UFOs and little green men get a reboot in The Hum - and they're terrifying

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The Hum Universe is dominated by aliens - and they are scarier than you remember them.

Get ready for a new invasion

The Hum is an upcoming franchise of horror games taking place in an extensive sci-fi universe. There  are currently three games that are reported to be in production: The Hum Game, The Alien Invasion Simulator, and The Hum: Abductions, which acts as a prequel for them both. Little is currently known about the franchise as a whole, but the developer Thotwise Games has stated that it is a new take on alien invasions and abductions - so generally, we're getting new lore.

Even the ships have gotten a terrifying makeover, giving birth to something completely new.

Terrifying revelations arise in The Hum: Abductions

Though The Hum is shaking up the alien narrative, it still employs some iconic imagery to get its point across.

The prequel, whose release date is currently TBA, players take on the role of Holly Sanders, a widow dealing with the aftermath of her husband's mysterious disappearance. The player must interact with environments and uncover the truth about the Sanders family and their connection with something more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

Keep an eye on this hot new franchise

The new aliens still have hallmarks of E.T. and the little grey men, but they are significantly bigger and more frightening.

All in all, The Hum is looking like it could revive the classic alien narrative. The Hum Universe seems like a rich world filled with extraterrestrial threats, and gamers are very excited to see what this franchise has to offer the sci-fi horror genre. You can follow the franchise and get news and updates on their website or on Facebook or Twitter.

The Hum: Abductions Trailer

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