[Guide] Killing Floor 2 Best Classes To Play (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

The floor that kills.

Some people might not know about Killing Floor 2, that’s why I feel like it’s important to explain what this game is about. It’s about a group of survivors fighting their way through mutated humans called ZEDS - they come in all shapes and sizes, and each one of them has a special ability, attacks, as well as strengths and weaknesses. The primary goal is to survive up to 10 rounds or die an extremely gruesome death…

There are also classes that you can pick and play, in total there are 10. The point of this article is to analyze each one of them, what their biggest strengths are, how to play them, and which one is the best. Anyways, let’s roll!

10. Berserker

Attacking the Husk is not recommended…

The Berserker. I could never get into this class, I always struggled against Sirens, Husks, and pretty much anything that wasn’t a Cyst or a Clot. Playing this class is especially difficult when there are 0 medics on your team, which will force you to run around in circles while waiting for ages for your medical syringe to regenerate. Of course, this is a temporary issue, as with enough levels, you’ll unblock various resistances against Sirens, Bloats, and other Zeds, plus gain extra HP if that’s what you fancy.

If you want my advice, especially if you’re playing on a high difficulty, don’t solo Scrakes or Fleshpounds - they will most likely laugh at your damage and bash your head in. Find a medic or another teammate and then do your job. Keep in mind that because of your resistances, you’re also a valuable tank to your more squishy teammates, plus it’s also possible to draw the aggro of other Zeds. 

What the Berserker class excels in:

  • Very durable in the early game, becomes even tougher as you level up
  • Some weapons allow you to chain stun bigger Zeds, allowing your teammates to finish the job
  • Resistances against Bloats, Sirens, plus other Zeds allow for close encounters that most classes can’t survive
  • He can’t get grabbed, which makes him very flexible in combat

Choose this class IF:

  • You enjoy melee combat more than shooting guns and such
  • If you value being less squishy than other classes
  • The Berserker has one of the most unique weapons to use and that’s exactly what you like
  • KF 2 has one of the greatest gore systems, which makes the Berserker class very fun to play!

FUN METER: 76.99/100

9. Field Medic

Can’t play as him, can’t play without him.

This is one of the most unappreciated classes in Killing Floor 2 - it’s boring and you have to babysit your idiotic teammates that will automatically blame you if they die. Medics are equipped with weapons that can kill, as well as heal, plus grenades that can poison Zeds or heal your teammates. Still, this class shouldn’t be used in an offensive matter, unless you’re the last guy standing!

When playing as a Field Medic, you shouldn’t play solo - this should be self-explanatory but there will always be that one guy who won’t do his job. It’s also worth adding that you are the Berserker’s best friend, as players who play that class tend to receive a lot of damage from Zeds. You get the most out of your grenades when your team is stacked up/injured, although you can also use them when your healing darts are on cooldown and your teammate is close to dying. 

What the Field Medic class excels in:

  • First of all, keeping everyone intact
  • Grenades can be used for crowd control against Zeds
  • ^Also for group healing if your team happens to be cramped up
  • It can also be used as a DPS, although it should be a last resort

Choose this class IF:

  • You care more about winning the game than getting frags
  • You love being praised by your teammates for being the one to pick this class
  • You like to slow/poison other Zeds, use your grenades offensively

FUN METER: 79/100

8. Firebug

Do you believe in magic?

Some players might consider this class to be lackluster, although they don’t understand that the Firebug is one of the best classes for crowd control. You can quickly get rid of the smaller zeds and keep the medium/larger ones from overwhelming your squad. Some Firebug perks cause Zeds to receive extra damage over time, as well as get slowed. 

It’s best to play this class with your teammates - you’re gonna be keeping them alive just by spewing flames on the Zeds or the ground. There’s no point playing solo, as you’ll greatly struggle against bigger Zeds like the Scrakes or Fleshpounds. You might get discouraged in the early levels of this class but as you level up and get new perks, you’ll become a very useful asset to your team.

What the Firebug class excels in:

  • Crowd control - keeping Zeds vulnerable when they’re in a big group
  • Leaving flames on the ground, which can deal extra damage to Zeds
  • ZED Shrapnel - a useful perk that causes Zeds to explode - extremely useful against massive groups
  • One of the perks also improves the ammo capacity/range of your class weapons(Caulk n' Burn, Flamethrower, Microwave Gun).

Pick this class IF:

  • You like seeing Zeds bunch up and burn alive/explode
  • Keeping your teammates at a safe distance from the Zeds
  • You won’t have issues with managing your fuel(ammunition)

FUN METER: 83/100

7. Survivalist

Also known as the Jack of all trades.

The Survivalist specializes in using various types of weaponry from different classes - the Demolitionist, Firebug, SWAT, or whoever else is there. The same thing is with the perks - every 5 levels, you’ll get to improve your reload speed of specific weapons, be more of a medic or a melee class, have more ammo, or gain an extra weapon slot. 

The best thing about this class is that you can choose a weapon for a specific Zed - SWAT guns for Clots/Cysts, a shotgun for Fleshpounds/Scrakes. You can combine your weapons however you wish and make them synergize with your perks. 

What The Survivalist class excels in:

  • While this class doesn’t specialize in anything specific, his biggest strength is mixing everything
  • Using different types of weaponry
  • A flexible role that can be useful for different scenarios
  • If your team misses a specific class, the Survivalist can somewhat make up for it

Pick this class IF:

  • You’re a Jack of all trades
  • You like using SWAT/Gunslinger/Commando or Demolitionist/Support/Sharpshooter weaponry
  • You like to mix classes like a Field Medic with other more combat-themed roles

Fun Meter: 87/100

6. Sharpshooter

For those who know how to aim.

Players who play this class focus primarily on one thing - shooting the heads of their targets. This is important, as the Rack ‘Em Up perk increases the damage of your weapons by 10% each time you score a headshot, up to 50%. A bit useless against weaker/medium Zeds, although extremely useful against Scrakes and Fleshpounds, as well as Bosses. Additionally, you can chain-stun your enemies pretty much permanently, assuming that you have the Ballistic Shot perk. 

Friendly advice - this class won’t always perform well against multiple targets, it depends on the weaponry that you use. Some weapons are bolt-action, while others are semi-automatic. Stand still, be aware of your surroundings, stay with your team and you should be good!

What the Sharpshooter class excels in:

  • Squeezing out massive DPS
  • Has the ability to insta-delete bigger Zeds
  • A skilled Sharpshooter makes the game extremely easy for the others

Pick this class IF:

  • You like to see the heads pop
  • You find it satisfying to 1-shot a Scrake with the M99 AMR
  • Or you just prefer to use the M14 EBR against hordes of Zeds

FUN METER: 90/100

5. Gunslinger

Larp as Clint Eastwood.

The Gunslinger is a lot similar to the Sharpshooter, although your revolvers/pistols are both useful against heads, as well as bodies. The Gunslinger weapons are also somewhat cheaper. Additionally, this is one of those classes that allow you to play solo, running around corridors and shooting your way through Zeds, thanks to the high penetration of your bullets. 

I think the best way of playing this class is to either play solo or just together with your teammates. Dragging a portion of the Zeds away will be a relief for your teammates and you’ll get to get a nice sum of DOSH for yourself. Thanks to your perks, you’re rather mobile and you can easily get rid of the bigger Zeds by stacking headshots. Stick with your team if it lacks firepower!

What the Gunslinger class excels in:

  • Playing solo or with your squad
  • High-penetration of weaponry
  • Pretty decent DPS if you use the Rack ‘Em Up perk

Pick this class IF:

  • You prefer a more running&shooting way of playing
  • You don’t care too much about aiming for the head(If you use the Bone Breaker perk)
  • You care a lot about aiming for the head(You probably want to use the Rack ‘Em Up perk)

FUN METER: 93/100



The SWAT is the class known for 2 things - high ammunition capacity and ridiculously fast rate of fire. It’s easy to struggle with constantly buying ammunition every round, that’s why it’s important to get as many headshots as possible. If you’re a high-level SWAT, you’ll be able to kill bigger Zeds or at least chain-stun them until one of your teammates helps you finish the job.  

You can either play with your team or solo. You’re a pretty survivable class, as you can’t get grabbed, plus you start with some kevlar. If you want a better start, you can unlock the Close Combat Training, which will allow you to start with an extra 9mm pistol. You should know that this class performs well at short to medium distances, but not that great at longer distances.

What the SWAT class excels in:

  • Having a high ammo count per weapon
  • Superb rate of fire
  • The possibility of dealing with multiple foes in a short time (smaller to medium Zeds)
  • Capable of playing solo

Pick this class IF:

  • You fancy a close-quarters type of combat
  • Chain-stunning bigger Zeds bring you satisfaction
  • You can also use the Riot Shield to block 60% of the damage

FUN METER: 95/100

3. Demolitionist

Turns Clots into 100 body parts.

As the name suggests, your primary activity will be dismembering other Zeds with explosives. I think the only class that’s more disturbing is the Firebug, although some players could argue about that. A happy Demolitionist uses his RPG against multiple Zeds and it’s discouraged to waste your expensive ammunition on stragglers or Scrakes.

The Demolitionist can be a pretty OP class, although he might struggle against Scrakes, as they have a significant resistance against explosives. Sometimes you might even make things worse by enraging them and causing danger for yourself or your teammates. What they’re good at is annihilating Fleshpounds, as well as massive groups of Zeds - be careful with Sirens though, as their screams can defuse your explosives in midair. 

What the Demolitionist class excels in:

  • With expensive weapons, you can easily annihilate a big group of common Zeds
  • Extraordinarily useful against Fleshpounds, as they take a great chunk of damage specifically from explosives
  • Excels at medium to long distances
  • Can save your teammate’s life if they’re being swarmed

Pick this class IF:

  • You’re a huge fan of gore and limbs&guts flying everywhere
  • You like to tear down Fleshpounds with a few rockets/grenades
  • Crowd control is more of your cup of tea
  • If you and your teammates need to make a run for it, this class is perfect for annihilating a tunnel full of charging Zeds

Fun Meter: 97.5/100

2. Commando

Assault rifles and all that jazz.

This class uses assault rifles, such as the SCARH-H, AK-12, Bullpup, or even the Minigun. All of these weapons deal a reasonably high amount of damage, plus the class gets to see invisible targets, like the Stalker. Additionally, you also get to see the health bars of the Zeds, which is always a nice touch. 

The Commando is a very diverse class - good for crowd control, killing small, medium, or big zeds, as well as extending the ZED time. You also provide your teammates with grenades and you also get to use HE grenades, which deal a high amount of damage. 

What the Commando class excels in:

  • Jack of all trades - useful for crowd control, solo, supporting your team, killing larger Zeds
  • Extends the ZED timer, which slows down the time and allows you to deal more damage or reload/switch weapons faster
  • You can supply your teammates with grenades from their class
  • Useful weaponry(high ammo count, decent DPS, great for short/medium/long ranges)

Pick this class IF:

  • You like to play a simple and fun class
  • Grenades that dismember or stun Zeds are your idea of fun
  • Seeing a health bar above a Zed’s head is a must for you

Fun Meter: 99/100

1. Support

Do you know what the AA-12 can do to a tunnel full of Zeds?

The support is by far one of my favorite classes. Not only that it supports your team with ammunition, but it’s also capable of destroying Scrakes&Fleshpounds in a heartbeat - the same thing applies to groups of Zeds. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also serve as a tank for your more squishy teammates or just a mobile ammunition station!

Frankly, you can play this class in 2 ways - either by being a tank/ammo dispenser or just a good old DPS. The best shotgun so far is the AA-12, with perks like Armor Piercing Shot and Salvo, you can ridiculously easily get rid of Scrakes/Fleshpounds, as well as columns of common Zeds. At higher levels, you’re pretty much a killing machine that won’t struggle unless you finally get to play against a boss - the King Fleshpound is by far the worst boss to fight against as the Support!

What the Support class excels in:

  • Provides ammunition for your teammates
  • High firepower, capable of efficiently dealing with smaller, as well as bigger Zeds
  • The high-penetration output of your weapons(Armor Piercing Shot perk)
  • Useful level 25 perk skills

Pick this class IF:

  • You like to fight your way through tens of Zeds thanks to your damage/penetration output
  • Providing ammunition also makes your teammates spend less DOSH on it in the shop, especially when you have the Ressuply Pack perk
  • The Concussion Rounds perk is useful against larger Zeds

Fun Meter: 99.99/100

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