chain in conjunction with additional hits, making it unlikely that you will see the same death sequence twice.

Additionally, you'll see that zeds, like ogres, have layers: skin, then bones, then insides – all of which can be stripped away or obliterated completely depending on the weapon being used to mow them down.

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