Apex Legends Tier List [Apex Legends Best And Worst Characters Revealed]

Apex Legends Tier List

S-Tier - The best legends in the game. Whether it's high-tier movement or information gathering, these legends do it all and incredibly well.

  • Revenant
  • Octane
  • Horizon
  • Seer
  • Wraith
  • Mad Maggie


A-Tier - Each legend in this tier is more than usable in casual play, but do very well in ranked as well. They have well-rounded abilities and aren't really in need of any major changes

  • Pathfinder
  • Valkyrie
  • Ballistic
  • Ash
  • Bloodhound
  • Loba


B-Tier - Most legends here need some sort of upgrade to truly make them better. They can all be used effectively in the right hands, but aren't as powerful as others higher up on this list.

  • Rampart
  • Bangalore
  • Wattson
  • Newcastle
  • Mirage
  • Catalyst


C-Tier - Legends here need major reworks to truly make them viable in higher-tier play and ranked. Whilst they are fun characters to play, they seemingly don't really have much of a place in the current meta-game.

  • Lifeline
  • Vantage
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic 
  • Fuse


Revenant (S-Tier)

Up in S-Tier is none other than Revenant, who recently went from zero to hero with his rework at the beginning of season 18. With his newfound power, Revenant quickly became one of the best legends in the game for a few reasons. 

Gone are his pretty mediocre abilities and terrible ultimate, instead, Revenant is a high-tier movement legend with an insane ultimate that makes him nearly unkillable if used correctly.

In season 18, use Revenant to climb up and around walls, skirt along the floor at high speeds, and pounce on your enemies all whilst taking reduced damage and regenning your oversheld after each knock. Revenant is a beast in combat, a fantastic casual pick and a great choice in high-tier games like Ranked and Scrims.

What Makes Revenant S-Tier?

  • His movement is sublime, allowing him to move towards enemies with ease
  • He can also get his pounce back after a knock in his ultimate
  • His wall climbing got a massive buff, meaning he can now move horizontally as well making for some sneaky plays
  • Revenant’s ultimate is a great choice for pushing enemies or getting into cover
  • Use his ultimate and knock enemies to regen his shield and pounce on more foes


Octane (S-Tier)

Octane is another Legend that sits pretty at the top of this tier list and for good reason. Ever since his launch back in season 1, Octane has been the epitome of speed in Apex Legends. If you want to run fast, hit fast and loot fast, then Octane is your guy.

He has phenomenal rotational potential with his tactical and fantastic team rotations with his ultimate ability. Overall, Octane is a great choice for casual and ranked play, but does insanely better in team environments where you can coordinate his abilities with others.

What Makes Octane S-Tier?

  • Octane can push teams incredibly fast and destroy them with ease
  • Thanks to his ultimate, he can rotate his team around the map easily
  • His passive allows him to regenerate health so he doesn't need to heal as much
  • He can work so well in a team fight as he can bob and weave around enemies distracting them for his team
  • Finally, his speed makes him a fantastic legend for movement players


Horizon (S-Tier)

Despite many changes in previous seasons, as of the early stages of Season 18 (Before the midseason patch) Horizon is still one of the best legends in the game. She might not be as strong as she once was, but that doesn't make her a bad legend.

Horizon can still pull off some insane plays with her fantastic tactical lift and her black hole ultimate. She is a great breaching legend, one who can move her team around in fights and is great for solo play. She kind of does it all and is a great choice for any section of play.

What Makes Horizon S-Tier?

  • Horizon can move herself and her team around easily with her tactical
  • Her lift allows her to gain high ground in an instant and push alongside her team
  • The ultimate is great for breaching buildings and catching enemies off guard
  • Combine the lift with her ultimate for a great assault
  • Also use grenades with this ultimate to make it even stronger, which is why professionals love her so much


Seer (S-Tier)

Just like Horizon, Seer has seen multiple changes since he was released, and even a slight rework to his tactical. Despite this though, Seer remains as the best recon legend in the game as he can gather so much information for his team with relative ease.

Though he isn't as strong as he used to be upon launch or even a few seasons ago, Seer can still find out where enemies are nearby, track enemies through walls and even slow them down now with his reworked tactical. 

If you want a legend to provide as much information as possible with basically no effort at all, then try out Seer. His tactical, passive and ultimate all provide an insane amount of information so he's a great choice.

What Makes Seer S-Tier?

  • Seer’s tactical still allows him to mark enemies through walls but also slow them down so it's great for seeing where enemies are
  • Though his heartbeat sensor has been nerfed, Seer’s passive is still great at seeing where enemies are
  • Thanks to his ultimate, you can see where enemies are through walls 
  • Use Seer with a coordinated team to track your enemies down and take them out with ease
  • Finally, Seer can be a great legend for more experienced players to show off their skills as he can have a high skill gap


Wraith (S-Tier)

Ah Wraith, a legend many expect to see this high up on the list. Though she has been one of the most played legends in casual play since the game’s launch, Wraith hasn't been that good. However, with a recent change, Wraith became a fantastic legend in all states of play, especially in ranked.

Thanks to the change to her ultimate ability now speeding her up as she runs, Wraith is a great legend at getting herself and her team in and out of fights and sticky situations. Use her tactical to evade fire and use that ultimate to save enemies and stop your team from being stuck in a bad spot. Overall Wraith is a fantastic legend that you should check out.

What Makes Wraith S-Tier?

  • Her hitbox is pretty small, meaning she can evade fire
  • Wraith’s tactical makes her invulnerable so she can evade enemies quite easily
  • Thanks to her passive, she can tell when she or her team are being looked at through enemy sights
  • Wraith’s ultimate is fantastic for taking her team out of bad situations or getting them into fights easier
  • Finally, Wraith’s ultimate is also great for taking on enemies as you can kidnap enemies by landing it on top of them


Mad Maggie (S-Tier)

The final legend in the S-Tier of this list is none other than Mad Maggie. Maggie has a weird place in the current meta as you don't seem to see her much in casual play. However, she is a fantastic legend in competitive and ranked play for a good few reasons.

Maggie is a breacher legend, meaning she is great at taking on enemies in buildings or moving them out of position. She is also great with shotguns so that makes her a perfect aggressive legend. Maggie has movement, speed and breaching power that makes her truly respectable in the Apex Games and one of the best legends in the game for sure.

What Makes Mad Maggie S-Tier?

  • Not only can Maggie breach a building with her ultimate, but she can damage enemies through walls with her tactical
  • Maggie has some speed after firing her ultimate that also boosts players who run on its trail, making her great for rushing or running away
  • Her drill can go through Rampart Walls, Doors, Gibby Bubbles etc
  • The shotgun passive makes Maggie great in the current PK Disruptor Rounds meta Season 18 has
  • Finally, you can use Maggie with a coordinated team to breach buildings and take on enemies with ease.


Pathfinder (A-Tier)

Pathfinder is one of the highest-picked legends in the game, and it honestly makes a lot of sense. Not only is Pathy extremely fun to play once you grasp his momentum mechanics and how to use his abilities correctly, but he is also a great legend for rotations in both casual and ranked play.

Pathy might not be in S-Tier, but he sits comfortably at the top of A-Tier because of his fantastic usability in all modes of play and how he can impact a fight in ranked. 

What Makes Pathfinder A-Tier?

  • His grapple is great for getting into fights and destroying your enemies in style
  • His grapple can also be used for escaping tough situations quite easily
  • He has a large hitbox but his movement more than makes up for it
  • You can get his ultimate back instantly by scanning a care package
  • Then you can use his ultimate to move across the map super quickly and with ease


Valkyrie (A-Tier)

Valkyrie has seen lots of changes over the years and has even been replaced with Evac Towers that drop all around each Apex Map, but she is still a great choice in ranked and casual play. Not only can Valkyrie fly around the map with her ultimate, but she can also reposition herself thanks to her tactical jets.

This makes her great for taking off angles away from your team or getting back to them after a tough situation. She has great rotational potential and even a great tactical that stuns enemies who’re caught inside of it. Valk is a great option, even nowadays after her many nerfs.

What Makes Valkyrie A-Tier?

  • Her ultimate is great for rotating into the ring or getting into another fight in another section of the map
  • The tactical is great for breaking doors, stunning enemies or taking on groups of foes
  • Her passive is another great tool for repositioning herself or getting into off angles to support your team
  • Don't forget that she can also fly to scan enemies and see where they are around her
  • This makes her invaluable in smaller rings as you can see where those pesky rats are


Ballistic (A-Tier)

The most recent legend added to the game is none other than Ballistic, and even just a few months after launch he is surprisingly still in the A-Tier of play, even for competitive environments.

Ballistic is a great legend for players who want as many options as possible or those who love to surprise their enemies. Ballistic’s ability to carry three guns and turn one of them into a fully golden-kitted-out monster makes him a beast in combat, allowing him to clear squads in the early to mid-game quite easily.

Though he loses some oomph as the game goes on and enemies can match your attachment level, he is still great thanks to his tactical which stops enemies from shooting by overheating their guns.

What Makes Ballistic A-Tier?

  • Carrying three guns on its own is great as you have another gun to finish off your enemies with
  • Then you can turn that gun into a machine by making it fully golden and reload faster with his ultimate
  • The ultimate reload and movement speed even affects your teammates, making a rush play even better
  • His tactical is great at shutting down sweaty enemies who seemingly land every shot
  • Finally, you can use his golden gun to get hop-ups instantly for guns like the PK, Alternator and Havoc


Ash (A-Tier)

One legend that many might disagree on being in A-Tier is Ash, but honestly, she is quite good in certain situations. In the current Apex meta, Ash’s ability to not only stun enemies in an area but teleport onto them or away from them is fantastic. She has a lot of utility right now and shouldn't be underestimated.

Though she most definitely needs some more changes to make her a better overall legend, Ash can be fantastic for taking the high ground, pushing teams or getting your entire team out of a bad spot.

What Makes Ash A-Tier?

  • Ash’s tactical makes it easier to kill enemies as they cannot move out of a small area
  • Pair this with grenades and other assault legends to make a move on your enemies
  • Her ultimate is great at taking high ground as there is no limit to how high it can go
  • Pair her tactical with this ultimate for an instant pop-up and stun play on your enemies
  • Ash’s rotational value shouldn't be underestimated either as she can get her team from A to B instantly thanks to her ultimate and tracking abilities supporting them.


Bloodhound (A-Tier)

Bloodhound has always been a great legend for casual players as you can use their abilities to track down enemies and push them with ease. However, this legend does even better in a competitive environment, especially after their recent changes.

Now not only can Bloodhound scan enemies and see them through walls, but their White Raven makes it ten times easier to track down fights and get some high kill games. This is perfect for casual play but makes ranked a breeze as well. Overall they are a great legend who deserves to be this high up on the tier list.

What Makes Bloodhound A-Tier?

  • Scanning enemies through walls is great for knowing exactly how to push a team
  • You can also use this to avoid enemies as well in ranked play, as placements matter more than kills right now
  • The White Raven is crucial for making sure you can play save or play aggressively as you can follow it to find some enemies
  • Bloodhound’s ultimate is fantastic for being aggressive but also for getting away from fights
  • Finally, you can pair all of their abilities with a well-coordinated team to either push any fights you want or stay away from them


Loba (A-Tier)

Oh Loba, what a great legend you are. Loba has always been a fantastic legend for casual play, but she still does extremely well in ranked as well. The main reason for this isn't just because of her amazing movement capabilities or passive ability that lets her see high-tier loot through walls,  it's because of her ultimate.

Loba’s ultimate allows her team to grab loot from around the area and pick and choose two items as well as infinite ammo. This makes looting way faster and allows Loba and her team to move freely around the map without getting bogged down looting in rough areas.

What Makes Loba A-Tier?

  • Loba’s movement allows her to sneak in and out of buildings, push high ground and even run away from fights with ease
  • Her passive is great for finding great loot in areas you really don't want to lurk around in
  • The ultimate allows her team to get any loot they want in an area, so it makes looting quicker
  • The ultimate also allows her to grab crafted banners, heals and other support-type items for her team
  • Finally, being a support legend means Loba allows her team to craft banners at a crafting station.


Rampart (B-Tier)

Rampart is a legend a lot of players seem to complain about, but she really isn't all that good. She is definitely a fun legend that many people love, but overall she isn't a great legend. Her walls are great if you know how to play around them, and Sheila is a beast in the right hands, but overall she needs some changes.

What Makes Rampart B-Tier?

  • Sheila is a beast in combat, but the slow movement speed catches you off guard and gets you killed.
  • Her walls are great but are destroyed quickly and take a while to build
  • Rampart’s passive is great in an LMG meta, but right now it's basically useless.
  • Her walls can be used for some extremely fun and amazing plays in the hands of skilled players, but overall they aren't great at what they want to be used for.
  • Finally, she doesn't provide much utility to her team in ranked, as she only boosts their damage through walls in certain situations.


Bangalore (B-Tier)

Though Bangalore is a great legend, as her smokes are fantastic and her passive is insane, she is really brought down by her ultimate. Each legend’s ultimate is their most powerful ability, and Bangalore’s just isn't great.

She might be able to move around quickly thanks to her passive or smoke-out fights to use a Digital Threat on her enemies, but that ultimate doesn't do much and has an insane cooldown as of season 18. Overall she needs some changes to be higher, but don't feel bad about using her.

What Makes Bangalore B-Tier?

  • The smokes are great when you have a Digital Threat, but other than that they are bad in a team fight.
  • They allow you to cover fire which is nice, but against good players, you will still die most likely
  • Her passive is the best part about her, making her super fast after being shot
  • The ultimate is good for taking enemies off of high ground but its cooldown is awful
  • Finally, you can use Bangalore alongside Bloodhound or other scan legends for an insane combination which makes her fantastic for coordinated ranked teams.


Wattson (B-Tier)

Wattson is another legend who could really do with some changes to truly make her better. She is used quite a lot in both casual and ranked play and even sees some play in highly competitive tournaments and events.

This is all because her kit is great but extremely niche. She can hold down buildings like no one else, and can even be used aggressively in the right hands. However, these are all abilities that need buildings. If you are caught off guard outside or have a bad final few rings, then Wattson’s abilities are all but useless.

What Makes Wattson B-Tier?

  • Her Pylon is fantastic for regenerating shields and stopping enemy grenades during a massive fight
  • However, it is destroyed extremely quickly once found making it a tricky device to use
  • The fences can be great for stopping enemies in their tracks, but most players are smart enough to stop a camping Wattson
  • Sometimes the fences mess up or are destroyed instantly, making skilled Wattson plays hard to pull off
  • Finally, she has a great hitbox making her a great legend to move around with as a highly skilled player


Newcastle (B-Tier)

Out of all the legends in the B-Tier, Newcastle has the highest potential to become an S-Tier legend. He is fantastic on paper, being able to not only safely revive his teammates behind a shield but also move them at the same time is insane. However, Newcastle’s kit is extremely hard to use and could do with some changes to make him better.

Those changes are going to have to be super specific and not too powerful, otherwise, he will be the best legend in the game by far. He has so much potential, but because of how easy it can be to counter a Newcastle and how hard it is to play him, he can't be any higher than B-Tier


What Makes Newcastle B-Tier?

  • Whilst his reviving mechanic is fantastic, it's quite easy to counter whilst nearby of it
  • Not only can he revive his teammates with a shield up, but you can also move them around which is great
  • His deployable shield is good in some situations, but takes a lot of practice to get right
  • The shield dies extremely quickly once concentrated, so it's not great for traversing open areas against multiple enemies
  • Finally, Newcastle has a massive hitbox, and even with fortified he is a massive target that dies quickly


Mirage (B-Tier)

Mirage is an extremely fun legend who can be very strong in the right hands, but overall he needs a pretty large rework. His tactical needs to be changed and his ultimate needs more utility. The only reason he is in B-Tier instead of C-Tier is because of his recent buffs.

Not only is Mirage now a support legend, meaning he can craft banners for his team, but his revival now makes him and his teammate invisible for a short amount of time. This is great for sneaky revives and allows you and your teammate to get a better position on the enemy. 

What Makes Mirage B-Tier?

  • The revive is really why he is here as it's a great way to help out your team whilst also taking on the enemy
  • Against bad players, Mirage does super well as they always fall for his decoys allowing you and your team to see them
  • His ultimate is great at annoying enemies and getting off a clutch revive, but can easily be countered
  • Mirage’s tactical can be used to distract enemies or catch them off guard in some situations
  • Overall Mirage needs lots of changes but has some great qualities that stop him from being terrible


Catalyst (B-Tier)

Catalyst was a legend you saw in every team in ranked a while ago, but that was mainly due to Seer making her ultimate an insane tool for taking on enemies. Catalyst is a legend all about area denial, stopping enemies with her tactical, trapping doors with her passive or even putting up a massive scan denial wall with her ultimate.

However, without the Seer glitch that allowed your team to see enemies through her wall, Catalyst has fallen off quite a lot. She is still a pretty good legend, and her trapped doors are always annoying for non-breacher legends, but she needs some changes to make her better.

What Makes Catalyst B-Tier?

  • The ultimate is great at stopping enemies from pushing you, but in most open areas of the map they can still move around it
  • The passive is great at replacing broken doors, but if a grenade goes off or a breacher appears then it's going to fall
  • Her tactical is great at holding down buildings but that's about it, you can't exactly use it in open space
  • Catalyst’s potential is definitely there, but without Seer isn't not great for her right now
  • Finally, her wall is great at stopping scan legends, but aggressive legends like Wraith and Octane won't care


Lifeline (C-Tier)

Lifeline is a legend who has fallen from grace over the last few years in Apex Legends. She went from an extremely powerful support legend who could revive her teammates with the utmost safety, to a legend who can barely even revive them in the first place.

Lifeline has one saving factor right now, and that's that her ultimate gives decent loot, but that's about it. The rest of her kit needs some massive changes to get her back to that former glory.

What Makes Lifeline C-Tier?

  • She can revive her teammates without being in an animation but they have no protection
  • Her healing is decent but makes you stay in one place rather than being able to move around
  • The ultimate does come down quickly but it puts a target on your back
  • The loot from it is pretty good, but could be better
  • Finally, her revive mechanic needs to do something extra like heal them or give them an overshield to make her better


Vantage (C-Tier)

Oh Vantage, you had so much potential. On paper, Vantage has some really cool abilities and a strong ultimate, but her abilities just don't do all too much. Yeah, she can mark enemies with her easy-to-use sniper rifle and even move around with her bat, but that's kind of it.

Her sniper does okay damage and does apply a damage multiplier, but it can't really be capitalised on all too well. She might be fun but she doesn't give much utility to her team and is more of a detriment than anything.

What Makes Vantage C-Tier?

  • Her sniper can do decent damage, but the laser makes her a massive target
  • The bat allows her to move to higher ground but because of its slow speed she a massive moving target for anyone nearby
  • The passive zoom and seeing what shields enemies have just doesn't matter as you will shoot them anyway to see their shield rarity
  • The bat is extremely clunky and takes time to move into position, and is bad when compared to Revenant's new movement ability which is quite similar
  • She provides a decent amount of utility to her team but needs to do more


Crypto (C-Tier)

Crypto has so much potential but just never seems to find his place in the meta. All of his abilities have the power to be extremely strong and are in the right situations and right hands. However, they aren't that good most of the time.

He might be able to move with his drone in the air now, but honestly, it just gets destroyed most of the time. The ultimate is fantastic in a trap and defensive meta, but right now it's kind of useless. Crypto is a legend that once changed might become the best recon in the game, but change him too much and he becomes too strong.

What Makes Crypto C-Tier?

  • His drone is fantastic at gathering information but dies in a few bullets and is easy to see
  • The passive is pretty great at finding out how many enemies are in the area, but that's about it
  • Even as a Recon Legend, his tactical is kind of pointless as everyone knows where you are
  • The EMP is fantastic at pushing fights but hurts you and your team as well
  • Finally, the Drone stands in place after being thrown out and can be called in, so it's okay at best for quick bursts


Gibraltar (C-Tier)

Another legend that has fallen from grace is Gibby, as he was once one of the most used legends in high-tier play and even in the general ranked scene. He is still pretty strong, but now that players know how to beat him and now that the game is more aggressive, Gibby doesn't do much.

His arm shield is okay at best, his ultimate is meh and finally his tactical just gets pushed and doesn't mean much anymore. With a rework, Gibby could be fantastic, but right now he is kind of useless. The meta doesn't need him and the game has evolved so much since his meta-dominant days, hopefully, we see some changes for the boy soon.

What Makes Gibraltar C-Tier?

  • The arm shield is decent but overall just gets destroyed after a couple of shots
  • His ultimate is pretty good at deterring enemies or allowing you to run away but is on too long of a cooldown to be relied upon
  • His massive hitbox makes him an easy target even with fortified on his side
  • His revival inside of the bubble is pretty good, but that's beaten by even the likes of Lifeline, Newcastle and Mirage
  • Finally, the dome shield can be used to great effect in close-range shotgun battles, but that's about it


Caustic (C-Tier)

Caustic can be fantastic in certain situations, especially against bad players, but in the current meta, he just doesn't do much. The gas barrels are great at holding down buildings and deterring enemies, but people just shoot them now or avoid them altogether.

He can be great in close-ranged building fights, but the gas can be easy to avoid and doesn't do much damage. His ultimate is better, and can be thrown through windows and cracks, but again doesn't do much damage. Caustic really needs a good team alongside him to make his tricks work, or bad enemies.

What Makes Caustic C-Tier?

  • His passive is okay in certain situations as you can see enemies through the gas but doesn't come up in aggressive team fights
  • The gas is good at deterring enemies, but most of the time the barrels just get shot
  • You can use him to great effect inside of buildings, but out of the open he crumbles
  • Again, he has a massive hitbox like Gibby and Newcastle, so dies quickly
  • Caustic doesn't have much utility other than the gas, so needs some massive changes to make him better


Fuse (C-Tier)

The final legend on this list is none other than Fuse, which is quite sad. Fuse has an amazing personality and a really cool kit, but doesn't do much. His knuckle clusters are annoying at best, and only really affect defensive legends like Rampart as he can move them out of place.

The ultimate is decent at locking down teams or seeing where enemies are, but players know how to deal with it now. Even his tactical of holding loads of grenades isn't that great as it only makes an impact in certain fights. Overall Fuse isn't unplayable, but doesn't do much for himself let alone a team alongside him.

What Makes Fuse C-Tier?

  • His tactical damage is very low and is more of a deterrent than anything
  • The ultimate is good at finding enemies or locking them down, but good players will just play around it
  • The passive can be good sometimes and catches enemies off guard, but again does not provide too much utility
  • He is a very selfish legend, not providing much utility or support to his team
  • Finally, his ultimate can be used to zoom in and look around, which is good I guess

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