The Best Friday the 13th Tips and Tricks

friday the 13th tips and tricks
Tips and tricks on how to survive a night with Jason

The Best Friday The 13th Tips and Tricks 

Learn to avoid being killed by Jason in Friday the 13th. Unfortunately the counselor in the sleeping bag didn't have any tips.

Learn to avoid being killed by Jason in Friday the 13th. Unfortunately the counselor in the sleeping bag didn't have any tips.

Try To Survive Your Visit To Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th: The Game has been out for almost a year now, and it still has a large following. The game is available on all major platforms via download or hardcopy. With summer coming up, visiting Camp Crystal Lake is a great way to spend those hot days. If you do decide to visit the well known camp, here are a few tips on how to survive, or successfully walk in Jason’s footsteps.

Adam runs with the battery hoping to escape in the car.

Friday The 13th Survival Guide and How To Win

Surviving the rampage of a psychotic killer is never easy, especially when that killer is Jason Voorhees. It is even harder when you are limited to the skills of the selectable counselors in Friday the 13th. This guide is meant to help you survive no matter who you play as.


Your number one line of defense while at camp is going to be knives. Unfortunately for you knives are not easy to come by. You must search for them and find them in drawers or various other places in the map, like on picnic tables and around campfires. There are a limited number of these per match, so it is essential to keep an eye out and stock up on them. Knives will help you if you ever get grabbed by Jason by stunning him and allowing you to get away. Knives are also useful when you come across one of Jason’s traps, letting you set it off without causing any damage or alerting Jason.


Like the knives, health spray can be found in drawers and around campfires, but they can also be found in the cabin bathrooms. If you ever find yourself having to jump through a closed window or step into one of Jason’s traps, you are going to take some damage. The health spray, obviously, will raise your health and keep you running. Keeping health sprays in your inventory will assure you that no matter the damage you take, you will be able to survive.


Firecrackers are another useful item to have in your inventory. When you use the firecrackers, they will go off for a short amount of time, stunning Jason. They are good to use when you are running low on stamina and need to take a breather. If Jason walks within range of the firecrackers, he will be stunned for a short time, hopefully giving you enough of a breather to escape.


Every good survivor needs a weapon to defend themselves. When you have run out of knives, health spray, and firecrackers, your weapon is your last line of defense. There are a number of weapons that you can pick up around the map: shotgun, flare gun, axe, pipe, machete, pots, sticks, wrench, 2x4, fire poker, and a baseball bat. Some of these weapons deal more damage to Jason and are more effective. However, any weapon is better than no weapon.

The best weapons are the heavy hitters such as the bat, wrench, axe, and shotgun. These have the best chance of stunning Jason and dealing damage. Using the flare gun to stun Jason will also reveal his location on the map to every other counselor, warning them to stay away. If you are gutsy enough to face Jason with your strongest swing, you may be able to stun him. This is a good tactic that gives you a chance to duck into a close by cabin. Careful when using the shotgun to shoot Jason when fellow counselors are close by, because you may kill them in the process.


The map is an essential tool for a counselor. Maps can be found in the drawers of the cabins and do not take up one of your item slots, so it is always useful to have. They can also be found at a map stand, usually near the main buildings of each map. The cars, boat, and exits are all shown on your map, along with the cabins and campfire sites. You can also open your map to see where the other counselors are located. Jason will show up on the map when he is close by or if somebody uses the flare gun. The map is also useful to let you know where the cops are when they arrive.

Walkie Talkie

The walkie talkie is needed for effective communication with fellow counselors across the map. Communication is key when attempting to repair the boat, car, or phone box. With the walkie talkie you can coordinate installation plans while also keeping tabs on where Jason is.


By finding and using the radio you will call for help, which comes in the form of Tommy Jarvis. When two or more counselors have been killed or escaped, one will return as Tommy. This character comes as a support to the rest of the counselors, with the sole purpose of helping others escape or to kill Jason.


The car is the primary way to escape Jason’s clutches. It requires three parts before it will be ready to run: keys, battery, and gas. All of these items can be found in cabins. It is usually best to search for these items in the cabins closest to the car. If you are one of the smarter characters (A.J., Adam, Deborah, Tommy, LaChappa, Fox, Mitch, or Sheldon) you should take your item to the nearest car and repair it. Unfortunately, if you are carrying the battery or gas back to the car, you will not have a weapon. It is a good idea to get one of your teammates to escort you to the car and protect you while you fix it. If you are playing with a character that doesn’t have a good repair (Buggzy, Chad, Jenny, Tiffany, or Vanessa) and you find a car part, drop the part beside the car or drop it where you find it. This will make the parts location visible for all players, allowing someone else to pick it up.

While fixing the car, be on the lookout for traps placed around it. You can use the knife to disarm them, or have someone with a health spray sacrifice themselves by stepping in the trap. Be careful though, because stepping in a trap will alert Jason to your location. When the car is started, everyone has to be quick getting in, because Jason will likely show up. Jason can slam the hood of the car, stopping it and forcing it to restart. The restart can take a few seconds allowing Jason time to grab anyone, especially the driver, killing them.

If Jason does stop the car, have everyone get out and attack Jason with their weapons. It is important to try and have a good weapon before getting into the car. If the stun is successful, this should give the driver enough time to restart the car and make the escape. If it is not successful, it is a good idea for everyone to run and regroup before they try again. When starting the car it is sometimes easier to drive backwards than forwards. It is easier to control and it is harder for Jason to stop the car. If you are a confident enough driver you can swerve around Jason, making him look foolish as you and your friends escape. Also, try driving through the woods instead of on the road. This way has more obstacles for you to dodge, but it also makes it harder for Jason to get to the car.


The boat is another way for you and one other friend to escape. There are only two parts needed to fix the boat: gas and propeller. The same strategy that is used for fixing the car can be used for fixing the boat, but there is one key difference between the two. The boat has a silent start that Jason will not hear. This gives you the chance of a sneaky escape.

Before you get in the boat make sure you know which way the exit is. Keep an eye out for Jason in the water and listen for his music. If he appears, you can start to zig-zag the boat, making it very difficult for him to get to you. If Jason does catch you, he will flip the boat and can drown you easily while you are trying to swim away. Swim as fast as possible to the nearest bit of land, otherwise you are a sitting duck. No weapon or accessory will work in the water, so if you try to escape on the boat, make it count. 


One of the hardest ways to escape is through the cops. However, this is the most effective way to get everyone to safety. However, Jason realizes this as well and will likely be on high alert when it comes to people repairing the phone. All that is needed to repair the phone is the phone fuse. Since the phone is so essential to everyone’s escape, Jason has likely set traps by the phone box and you will need to disarm them before repairing. While someone is repairing the box outside, it is a good idea to have somebody by the phone inside, ready to call the cops. Jason can destroy the phone mid-call, which means you have to start over. If you get the phone box repaired and the cops are called, Jason will be alerted, so it is a good idea to get as far away as quickly as possible.

Once the cops are called, you have to wait five minutes for them to arrive. This is a good time to stock up on supplies, hide, or help the others repair the car or boat. If you decide to hide, try hiding close to an exit, with hopes that the cops will show up here. When the cops arrive, Jason will likely be hanging around the exit, trying to stop you from escaping. This is when weapons and supplies are the most crucial. If there are other players still alive, try teaming up with them in your escape, giving you a greater chance of not getting killed.

​Think about hiding in dark corners like Adam. Jason may not see you and he may walk right past


In a game where you are trying to escape from a serial killer, there is going to be an abundance of hiding and running. If you are a stealthy character, you can merely crouch and this will lessen the chance of you being seen by Jason’s sense. However, if you are not a stealthy character, come up with some creative places to hide. The game allows you to hide in wardrobes and under the bed, but those aren’t always the best place to hide. Coming up with creative places to hide allows you to have a quick defense and will make it harder for Jason to find you. Hiding behind doors is one of the most effective ways to hide. There are some doors that open into a room creating a small space behind it, giving you the perfect cover. Another creative hiding tip is to find a dark spot in a cabin and hide in plain sight. This is most effective when you have a character with dark clothing on. Jason may run right past without noticing you.

Once the jig is up and your hiding spot has been exposed, it is time to run. This can be easy if you have one of the faster characters, but you may need to learn how to dodge and rest if you are using the slower characters. Stamina is absolutely crucial when you are running, so it is best not to sprint constantly, because this uses your stamina faster. You can usually keep Jason at bay by running at normal speed and only sprinting when absolutely necessary. Take as many stamina rebuilding breaks as possible. This may mean that you have to jump through a closed window, risking injury. Again, that is why health sprays are important. If you are using a character with low stamina, it might come to a point where you are forced to fight and hopefully stun Jason. Cabin hopping is also very effective by moving between cabins, using the various windows and rooms to your advantage.

When you get in a cabin, you can set a trap at the front or back door, causing Jason to get stuck for a moment. Lock the door and place the trap directly in front of it. When Jason breaks down the door, he will not see the trap under the broken door and will step in it, giving you a few more precious seconds to escape.

Fighting Jason

When you can no longer run or hide, it is time to turn and fight. Ultimately, fighting Jason serves two purposes. One, to try and stun him so you can escape. The best way to do this is either get in a fighting stance and take a swing at him before he grabs you, or turn abruptly while running from Jason and take a swing at him. This will hopefully catch him off guard and allow you to land a hit.

The second purpose behind fighting is to deal damage to Jason. In order for Tommy Jarvis to kill Jason, he has to take enough damage for his mask to fall off. This is most effective when you are attacking Jason with a few of your friends. Remember, strength in numbers.

Killing Jason

Okay, so Jason’s mask is off and Tommy Jarvis is on the scene. What now? It is time to kill Jason. Killing Jason is not easy, to say the least, but it is rewarding. There are a lot of steps involved and it takes a lot of teamwork in order for this to happen. Tommy needs to be on the scene and Jason needs to have been dealt enough damage for his mask to fall off. Once his mask falls off, you can kill him. However, you will also need his mother’s sweater.

In order to get the sweater, a female character must put it on after finding it at Jason’s shack. The shack is not visible on the map, but it is usually located in one of the more remote areas. When someone enters the shack, Jason will be alerted and undoubtedly will come running. The sweater has to be used by a female character. They can use the sweater in order to pretend to be Mrs. Voorhees and stun Jason momentarily. However, if you intend to kill Jason, you better hold off from using its ability right away.

Once Tommy picks up a machete or an axe, all of the pieces are in place, and it is now time for you to become the hunter. It is easiest with at least three people. One being Tommy, another being the female with the sweater, and the last being somebody with a nice weapon. Once you find Jason and his mask is off, stun him with the sweater. This will cause Jason to pause. Once he is stunned by the sweater, have the third member hit him with a weapon to knock him to his knees, Tommy can then interact with him and stick his machete through his face, killing Jason.

Be sure to choose a Jason you are comfortable with. Each have different specialities. As a beginner it is wise to use a Jason that can run.

Friday The 13th Killer Guide - How To Win as Jason

You are tired of being chased by Jason and now you want to put on his shoes. Well, it is not as easy as it looks in the movies. Sometimes it is harder to succeed as Jason than it is as a counselor, but here are some tips and tricks to make it look easy.


When the match first starts, you only have access to one special ability, teleport. When you use teleport, you can choose anywhere on the map to automatically jump to. Teleport and shift are both essential abilities that will help you catch your victims easily, and so they are to be used sparingly. You don’t want teleport to be in the middle of a cool down when you hear a trap go off. You won’t be able to teleport and catch whoever set off the trap. That is why it is important to only use it when necessary.


Sense is one of the most useful abilities and typically cools down faster than the other abilities. You can use this when you are unsure of where counselors are hiding. Using sense will highlight the counselors in red if they are outside and will highlight a cabin red if somebody is inside. You may also notice random white rings that pulse on the screen in particular directions. Those are sound waves created by running counselors, so pay attention to them and head in that direction.

Like teleport, you want to use this sparingly. Shift allows you to move extremely fast, undetected by counselors. This makes it easy to sneak up on them for a quick scare. This is an ability that you want to use wisely and is very effective for catching a counselor quickly.


Stalk is one of the most underrated abilities Jason has. It doesn’t become available until almost halfway through a match, but when it is available, it is effective. Typically, counselors will hear haunting music when Jason is nearby. However, when you use stalk their music doesn’t change and they will be surprised when you sneak up behind them.


Breaking down doors is a tedious way to get to counselors inside a cabin or room. They often barricade a door and escape unnoticed when you are trying to break it down. However, halfway through a match you get rage, which allows you to bust through a door immediately, making it more difficult for players to rest and hide.


Grabbing counselors as they attempt to flee is one of the most satisfying parts of the game. You have to be in close proximity in order to grab, but when you do, you can activate a special kill. Some of these kills are long and elaborate, while others are short and to the point. It is a good idea to have at least one short kill in your lineup in order to eliminate a counselor quickly, before their friends get to far away. Sometimes the longer animations will give counselors enough time to scatter and hide, which can be frustrating. There are other ways to kill when you grab as well. You can use objects in the map to assist you. For example, you can use a fireplace, birdbath, campfire, wall, window, sleeping bag, or tree as alternative ways to kill.


Slashing is another effective way to eliminate your enemy. This will cause damage to them, but may take a little longer. However, by slashing at a wounded enemy, you eliminate the risk of getting stunned by a pocket knife. This form of attack is most beneficial when you know for a fact that somebody has a pocket knife. For example, Tommy Jarvis always enters the game with a knife, so slash him before he can use it on you.


The first thing you want to do as Jason is teleport to the phone box and set a trap or two in front of it. Since the telephone is used to call the cops, which allows anyone to escape, this is something you want to make as hard as possible from the beginning. After the phone is trapped, head to the car and place a trap in front of the battery, gas tank, and driver door. This will slow the counselors down when trying to fix the car. They also serve as an alarm system, because when a counselor steps in one you are alerted and can see on the map where it is. Use your teleport to get there and take them out for good.

Traps are also effective when chasing those pesky counselors who keep jumping through windows. You can set one under a window and when they go out of it, they will be trapped. This will give you the chance needed to punish them for running.

Throwing Knives

At the beginning of the match you will start out in Jason’s shack. There are two throwing knives in there you can grab to add to your arsenal. Throwing knives can be hard to master, but they are effective when you do. They are best used on the counselors who clearly run faster than you. Hitting them with a knife will cause damage and slow them down enough for you to catch them. They are also useful for counselors who jump through windows when you are hot on their trail. When they jump through a window pull out your throwing knife and wait for them to stand up. When they do, throw the knife and inflict some damage.

Phone and Cops

As mentioned above, the phone is one of the most effective ways for counselors to escape. It allows them to call the cops and opens an escape for everyone. Trap the phone box as soon as possible so that they will struggle to fix it. Another thing that you should do is break all the windows and doors to the phone house. This will make it harder for the counselors to escape when they call the cops. If the cops do get called, you will hear it immediately and know somebody is at the phone house. Teleport there and take out the people who called. Having the doors open will allow you to get to them quicker than they can get away. Also, be listening out for the phone box to spark. When a counselor messes up when trying to fix the box, it will make a phone noise, alerting you that somebody is there. If they fix the phone box and start calling the cops, you can destroy the box mid-call. They will have to start over and it will be more difficult with you there.

When the cops are called there will be a five minute gap before they arrive. However, there is no clock that shows you this amount of time. The counselors will see it, but you will not. This allows them to be able to be close to exits and ready to sprint to safety, putting you at a disadvantage. As a player, it is a good idea to have a way to track time when the cops are called, whether by watch, phone, or clock. This will allow you to be just as prepared for the cop’s arrival as the counselors. When they do arrive things will get hard for you. There might be multiple counselors running for the exit at once. This means you may only be able to take out a few, being forced to allow some to survive. This is a good time to use the slashing method, which will slow everyone down and allow you to get more than one kill. Be careful not to get too close to the exit however, because the cops will shoot you and stun you.


The car is another place you should set up traps right from the start. Sometimes there is more than one car on a map. Go for the blue car, because it is the four seater, which allows four people to escape. Like the phone box, be listening for the mistakes of people trying to fix the vehicle. You will be alerted of their attempts and be able to break up their escape party. Luckily for you, the car is very loud when it starts, so you will know as soon as it does. Teleport in front of the car if possible and you will be able to stop it. This will cause the driver to have to restart the car, giving you time to wreak havoc. When you stop a car, go for the driver first to be sure he doesn’t restart the car. The other people in the car may come to try and defend their friend, so choose a quick kill to get it over with. Once the driver is out of the way, set a trap by the driver door if you have anymore. If not, go after the other counselors. If you leave the area where the car broke down, keep an eye on it from your map, so you can see if anybody tries to go again.


The boat may be the hardest escape route to defend. Since it is located by a dock, setting traps there is almost pointless. Unlike the car, the boat is silent when it starts and the counselors may escape before you even realize it is fixed. In order to catch the boat, you need to frequently check your map to make sure the boat isn’t moving. If it is, teleport close to the exit and wait on it to get close before attacking. The driver will have a hard time seeing you in the water, so take advantage of that. When you stop the boat you will flip the counselors out of it and they will be easy to drown. Continue to keep an eye on the boat, because somebody can swim out to it and restart it without you knowing.

Don’t get killed

Sometimes you will be placed in a map with people whose sole desire is to kill you as Jason. Don’t get killed. This is one of the most embarrassing things to happen to you, since it is one of the hardest things for counselors to accomplish. There are a few ways to be sure you do not get killed. First, kill Tommy Jarvis. Without Tommy it is impossible for you to be killed. So, if you see him running around camp, take him out as quickly as possible. There is another essential part of the counselors plot to kill you; they have to get your mother’s sweater. You will know when they are at your shack, because you will hear your mom say, “they are coming for me, Jason.” This is a sure sign that they want to kill you. Get there as fast as you can by teleporting and figure out who has your mom’s sweater. Target that person alone, and kill them. Without the sweater, the counselors cannot kill you.

Last, but not least, run if you have to. This seems strange at first since you are the one killing, but if the counselors are after you, they will not stop until they are dead themselves. So, if you seem outnumbered and are under attack, teleport to another spot on the map to regroup. Use a combination of stalk, teleport, and shift to pick off the counselors one by one. They will soon rethink their attempt on your life

​Friday the 13th: The Game Launch Trailer

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