[Top 5] Dead Island Best Characters For Solo

Dead Island Best Characters For Solo


So previously I have ranked Dead Island characters from the worst to the best in terms of gameplay, this time I’ll decide which characters will be the best for solo gameplay only, this time I will also include Ryder, he’s fun to play and has his own storyline!

I’ll be rating my characters based on what’s their HP percentage, their stamina, their perk trees, their specializations, and generally how well they perform when played alone. Anyways, let’s get to our WORST character!

5. Logan Carter

Oh waow the knif thrower so gud woaow!

This guy can be good only if you know how to play him properly. If there’s a huge group of zombies and you decide to throw your only knife at one of them and then be forced to fend them off with your fists, well, you’re done!

But the positive side of Logan is that he’s well versed in every specialization, which means that he can perform well in later stages of the game - he performs even better if you know what you’re doing with his perks. I tried to play as Logan but I always found the gameplay with him to be dull and not that powerful, thus this is why he’s getting a 5th spot. 

4. Purna Jackson


This sweetheart is a weapon specialist, but if you thought that you would get firearms at the beginning stages of the game, you were gravely mistaken. You’re gonna get guns somewhere around the city stage, which always disappointed me that I had to progress so long to get some piece of crap pistol.

Although once you get a hold of a firearm, you become extremely lethal towards non-zombie targets and very lethal towards anything if you manage to find a shotgun, better yet a CROWD PLEASER - it’s a legendary shotgun that I’ve mentioned in my previous article :-).

Most of the weapons are melee, which makes firearms unique and fascinating, unfortunately running out of ammo while surrounded by zombies means 1 thing - DEATH. Thus over-reliance on firearms is not suggested, carry at least 1 or 2 melee weapons in crucial situations. 

The reality of Purna is that sooner or later you’ll realize that you’re better off with melee weapons, and firearms only become useful when you’re fighting armed, human targets. And this is why Purna is getting the 4th spot - such a shame how this character was designed.

3. Ryder White

He’d do anything for his wifey!

This guy is pretty badass, he has his own storyline so don’t expect to start in a hotel like with Purna, Logan, Sam, or Xian - instead, you’re gonna start in a helicopter and crash later when one of your soldier buddies decided to become a zombie and bite the co-pilot.

Ryder is pretty good, you start as a level 15 character with 9 bars of HP, you can also stomp the heads of other zombies without upgrading that specific perk. The tree perks is a different story though, this guy doesn’t have his own tree perks, which is kind of a bummer, but his guns deal more damage and you’ll find more of them than in the previous playthrough.

So, the pros of Ryder are:

  • Start with a high level
  • You also start with 9 bars of HP
  • Guns deal more damage
  • You’re acquired with some perks at the start of your playthrough

The cons:

  • Ryder’s campaign doesn’t have any vendors
  • Can’t level up

2. Xian Mei

The machete lady!

Xian Mei is probably one of the most fun characters to play as, but of course, she’s not the best as a solo character, her low HP is often troublesome and the lack of perks that make up for it also sucks.

The upside of Xian is that she has very high stamina, even has a perk that lets her regenerate a certain percentage of stamina per killed zombie, which can make her an unstoppable genocide machine of zombies.

Weapons such as the Eviscerator go well with Xian, at that point she outperforms other characters in terms of damage, unfortunately for Xian, she’s a glass cannon with no perks that will make up for her very average HP bar. Besides the health points, she also tends to repair her stuff more often(cutting melee weapons break more often).

If not for the HP status she would have gotten the first spot!

1. Sam B


Yes, Sam B get’s the first spot, he’s the tankiest bastard there is who can take out multiple zombies before running out of stamina, he also has the capability of potentially 1-shotting opponents.

There are a few things that you might dislike about Sam B:

  • His awful stamina

AND THAT’S GODDAMN IT, because the pros of Sam B are:

  • High/Very High damage of his blunt weapons
  • High Force of his blunt weapons
  • You won’t die fast with Sam B(has a massive health pool)
  • Can even send zombies 100 kilometers into the sky!

And that’s why Sam B is so badass and reliable in dangerous situations, demolishes hordes of zombies with ease, and doesn’t give a crap about his stamina, because by the time his stamina runs out everything will be dead! PICK HIM, HE’S TOP 1!


Sam B, in my opinion, is the greatest pick for solo gameplay, the most fun is Xian, with her cutting capabilities, Ryder is for those who want to start with all the goodies, Purna is for players that like guns, and Logan, the worst character IMO, is for anyone that likes to throw stuff at zombies, like a monkey.

Now, now - you don’t have to agree with me, you can place Xian on the first spot or maybe even Logan(LMAO), but yeah - those were my top favorite characters to pick for solo gameplay and I hope you agree. Anyways, that’s all for today, love all of you, and thank you for reading this article <3!

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