[Top 5] Friday the 13th Best Weapons for Jason

Friday the 13th the game Best Weapons for Jason
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Axe’s, and Spears, and Splitters, oh my! One of the most appealing aspects of Friday the 13th: The Game is all of the available weapons that Jason has at his vengeful disposal. As if Jason’s hefty hands weren’t bad enough, equipping him with a weapon makes him that much more dangerous. From Savini Jason’s Trident to commonly used Bear Traps, the chance for counselors to escape Camp Crystal Lake in one piece feels impossible. 

Traditionally, each Jason is awarded his own signature weapon. Typically, these are reflections off of his actual weapons in the films. As such, Part 5 Jason would spawn in each match using the Shears as his weapon. However, with recent patches to the game, Weapon Swapping now occurs when players reach Level 113. Weapon Swapping is a feature that allows players using Jason to switch weapons between each version of Jason. Meaning, Part 5 Jason can then use a Machete instead!

Despite all of the impressive weapons to offer in the game, only a select few are considered the very best. Here’s a list to make you the most terrifying Jason at camp!

5. Shears



  • Decent range
  • Equipped with exciting kills 


  • Gets stuck easily
  • Doesn’t look threatening

Often a topic of debate, players have split down the middle when it comes to the Shears. While some have strong gripes with its lack of a more frightening appearance, others consider it to be a decent weapon with an actual good stretch of range. It’s an especially good weapon for playing a match and simply trying to slice through counselors and gain as many XP points as you possibly can. It’s a weapon better used for destruction rather than making sure counselors don’t escape, but it can still be a useful weapon.

4. Fire Axe



  • Strong range
  • Great destruction capability


  • Gets stuck easily
  • Slower speed

Some of the best grab kills in the game are equipped with having the Fire Axe as the weapon of choice. In addition, the Fire Axe has a slightly bigger range stretch compared to other one-handed weapons in the game. The animation kills for the Fire Axe are also impressive, and part of the reason why the Fire Axe causes so much destruction. While it does get stuck easily and have a slower swinging speed, it will undoubtedly cause damage when it connects. Equipping this weapon with a Jason with increased Weapon Strength is a deadly combination that will have you killing everyone in sight.

3. Spear



  • Increased range
  • Lower swing arch


  • Difficult to use
  • Slow swinging speed

One of the reasons the Spear is so popular among players is its ability to quickly break down doors quickly. This can prove to be highly essential when chasing down counselors that have jumped through a window into a cabin. The spear also has an excellent reach, which can often attack counselors that are a fair distance away from a player controlling Jason. It can also break windows from a considerable distance and doesn’t typically get stuck unless you’re close to a window or door. Basically, if it falls into the right hands, the Spear has the potential to be the most deadly weapon in the entire game.

2. Pig Splitter



  • Deadly kills
  • Excellent range


  • Not visually frightening 

As one of the two fastest one-handed weapons in the game, the Pig Splitter is a renowned favorite. It’s the perfect weapon to utilize when in the hands of a relentless Jason player who yearns for nothing but destruction. The Pig Splitter yields the fastest door destruction, along with a collection of brutal kills that leave a bloody demise for counselors. To add, it’s also one of the coolest-looking weapons in the game. It’s difficult to even come up with a con for the Pig Splitter, but every weapon always has its weaknesses. Just a badass weapon overall with a variety of sadistic kills, a fast swing, and impressive range.

1. Machete



  • Quick speed
  • Fast at breaking down doors


  • Counselors can easily dodge it

Along with Pig Splitter, the Machete is the fastest one-handed weapon in the game, and the absolute king of weaponry when it comes to breaking down doors in a hurry. If you’re lucky, you can even get a good slash at a counselor before they barricade the door on you in an attempt to stay alive. The weapon becomes even more destructive when equipped with a Jason that has incredible Weapon Strength and Durability. The Machete is fast to swing and it doesn’t get stuck as easily in objects compared to other weapons. Slap Jason with a Machete and slice up some counselors like vegetables.

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