Killing Floor 2 Best Ways To Level Up Fast [Top 5 Ways]

Killsteal as many Zeds from your teammates as possible!

Killing Floor is a pretty simple game - you kill mostly bald, angry creatures and get a dopamine rush from obliterating them into bits. All this is fine and dandy but eventually, you’ll ask yourself how to gain more experience, so you can unlock more perks!

Well, don’t worry, because that’s exactly what we will be discussing, the best ways of gaining experience in Killing Floor 2. They’re nothing too complicated and are pretty straightforward and I believe that it’s about time we began explaining the first method!

5. Scrakes/Fleshpounds

These two?

Yup, these two. You might think to yourself that it’s stupid to target some of the toughest Zeds that you can encounter but keep in mind that they give massive amounts of EXP per kill. Here’s how much you can get per kill:


  • Normal difficulty - 35 EXP
  • Hard difficulty - 47 EXP
  • Suicidal difficulty - 63 EXP
  • Hell on Earth difficulty - 72 EXP


  • Normal difficulty - 34 EXP
  • Hard difficulty - 45 EXP
  • Suicidal difficulty - 60 EXP
  • Hell on Earth difficulty - 69 EXP

Scrakes might have a resistance to explosions but they’re extremely sensitive to bullets, some of the best weapons for Scrakes are:

  • AA-12(Support)
  • M99 AMR(Sharpshooter)
  • FN FAL ACOG(Sharpshooter)
  • Pretty much every SWAT weapon, under the condition that you have the Suppression Rounds perk enabled
  • Stoner 63A LMG(Commando)
  • Minigun(Commando)
  • .500 Magnum Revolvers(Gunslinger)
  • Glock 18c(Gunslinger)

When it comes to Fleshpounds, you’re gonna achieve more success with explosives than with bullets. Here are some of the best weapons that you can use against these hunks of meat:

  • C4 Explosives(Demolitionist)
  • RPG-7(Demolitionist)
  • M32 Grenade Launcher(Demolitionist)
  • Microwave Gun(Firebug)
  • Dual .500 Magnums(Gunslinger)
  • Every single weapon that has a large magazine and a relatively fast rate of fire, plus make sure that your class has 100% stumbling power perk enabled

4. Protect the Area

Team? Where are you, my dear team?

At the start of the round, you might hear a lady with a very obnoxious french accent tell you to haul your butt to an area that you’re supposed to defend. If you manage to successfully defend the area, you’ll be rewarded with DOSH but most importantly the experience. 

The amount of experience that you get from each zone is randomized and it also depends on the map, thus it’s hard to be clear about how much experience you’ll be exactly getting. It also depends on the quality of your defense - if it gets overrun or some of your team gets wiped out, then less experience you’re gonna get. 

Some important tips about defending the areas:

  • If your team doesn’t want to defend, then don’t bother - you’ll most likely die
  • If your team seems overconfident and lacking in skill, don’t follow them - you’ll die and someone needs to carry these fellers to the next round
  • If the area is very hard to defend(multiple entrances, dead-ends), you might want to give up on that idea

3. Endless Mode

When 10 waves are not enough…

This mode lets you play 254 waves in total, so it’s not really endless. Still, I’m pretty sure that by the time you reach the final wave, you’re gonna be level 25 on whatever class you were playing this whole time. This mode is awesome because you don’t have to search for a new game, look for players to play with, and farm for new weapons all over again. 

You can boost your experience gain by switching to harder difficulties, although make sure that your classes have an appropriate level per difficulty. 

How to play on Endless Mode:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Create an online game
  • Switch the game mode to Endless Mode
  • You can also play this game mode on your own!

2. Custom Maps

Strawberry juice factories.

Some of the maps designed by the player base are created in such a way that makes them perfect for grinding experience. Most of the time Zeds are located very far from you, perhaps you’re shooting them from a safe spot or they’re just stuck in place, which makes it fairly easy for you to kill them.

This is kinda cheating but if you won’t feel guilty for practicing these dark arts, then you should feel free to do it!

How to play on custom maps:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Click on the server browser
  • Look around for populated servers that have maps designed for grinding EXP

1. Difficulty

Welcome to hell.

The amount of experience you get depends on the difficulty that you’re going to play on. It’s pretty obvious that on Normal difficulty, you’re going to receive the least amount of experience, more on the Harder difficulty, slightly more experience on Suicidal, and the highest amount of experience on Hell on Earth. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should hop straight into an HoE match as a level 6 SWAT/Commando/Firebug or whatever you’re playing - this will most likely result in you getting kicked or quickly maimed by Zeds even in the first wave. The best difficulty to play is the Hard difficulty, as Suicidal/HoE only gives you a tiny bit more experience.

If you want to play on the Hard difficulty, you can:

  • Go to the server browser and find servers on Hard difficulty
  • Start your own lobby and choose the Hard difficulty
  • Play solo and pick the hard difficulty


The best part about gaining experience is that you can combine all 5 of those things and maximize the amount of experience that you can gain. Whether solo or with your friends, you can kill Zeds not just for DOSH but for experience that you can use to boost your classes to level 25s. 

Hope you found this article useful and thank you for taking the time to read it. Have a lovely rest of the day!

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