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Friday The 13th the game Best Achievements
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Aside from the variety of rewards in Friday the 13th: The Game, such as killing Jason or escaping via the exit, players are awarded the thrilling gift of Achievement Badges. Achievements in Friday the 13th: The Game are earned by completing the game’s challenges, and in turn, helping to boost the gamerscore of players. Achievement Badges can be earned by playing as both a Counselor and as Jason, with an even split between them. 

Here’s an official list of some of the very best Achievements to earn in Friday the 13th: The Game.

What Are Achievements? 

Achievements allow players to accomplish more in games than just completing Objectives within the game itself. They are challenges created by the developers to further enhance the overall experience of the game.

#15: Gotta Kill Em All

  • Objective: Kill 1313 counselors.

This Achievement will require a decent amount of grind to be earned. When in a match as Jason, simply kill anyone and everyone you come across. The more kills, the closer to earning the Achievement.

#14: He's Back

  • Objective: Get killed by Jason.

In retrospect, both Jason and Counselors can earn Achievements for this. The more you’re killed by Jason, the more Achievements you get. While the more Jason kills, the more he gets. It’s a win-win.

#13: Heeeeere's Tommy!

  • Objective: Play as Tommy Jarvis 13 times.

Once Tommy Jarvis is called using the CB Radio, one of two dead or escaped Counselors has the chance to spawn as him. It’s completely luck of the draw, but getting selected as him more often than not will earn you an Achievement.

#12: Chad Is A Dick

  • Objective: Escape in the car or the boat by yourself while another counselor is still alive.

The ultimate betrayal of your teammates can score you a great Achievement. As self-explanatory as it gets, just escape in the boat solo while leaving the other Counselor back at camp to die by Jason’s hand. Using Chad makes it even better.

#11: This Is My Boomstick!

  • Objective: Shoot Jason with the shotgun 13 times.

Shotguns can be found in cabins or sometimes near the archery. Of course, Tommy also spawns in with one when he’s called. The more you shoot Jason, the more chances you have at earning this Achievement. Just don’t miss your shot.

#10: Voodoo Doll

  • Objective: Hit counselors with throwing knives 13 times.

Throwing Knives are often found lodged inside of lamp posts and trees around the map. Pretend Counselors are one large dartboard and let the knives fly. Advice: Choosing a Jason with lots of Throwing Knives helps.

#9: New Threads

  • Objective: Put on Pamela's sweater.

Only selecting a Female Counselor will help you earn this Achievement, as only they can put on Pamela’s Sweater. This Achievement isn’t easily performed, as you first have to locate Jason’s Shack and put on the Sweater before he Morphs to your location. Good luck.

#8: Cooking With Jason Vorhees

  • Objective: Perform the fireplace kill.

Chef Jason is cooking up his favorite Counselors with this Achievement. Fireplaces can be found both in outside areas near roads and inside cabins. Grab a Counselor, drag them over to the fireplace and cook yourself some Counselor-salted dinner.

#7: Jack of All Jasons

  • Objective: Play a multiplayer match as each one of the Jasons.

This Achievement is pretty straightforward when trying to accomplish. Play and finish a match with each of the six individual standard Jasons to earn this Achievement. It gives you experience when controlling each of the Jasons while testing their strengths and weaknesses.

#6: A Ph.D. in Murder

  • Objective: Perform every kill in the game at least once.

This Achievement can be earned by completing every Environmental Kill and Grab Kill in the game, Weapon and Non-Weapon. Many of the kills also required using a particular Jason, so understanding which kills each Jason does is important to earn this.

#5: Goalie

  • Objective: Pick up Jason's mask.

Before you earn this Achievement, Jason’s mask needs to be knocked off first. The mask can be knocked off by using a variety of weapons, such as the Machete or the Axe. Once the mask is off, you’ll walk over to it on the ground and press the button that pops up, which will “put” the mask in the Counselor’s pocket.

#4: Face Off

  • Objective: Knock Jason’s mask off 13 times.

In order to appreciate Jason’s true grotesque nature, you have to knock his mask off. Knocking his mask off a total of 13 times can result in a great Achievement, which not many players often get. Put that Machete or Axe to work and get to mask-hunting!

#3: That's A Good Boy

  • Objective: Stun Jason with Pamela’s Sweater 13 times.

Like New Threads, this Achievement is achieved by using Pamela’s Sweater to Stun Jason, stopping him dead in his tracks. This is one of the more popular Achievements in the game, as it rewards 50 gamerscore points. The more you Stun, the better your chances are of unlocking this Achievement.

#2: Jason Goes To Hell

  • Objective: Kill 666 counselors.

Much like Gotta Kill Em All, this achievement requires a dedication to killing Counselors as Jason Vorhees. One of the most fascinating attractions to this Achievement is the “666” use, which pays tribute to Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.

#1: Roll Credits

  • Objective: Kill Jason.

Before you can kill Jason, several important steps must be completed first. Tommy Jarvis must be called using the CB Radio. A Female Counselor must then find Jason’s Shack and put on Pamela’s Sweater. Lastly, Jason’s mask needs to be knocked off. Once that formula is complete, Counselors and Tommy Jarvis alike can come together to bring the final act to Jason’s performance.

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