[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Sharpshooter Weapons (Ranked)

Heads will roll!

The Sharpshooter is not for those who can’t hit heads, you can run around the map and kill weakling Zeds all the time, but once the Scrakes&Fleshpounds roll in, you’ll be in a world of trouble. The Sharpshooter class offers high damage output, as well as grenades that freeze Zeds in place and allow you to score easy headshots.

So, what weapons does this class use? We’re gonna explain everything when it comes to weapons - how much damage they deal, what they’re good at, and how you should use them. Anyways, let’s just get on with the weapons, shall we?

10. Winchester 1894

Blasting heads off with my Winchester. Quite stylish!

The Winchester is a lever-action rifle that can hold 12 bullets, this weapon doesn’t use magazines and each bullet has to be reloaded. Furthermore, this weapon has a decent rate of fire for a starting weapon, as well as lovely accuracy. Finally, each bullet deals 80 damage per hit, which is enough to handle low-tier/medium Zeds.

Well, reloading this thing is extremely annoying, especially when you’re in a tight room with Zeds constantly flowing in. One thing that I don’t like about the Winchester is the penetration - it’s crappy and this thing will struggle even the weakest Zeds.

Why the Winchester is awesome:

  • Deals high amounts of damage for a weapon that costs 200 DOSH
  • The rate of fire is also somewhat decent(150 RPM)
  • Decent accuracy at all ranges, aiming from the hip is also pretty easy

9. SPX 464 Centerfire

Winchester but more accurate and slightly more deadly!

The SPX 464 deals 165 damage per hit, it’s extremely devastating when combined with the Sniper, Stability, and Rack ‘Em Up perks - pretty much everything that improves your damage percentage. It’s also worth adding that this weapon uses a red dot sight, which makes aiming at longer ranges an absolute breeze!

Anyways, this weapon still suffers from the same obnoxious reload pattern as the Winchester - getting stuck in a room with a bunch of Zeds while reloading this weapon is nothing good. The penetration value is also lackluster.

Why the SPX is awesome:

  • Deals over two times more damage than the Winchester
  • Costs only 650 DOSH, you can buy it on the second wave
  • You can purchase 3 upgrades in total(600, 700, 1500 DOSH)
  • The Gunslinger class can also use this weapon

8. Crossbow

Check the scope - I bet you can tell what’s the fate of that feller!

The Crossbow deals around 350 damage per bolt, it’s also worth mentioning that a direct hit to the head will cause a stun, which is useful against Fleshpounds, as well as Scrakes. If you shoot the bolt at a wall, you’ll be able to pick it up, which is a great DOSH-saver. Cheap and reliable!

Well, this thing might have some uses but the rate of fire is absolute crap. You WILL get killed if you happen to be in a cramped up corridor/room full of Zeds. 

What the Crossbow does well:

  • Headshots cause your targets to be stunned for a short period
  • 350 damage per bolt - that’s a lot!
  • The bolts have a very high penetration value, capable of eliminating a few Zeds at once
  • Costs only 650 DOSH, one thing this weapon has in common with the SPX!

7. Mosin Nagant

“A Soviet soldier executing a German soldier near Stalingrad, colorized”

I fired this weapon at my local shooting range. It’s long as hell and difficult to reload while standing. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, but KF2 makes it look easy. Anyways, this weapon deals 250 damage per hit and each magazine hold 5 bullets. Getting shot in the head with this thing might be hazardous…

A very unique weapon, soviet weebs love the Mosin but I can’t stand the small magazine clip, both IRL and this game. It’s also a bolt-action rifle, which means that you have to reload it every shot.

Why the Mosin is awesome:

  • Packs a massive punch, 250 damage per hit
  • Synergizes greatly with the Sniper/Stability perks
  • The Bayonet deals 100 damage per stabby-stab

6. M14 EBR

I want no teenage queen, I just want my M14!

Deals the same amount of damage as the Winchester, although it uses magazines. Each magazine can hold 20 bullets and the weapon is also equipped with a laser, which makes aiming extremely satisfying. In terms of visuals, this weapon looks pretty kick-ass!

For a weapon that costs 1100 DOSH, the damage is pretty crap. It also doesn’t have the same rate of fire as the FN FAL ACOG, which kinda makes it difficult to deal more damage in a shorter amount of time.

What the M14 does well:

  • Easy to aim with, thanks to the fancy laser
  • Cool visuals, make you look like some badass MACVSOG commando
  • Reasonably decent penetration value

5. HRG Beluga Beat

Turning Zeds into bloody mists!

Beluga is a rather strange weapon that releases sonic blasts, the primary fire mode deals around 100 damage per hit, while the alternative fire mode lets you charge a sonic blast and deal up to 240 damage per hit. This weapon is also known for its penetration, as well as for knocking away Zeds that are near you. Finally, it’s also worth knowing that this weapon deals 50% extra damage to Zeds with metal attached to them(Fleshpounds, Sirens, etc).

Very lackluster rate of fire and pretty expensive ammunition. I don’t know what else to whine about, I guess this weapon is not that fun for deaf people?

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Deals reasonably high amounts of damage
  • You also deal more damage to Zeds with metal armor
  • High amount of penetration, can go through multiple Zeds at once

4. Rail Gun

Sci-Fi sniper that automatically targets weak points of other Zeds!

This weapon is known for a few things - it deals incredible amounts of damage, plus it can also penetrate through many, many Zeds - this weapon has the highest penetration from all the other Sharpshooter guns. Another cool feature is the possibility of locking onto vulnerable body parts, like the head, for example, and dealing 280 damage per hit, with a 100% hit rate. You can also switch between modes and deal 560 damage, without the lock-on option.

The bad thing about this weapon is: It’s only a single-shot rifle. You have to reload it every time, which can be annoying and dangerous if this is your only weapon. Additionally, you also have to wait a little bit for the Rail Gun to lock onto a target. 

Why the Rail Rifle is awesome:

  • Very high amounts of damage(560 damage per normal hit, 280 damage per lock-on hit)
  • The highest penetration value in the game
  • Pretty good against bosses(Matriarch especially)

3. Compound Bow

Similar to a crossbow, although it has a few more uses.

The primary fire mode can be charged, which will increase the damage, as well as the speed of your arrows. It’s also possible to change between different arrows, the secondary ones can freeze your enemies in place, plus allow you some easy headshots. Finally, just like the Crossbow, you can collect arrows off of Zeds, as well as surfaces.

Obviously, this is a bow, which means that you’re not gonna have a high rate of fire while using this thing. When it comes to the price, this thing costs 2000 DOSH, with no upgrades available. 

Why the bow is still awesome:

  • You can shoot the bow instantly or charge it for higher damage
  • The charge mechanic doesn’t affect the penetration value
  • The accuracy is excellent at all ranges, although it depends on how long you charge your bow
  • The arrows can be picked from the ground if you miss your targets

2. M99 AMR

What the M99 AMR does to two Fleshpounds…

The M99 AMR deals a whopping 850 damage per hit - it’s fully capable of 1-shotting Scrakes and easily dealing with Fleshpounds if you have any freezing grenades available. Furthermore, this weapon has excellent accuracy and you can kill the most dangerous targets from half the map away!

This weapon, on the other hand, does not perform well in close quarters. The rate of fire is crap, as this weapon has to be reloaded after every shot. You wanna know the price of this thing? 2500 DOSH. Good luck making that much!

Why this is a beast of a rifle:

  • 1-shots Scrakes, 2-shots Fleshpounds
  • 850 damage per hit, Sharpshooter perks can enable you to deal even more damage
  • Can save your teammates from being overwhelmed if no one has sufficient enough firepower to deal with the bigger Zeds


Shooting from a long-range at incoming Zeds with the deadly FAL!

The semi-automatic fire mode should be used to kill swarms of Zeds, this way you won’t run out of ammo too fast. The secondary fire mode is full-auto, which is excellent against frozen Zeds, like the Scrakes and the Fleshpounds. As the name suggests, you get to enjoy an ACOG scope and that makes aiming extremely easy.

The recoil of the weapon is pretty rough, especially when firing this thing full auto. The damage is also crap but pretty high for a fully-automatic Sharpshooter weapon. It’s all about the perks that you use, if you know what you’re doing, this weapon will work great!

Why the FN FAL ACOG is awesome:

  • The full-auto is extremely overpowered against Scrakes
  • The Fleshpounds also get destroyed by this weapon, although you might need to kite them a little bit
  • The semi-automatic fire mode is great for elegantly picking off weaker/medium Zeds

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