Dead Island Best Characters (Ranked)

Dead Island Best Character

Howdy boys, I’ll let you know today who’s the best hero to pick in Dead Island - 4 main characters serve different purposes and offer fun in many other ways, I’ll tell you about their strengths and weaknesses and rate them from the worst to the best.

I won’t include any other characters, such as John Morgan or Cliff Calo - only the main characters like Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan Carter, and Purna Jackson. Anyways, enough of the intro, let’s get to the first character!

4. Logan Carter

Eh, this guy.

I remember playing Dead Island back in 2011 and since then I never touched this guy. He never appealed to me, but one day I decided to play him and quit after I threw my favorite knife at a zombie and the zombie decided to glitch through the floor and disappear.

This guy specializes in throwing things, usually sharp objects(knives, choppers, etc).

Although he’s my least favorite character to play, he has some pros - he can easily get rid of Thugs and not put himself in danger at the same time, same thing is with the Suicider. That’s it for Logan!

3. Purna Jackson


This chick specializes in ranged weapons(handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc) which might make you think that this is the best character ever - well, Purna could have been awesome if not for the clunky gun mechanics in Dead Island - weird aiming, some guns deal average damage(you’re better off using melee weapons) and generally unenjoyable gameplay. So yeah, stick to blunt/cutting melee weapons instead of trying out the horrible aiming system. And that’s pretty much why Purrrrrna is only getting the third spot!

2. Sam B

Sam B is the guy on the left. Btw what’s up with Xian’s eyes lol

Sam B is awesome and badass, he specializes in blunt weapons that can send zombies literally to the moon, one thing that sucks about Sammy is his nonexistent stamina that runs out after a 5-second hike. He deals pretty high DPS(can literally 1-shot zombies) and is fun as heck to play!

Pick this guy if you want to break the arms and legs of other zombies or just like the badassness of Sam-MDRFKIN-B!

1. Xian Mei

Where did his arms go?

She’s the one, the psychopathic lady that runs around with a machete dismembering poor zombies that she encounters on her journey out of the Banoi Island - according to the lore, she’s a Hong Kong spy too. She came to Banoi Island to spy on westerners, unfortunately(or fortunately(?) for her a zombie outbreak happened!

I believe that Xian deals the most damage out of the 4 and I think that dismemberment is far more entertaining than blunt weapons, firearms and throwing weapons combined! 

If you wish to leave a zombie with his/her arms cut off, feel free to pick Xian! She is my most favorite character to play and I’m 100% sure that you should try her out as well!


So pretty much yep. If I had to summarize this article in fewer words, it would look something like this:

  • Logan=poo-poo
  • Purna=Purrrrrr, but she’s still bad
  • Sam B=awesome, but still not as good as Xian
  • Xian=Crazy lady cutting everything to bits, awesome and badass!

Of course, you don’t have to listen to me. You might like Logan or Purna, I just gave out my honest opinion and analysis of these 4 characters and they’re all useful in their own way. Also, try out Dead Island, the game might be a little old, but it’s still fun as hell to play, especially if you played this game in your childhood!

That’s all for today, folks. See’ya and thank you for reading my article <3

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