[Top 10] Friday The 13th Best Kills

Friday The 13th The Game Best Kills
Pig Splitters aren't JUST for pigs!

In a disastrous virtual world where Pig Splitters and Pick Axe’s come hand in hand, Jason Vorhees is responsible for some of the goriest, blood-curdling kills in the Friday the 13th franchise as a whole. Known for his brute strength and near-immortality, Jason’s next kills are even more savage than his last. In Friday the 13th: The Game, eager players have the chance to control Jason himself as he wreaks havoc on the teenage camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. Each version of Jason is equipped with his own style of weapon and unique list of abilities, as well as individual kills of mayhem.

Wondering which kills are slated as the absolute best? Yearning for all of the juicy bragging rights that come along with being a blood-shedding Jason? Allow this list to introduce you to some of the best kills in Friday the 13th: The Game’s interactive legacy.

Types of Kills

  • Grab Kill: execution kills that Jason can implement once he grabs a counselor
  • Environmental Kill: execution kills that Jason can conduct using the environment around him to assist in killing a counselor

The Very Best

10. Neutered

Save money on those veterinarian bills by taking matters into your own hands! Perhaps one of the most gruesome kills in the game, Neutered allows Jason Vorhees to tear through counselors’ reproductive organs with a bloody force. Technically known as the Crotch Chop, though more commonly referred to as Neutered, this kill is utilized as a Grab Kill by Part 4 Jason. 

How it works: Jason grabs his counselor of choice, tosses them to the ground, and drives his Pig Splitter into their crotch. As the counselor writhes in pain, Jason removes his Pig Splitter and delivers it into the side of the counselor’s neck, effectively killing them.

9. Swirly

This particular visit to the “John” shows no end in sight. That is until your throat is full of toilet water as Jason’s meaty hands press your head down further. Swirly involves Jason using the toilet inside of any cabin to bring a painful demise to his victims. Also sometimes referred to as the Toilet Drown, this kill is utilized as an Environmental Kill by any Jason in a cabin with a toilet.

How it works: Jason grabs his counselor of choice by the throat, brings them over to a nearby toilet, and uses his strength to force their head into the toilet by pressing the button that shows up. As the counselor struggles, their lungs fill with water as Jason continues to hold their head down until the counselor stops moving and dies.

8. Can Opener

No, we aren’t talking about a can of tomato soup. As one of the coolest-looking kills in the game, Can Opener is as diabolical as it sounds. Can Opener sees Jason using his Pick Axe to slice into the side of any counselor’s head. This kill is utilized as a Grab Kill and is exclusively performed by Part 2 Jason. 

How it works: Once Jason grabs hold of his selected counselor, he pushes them with a force so that they go stumbling backward. He then lifts his Pack Axe and swings it, delivering a blow to the side of the counselor’s head. He then places his hand on the axe’s handle and turns the counselor’s head all the way around, snapping their neck and killing them. 

7. Wall Head Crush

Have a sudden headache? Jason will take care of that by crushing your head in completely! Wall Head Crush sees Jason using the wall to assist in him slaughtering whichever counselor is within his grasp. This kill is utilized as an Environmental Kill executed by any Jason inside of a building. 

How it works: When inside of a building, Jason grabs the counselor by the throat and carries them over towards a wall. After hitting the button that pops up, Jason pins the back of the counselor’s head to the wall. As they struggle, Jason pushes his palm against their face and crushes their skill, killing them immediately.

6. Tree Arm Rip Off

This kill gives a new meaning to the ‘tree huggers’ term. Tree Arm Rip Off is arguably one of the more gruesome environmental kills. This kill sees Jason using a tree in the woods area of the camp to brutalize his victims. This kill is utilized as an Environmental Kill done by any Jason near a tree.

How it works: While chasing a counselor through the woods, Jason grabs them and brings them over to a tree in close proximity. After pressing the button that pops up, Jason will force the counselor against the tree’s trunk and swing around to the back of the tree while holding the counselor’s arms. Jason continues to pull the arms back until they rip completely off.

5. Jaw Rip

Open up wide and say ahh! Talk about a jawbreaker, eh? File this kill under one of the goriest kills in the entire game. Jaw Rip allows Jason’s fingers to pry into the counselor’s mouth to get a closer look… no wait, to rip their face completely in half. This kill is utilized as a Grab Kill performed by any Jason. 

How it works: Jason simply grabs the counselor, he then forces them to their knees. While their knees are on the ground, he sticks his fingers into their mouth while he balances his other hand on the top of their forehead. He finishes this up by sticking both hands in the counselor’s mouth until he rips their jaw completely off.

4. Dismember 

In Jason’s mind, you don’t need your limbs. Bloody and terrifying, this is a guilty pleasure by many players as one of the game’s best kills. Dismember sees Jason using his Machete to literally chop off parts of a counselor’s body. This kill is utilized as a Grab Kill and executed using Part 7 Jason. 

How it works: Jason grabs his counselor of choice by the throat and throws them to the ground below. Jason proceeds to step on the counselor with one foot while he swings his Machete upwards and chops off one of the counselor’s arms. He then chops off the other arm, followed by delivering his Machete through the middle of the counselor’s head. He finishes this off by literally stepping on their head, killing them in a bloodbath.

3. Graveyard Fence

Luckily when they’re dead, they’re already near a graveyard. A personal favorite of many players, the Graveyard Kill brings a painful, awful demise to any counselor. Graveyard Fence sees Jason using the fence in a graveyard to impale a counselor. This kill is utilized as an Environmental Kill and is done by any Jason in the graveyard. 

How it works: After Jason grabs the counselor running through the graveyard, he walks them over to the nearby fence. After the button that pops up is pressed, Jason lifts the counselor up into the air and tosses them onto the spikes of the fence, impaling their body.

2. Head Punch

Ever heard that phrase ‘you’d lose your head if your shoulders weren’t connected?’ Well, Jason is a fan. Head Punch sees Jason using his mighty fist to knock the head off of any counselor that he’s tracking down. While it’s a simple kill, it’s heavily favored by many players for its brutal simplicity. This kill is utilized as a Grab Kill and can be performed by any Jason. 

How it works: Once Jason catches up to a running counselor, he grabs them by the throat and picks them up. He then stands them up in front of him and swings his fist around. While the counselor’s arms are flailing, Jason uses all of his might to knock their head off their shoulders with one huge punch.

1. Chop Suey

Jason’s chopping up his least favorite counselors for dinner! The absolute best kill in Friday the 13th: The Game, and a personal favorite of mine, Chop Suey is both gory and mesmerizing. Chop Suey sees Jason bringing a quick, though extremely painful end to the counselor of his choosing. This kill is utilized as a Grab Kill and is performed by Part 4 Jason. 

How it works: After Jason gets a counselor in his strong clutches, he delivers his Pig Splitter into the side of their face. He then uses his foot to kick the counselor in the stomach, knocking them to the ground below. Jason then turns his Pig Splitter on its side, and as he hovers above the counselor, he pushes the Pig Splitter down and completely chops their head off. No ounce of remorse behind that hockey mask.

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